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Canadian Singles, 200 metres, Men

Date10 – 11 August 2012
LocationEton Dorney, Windsor
Participants25 from 25 countries

The favorite going into the C-1 200, a new event at the 2012 Summer Olympics that had been on the World Championship program since 1994, was Valentin Demyanenko, formerly of Ukraine and now competing for Azerbaijan, who had three World (2005, 2009, and 2011) and two European (2009 and 2011) Championship titles to his name. He seemed to be the strongest competitor going into the event but, in a race as unpredictable as the C-1 200, all three podium spots were up for grabs. His greatest rival was Russia’s Ivan Shtyl, who could claim the 2010 edition of this event among his six World Championship titles. Lithuanian Jevgenijus Šuklinas was another medal favorite, having won the European Championships in 2007 and 2010.

In perhaps the most shocking result in canoeing at the 2012 Games, Demyanenko became the only one of the 25 canoeists eliminated in the heats of the C-1 200. Despite four other paddlers posting slower times, Demyanenko was in the only heat of seven participants in a qualification round where the top six would advance, and he finished last. With rookie Alfonso Benavides of Spain posting the fastest time, the race was assured to be the exciting spectacle that the officials had hoped for when adding the 200 metre events to the Olympic program. Nonetheless, Shtyl emerged as the new favorite by having the quickest finish in the semi-finals, but still less than three-tenths of a second faster than Benavides. In the final, however, it was Ukraine’s Yuriy Cheban who set the pace, bolting out of the start and, like the earlier men’s K-1 200 final, never being seriously challenged. Cheban, the 2007 World Champion in the event, won gold in his third Olympic appearance; he had competed in the C-1 500 and 1000 in 2004 and 2008 and had earned a bronze medal in the former discipline in Beijing. Šuklin paddled a strong race and earned silver, with Shtyl finding a late burst of energy to shut out Benavides for the bronze.

In June 2019, Šuklinas was disqualified after a doping re-test revealed the presence of dehydrochloromethyltestosterone (Turinabol) metabolites in his urine sample. In November 2021 the IOC Media made an announcement advancing Shytl to silver and Benavides to bronze.

1244Yuriy ChebanUKR41.036 (1 h4)40.647 (1 h3)42.291 (1 h1)Gold
2207Ivan ShtylRUS41.378 (1 h2)40.346 (1 h2)42.853 (2 h1)Silver
384Alfonso BenavidesESP40.993 (1 h3)40.619 (2 h2)43.038 (3 h1)Bronze
431Dzianis HarazhaBLR41.290 (2 h3)41.427 (2 h3)43.545 (4 h1)
5228Ľubomír HagaraSVK43.507 (5 h3)41.472 (3 h2)43.977 (5 h1)
694Mathieu GoubelFRA41.248 (1 h1)41.938 (1 h1)44.045 (6 h1)
7148Naoya SakamotoJPN41.528 (3 h1)41.771 (3 h3)44.699 (7 h1)
8141Andrzej JezierskiIRL41.404 (2 h1)42.012 (4 h2)44.041 (1 h2)
9249Vadim MenkovUZB42.171 (4 h3)42.944 (5 h1)44.168 (2 h2)
10138Attila VajdaHUN44.761 (4 h4)42.970 (5 h3)44.466 (3 h2)
1141Ronilson OliveiraBRA42.216 (5 h1)42.560 (4 h1)44.586 (4 h2)
1248Jason McCoombsCAN41.742 (4 h1)42.255 (4 h3)44.973 (5 h2)
13152Aleksandr DyadchukKAZ43.204 (2 h4)42.359 (5 h2)45.283 (6 h2)
1453Li QiangCHN42.004 (3 h3)42.149 (2 h1)45.852 (7 h2)
15110Sebastian BrendelGER41.511 (2 h2)42.161 (3 h1)47.295 (8 h2)
16105Richard JefferiesGBR42.516 (3 h2)43.213 (6 h3)
1714Sebastian MarczakAUS42.845 (6 h1)43.441 (6 h2)
18242Khaled HoucineTUN44.395 (3 h4)44.373 (7 h2)
19158José CristóbalMEX44.459 (4 h2)44.571 (7 h3)
20170Piotr KuletaPOL44.645 (5 h2)45.348 (6 h1)
21212Ndiatte GueyeSEN51.708 (5 h4)50.798 (7 h1)
221Nelson HenriquesANG55.268 (6 h2)50.876 (8 h2)
23211Rudolf Berking-WilliamsSAM51.483 (6 h3)54.471 (8 h3)
2424Valentin DemyanenkoAZE44.194 (7 h1)
DQ157Jevgenijus ŠuklinasLTU[41.288] (DQ h4)[41.483] (DQ h1)[42.792] (DQ h1)1

Round One (10 August 2012 — 09:51)

Top six in each heat advanced to final.

Heat One (09:51)

1Mathieu GoubelFRA41.248Q
2Andrzej JezierskiIRL41.404Q
3Naoya SakamotoJPN41.528Q
4Jason McCoombsCAN41.742Q
5Ronilson OliveiraBRA42.216Q
6Sebastian MarczakAUS42.845Q
7Valentin DemyanenkoAZE44.194

Heat Two (09:58)

1Ivan ShtylRUS41.378Q
2Sebastian BrendelGER41.511Q
3Richard JefferiesGBR42.516Q
4José CristóbalMEX44.459Q
5Piotr KuletaPOL44.645Q
6Nelson HenriquesANG55.268Q

Heat Three (10:05)

1Alfonso BenavidesESP40.993Q
2Dzianis HarazhaBLR41.290Q
3Li QiangCHN42.004Q
4Vadim MenkovUZB42.171Q
5Ľubomír HagaraSVK43.507Q
6Rudolf Berking-WilliamsSAM51.483Q

Heat Four (10:12)

1Yuriy ChebanUKR41.036Q
2Aleksandr DyadchukKAZ43.204Q
3Khaled HoucineTUN44.395Q
4Attila VajdaHUN44.761Q
5Ndiatte GueyeSEN51.708Q
DQJevgenijus ŠuklinasLTU[41.288]Q2

Semi-Finals (10 August 2012 — 11:30)

Top two in each heat and two fastest number threes advanced to final, places 3-5 and fastest number 6 advanced to final B.

Heat One (11:30)

1Mathieu GoubelFRA41.938Q
2Li QiangCHN42.149QB
3Sebastian BrendelGER42.161QB
4Ronilson OliveiraBRA42.560QB
5Vadim MenkovUZB42.944QB
6Piotr KuletaPOL45.348
7Ndiatte GueyeSEN50.798
DQJevgenijus ŠuklinasLTU[41.483]Q3

Heat Two (11:37)

1Ivan ShtylRUS40.346Q
2Alfonso BenavidesESP40.619Q
3Ľubomír HagaraSVK41.472Q
4Andrzej JezierskiIRL42.012QB
5Aleksandr DyadchukKAZ42.359QB
6Sebastian MarczakAUS43.441
7Khaled HoucineTUN44.373
8Nelson HenriquesANG50.876

Heat Three (11:44)

1Yuriy ChebanUKR40.647Q
2Dzianis HarazhaBLR41.427Q
3Naoya SakamotoJPN41.771Q
4Jason McCoombsCAN42.255QB
5Attila VajdaHUN42.970QB
6Richard JefferiesGBR43.213
7José CristóbalMEX44.571
8Rudolf Berking-WilliamsSAM54.471

Final Round (11 August 2012 — 09:47)

Final A (09:54)

1Yuriy ChebanUKR42.291
2Ivan ShtylRUS42.853
3Alfonso BenavidesESP43.038
4Dzianis HarazhaBLR43.545
5Ľubomír HagaraSVK43.977
6Mathieu GoubelFRA44.045
7Naoya SakamotoJPN44.699
DQJevgenijus ŠuklinasLTU[42.792]4

Final B (09:47)

1Andrzej JezierskiIRL44.041
2Vadim MenkovUZB44.168
3Attila VajdaHUN44.466
4Ronilson OliveiraBRA44.586
5Jason McCoombsCAN44.973
6Aleksandr DyadchukKAZ45.283
7Li QiangCHN45.852
8Sebastian BrendelGER47.295