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400 metres Individual Medley, Men

Date28 July 2012
LocationLondon Aquatics Centre, Olympic Park, Stratford, London
Participants37 from 29 countries

Michael Phelps was the two-time defending champion (2004-08) but the favorite was his teammate Ryan Lochte, the 2011 World Champion who had defeated Phelps at the US Trials in June. Phelps had said after Beijing that he would never race the 400 IM again but had started training for it in late 2011. But it was too late for London and he barely qualified for the final, placing eighth and having to swim the final in lane eight. The best qualifying time was posted by Japan’s Kosuke Hagino in an Asian record 4:10.01, with Lochte qualifying third.

In the final, Lochte, Phelps and South African Chad le Clos were about even at the end of the butterfly, but the next stroke, the backstroke, was Lochte’s best and he pulled ahead by two bodylengths entering the breaststroke. He was under world record pace at that time and although he could not maintain that, he won gold in 4:05.18. The time was the second fastest ever after Phelps’ winning Beijing world record of 4:03.84, but it was faster than Phelps’ textile world best of 4:06.26.

The silver went to Brazil’s Thiago Pereira, over 3½ seconds behind Lochte, while the bronze went to Hagino, with Phelps off the podium in fourth – only the second time this had ever happened to him at the Olympics, after the 2000 200 butterfly, in which he finished fifth.

1Ryan LochteUSA4:12.35 (2 h5)4:05.18 (1)Gold
2Thiago PereiraBRA4:12.39 (2 h3)4:08.86 (2)Silver
3Kosuke HaginoJPN4:10.01 (1 h3)4:08.94 (3)Bronze
4Michael PhelpsUSA4:13.33 (1 h4)4:09.28 (4)
5Chad le ClosRSA4:12.24 (1 h5)4:12.42 (5)
6Yuya HorihataJPN4:13.09 (5 h5)4:13.30 (6)
7Thomas Fraser-HolmesAUS4:12.66 (3 h5)4:13.49 (7)
8Luca MarinITA4:13.02 (4 h5)4:14.89 (8)
9László Cseh, Jr.HUN4:13.40 (2 h4)
10Gal NevoISR4:14.77 (3 h3)
11Yannick LebherzGER4:15.41 (3 h4)
12Yang ZhixianCHN4:15.45 (4 h3)
13Roberto PavoniGBR4:15.56 (4 h4)
14Wang ChengxiangCHN4:15.57 (5 h4)
15Maksym ShemberievUKR4:16.63 (6 h4)
16Ward BauwensBEL4:16.71 (1 h2)
17Ioannis DrymonakosGRE4:17.04 (7 h4)
18Raphaël StacchiottiLUX4:17.20 (2 h2)
=19Riaan SchoemanRSA4:17.22 (=6 h5)
=19Federico TurriniITA4:17.22 (=6 h5)
21Aleksandr TikhonovRUS4:18.12 (5 h3)
22Dávid VerrasztóHUN4:18.31 (6 h3)
23Alec PageCAN4:19.17 (8 h4)
24Joe RoebuckGBR4:20.24 (7 h3)
25Bradley AllyBAR4:21.32 (1 h1)
=26Yury SuvorauBLR4:23.06 (=3 h2)
=26Diogo CarvalhoPOR4:23.06 (=3 h2)
28Jeong Won-YongKOR4:23.12 (5 h2)
29Esteban EndericaECU4:24.32 (6 h2)
30Pedro PinotesANG4:24.69 (7 h2)
31Anton McKeeISL4:25.06 (2 h1)
32Dan TranterAUS4:25.76 (8 h5)
33Quah Zheng WenSGP4:26.81 (8 h2)
34Marko BlaževskiMKD4:32.38 (3 h1)
35Rafael AlfaroESA4:35.80 (4 h1)
36Ahmed AtariQAT5:21.30 (5 h1)
DQTaki M'RabetTUN– (DQ h3)

Round One (28 July 2012 — 10:00)

Fastest eight swimmers advanced to final

Heat One (10:00)

15Bradley AllyBAR4:21.320.66
24Anton McKeeISL4:25.060.77
36Marko BlaževskiMKD4:32.380.75
43Rafael AlfaroESA4:35.800.75
52Ahmed AtariQAT5:21.300.75

Heat Two (10:07)

14Ward BauwensBEL4:16.710.67
26Raphaël StacchiottiLUX4:17.200.61
=35Diogo CarvalhoPOR4:23.060.71
=32Yury SuvorauBLR4:23.060.76
53Jeong Won-YongKOR4:23.120.68
61Esteban EndericaECU4:24.320.65
78Pedro PinotesANG4:24.690.68
87Quah Zheng WenSGP4:26.810.63

Heat Three (10:13)

14Kosuke HaginoJPN4:10.010.71Q
26Thiago PereiraBRA4:12.390.68Q
31Gal NevoISR4:14.770.65
43Yang ZhixianCHN4:15.450.71
57Aleksandr TikhonovRUS4:18.120.73
65Dávid VerrasztóHUN4:18.310.82
72Joe RoebuckGBR4:20.240.75
DQ8Taki M'RabetTUN[0.67]

Heat Four (10:20)

14Michael PhelpsUSA4:13.330.74Q
25László Cseh, Jr.HUN4:13.400.78
32Yannick LebherzGER4:15.410.82
46Roberto PavoniGBR4:15.560.69
53Wang ChengxiangCHN4:15.570.76
61Maksym ShemberievUKR4:16.630.84
77Ioannis DrymonakosGRE4:17.040.70
88Alec PageCAN4:19.170.74

Heat Five (10:26)

12Chad le ClosRSA4:12.240.76Q
24Ryan LochteUSA4:12.350.69Q
33Thomas Fraser-HolmesAUS4:12.660.70Q
46Luca MarinITA4:13.020.76Q
55Yuya HorihataJPN4:13.090.71Q
=67Federico TurriniITA4:17.220.76
=61Riaan SchoemanRSA4:17.220.68
88Dan TranterAUS4:25.760.68

Final (28 July 2012 — 19:30)

13Ryan LochteUSA4:05.180.65
26Thiago PereiraBRA4:08.860.67
34Kosuke HaginoJPN4:08.940.68
48Michael PhelpsUSA4:09.280.71
55Chad le ClosRSA4:12.420.76
61Yuya HorihataJPN4:13.300.69
72Thomas Fraser-HolmesAUS4:13.490.69
87Luca MarinITA4:14.890.73