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4 x 100 metres Freestyle Relay, Women

Date28 July 2012
LocationLondon Aquatics Centre, Olympic Park, Stratford, London
Participants72 from 16 countries

This event was considered wide open with the medals expected to be contested among Australia, the defending gold medalists, the Netherlands, and the United States. The USA led the final early, with opening legs by Missy Franklin (53.52) and Jessica Hardy (53.53). On the third leg Australian Brittany Elmslie put her team in the lead, and Melanie Schlanger extended the lead with a 52.65 final 100 to bring home the gold medal. The USA was not able to hold onto silver, as the Netherlands, which had been last after the first leg, came home strongly on the back of Ranomi Kromowidjojo, who had the fastest split of the event with a finishing 51.93 which brought the Dutch team a silver medal.

For the United States, Natalie Coughlin had swum in the prelims which earned her a bronze medal. It was the 12th Olympic medal of her vaunted career, tying the Olympic female record for swimmers held by Dara Torres and Jenny Thompson.

1AustraliaAUS3:36.34 (1 h2)3:33.15 (1)Gold
Alicia CouttsCate CampbellBrittany ElmslieMel SchlangerEmily SeebohmYolane KuklaLibby Trickett
2NetherlandsNED3:37.76 (2 h2)3:33.79 (2)Silver
Inge DekkerMarleen VeldhuisFemke HeemskerkRanomi KromowidjojoHinkelien Schreuder
3United StatesUSA3:36.53 (1 h1)3:34.24 (3)Bronze
Missy FranklinJessica HardyLia NealAllison SchmittAmanda WeirNatalie Coughlin
4People's Republic of ChinaCHN3:37.91 (2 h1)3:36.75 (4)
Tang YiQiu YuhanWang HaibingPang JiayingWang Shijia
5Great BritainGBR3:38.21 (=4 h1)3:37.02 (5)
Amy SmithFran HalsallJess LloydCaitlin McClatcheyBecki Turner
6DenmarkDEN3:38.09 (3 h2)3:37.45 (6)
Pernille BlumeMie Ø. NielsenLotte FriisJeanette Ottesen Gray
7JapanJPN3:38.06 (3 h1)3:37.96 (7)
Haruka UedaYayoi MatsumotoMiki UchidaHanae Ito
8SwedenSWE3:38.21 (=4 h1)– (DQ)
Michelle ColemanSarah SjöströmIda Marko-VargaGabriella Fagundez
9GermanyGER3:39.16 (4 h2)
Britta SteffenSilke LippokLisa VittingDaniela Schreiber
10Russian FederationRUS3:39.59 (6 h1)
Veronika PopovaNataliya LovtsovaViktoriya AndreyevaMargarita Nesterova
11CanadaCAN3:39.60 (5 h2)
Victoria PoonJulia WilkinsonSamantha ChevertonHeather MacLean
12ItalyITA3:39.74 (6 h2)
Alice MizzauFederica PellegriniLaura LetrariErika Ferraioli
13BelarusBLR3:40.67 (7 h1)
Aliaksandra HerasimeniaSviatlana KhokhlavaAksana DziamidavaYuliya Khitraya
14New ZealandNZL3:42.55 (7 h2)
Tash HindPenelope MarshallAmaka GesslerHayley Palmer
15HungaryHUN3:44.79 (8 h1)
Ágnes MutinaEvelyn VerrasztóÉva RisztovEszter Dara
16GreeceGRE3:45.55 (8 h2)
Nora DrakouNery Mantey NiagkkouaraTheodora GiareniKristel Vourna

Round One (28 July 2012 — 12:11)

Fastest eight teams advanced to final

Heat One (12:11)

PosLaneSwimmerNOC50 mTimeReactionExchange (Pos)
14United StatesUSA3:36.53Q
Lia Neal26.3254.150.7554.15 (3)
Amanda Weir26.3854.370.481:48.52 (3)
Natalie Coughlin25.6353.930.002:42.45 (1)
Allison Schmitt25.8454.080.293:36.53 (1)
25People's Republic of ChinaCHN3:37.91Q
Tang Yi25.7953.860.7253.86 (2)
Qiu Yuhan25.8754.850.061:48.71 (4)
Wang Haibing26.2154.140.172:42.85 (2)
Wang Shijia26.4155.060.243:37.91 (2)
Haruka Ueda26.1954.220.7554.22 (4)
Yayoi Matsumoto26.1754.230.131:48.45 (=1)
Miki Uchida25.9854.470.222:42.92 (3)
Hanae Ito26.3655.140.303:38.06 (3)
=43Great BritainGBR3:38.21Q
Amy Smith25.9854.290.6754.29 (5)
Jess Lloyd26.1354.530.141:48.82 (6)
Caitlin McClatchey26.0654.640.122:43.46 (5)
Becki Turner25.8654.750.163:38.21 (=4)
Sarah Sjöström26.5054.310.7054.31 (7)
Michelle Coleman25.7454.140.231:48.45 (=1)
Ida Marko-Varga26.0454.570.322:43.02 (4)
Gabriella Fagundez26.1155.190.223:38.21 (=4)
67Russian FederationRUS3:39.59
Veronika Popova26.5154.300.7354.30 (6)
Nataliya Lovtsova26.0855.000.371:49.30 (7)
Viktoriya Andreyeva26.1255.270.322:44.57 (6)
Margarita Nesterova25.9955.020.253:39.59 (6)
Aliaksandra Herasimenia26.2853.850.7553.85 (1)
Sviatlana Khokhlava25.8054.960.081:48.81 (5)
Aksana Dziamidava26.7055.940.122:44.75 (7)
Yuliya Khitraya26.5655.920.453:40.67 (7)
Ágnes Mutina27.0856.050.6756.05 (8)
Evelyn Verrasztó26.9155.800.511:51.85 (8)
Éva Risztov27.5757.810.372:49.66 (8)
Eszter Dara26.4755.130.603:44.79 (8)

Heat Two (12:17)

PosLaneSwimmerNOC50 mTimeReactionExchange (Pos)
Emily Seebohm26.1954.240.6854.24 (1)
Brittany Elmslie25.6753.410.351:47.65 (1)
Yolane Kukla25.8254.610.472:42.26 (1)
Libby Trickett25.4954.080.193:36.34 (1)
Marleen Veldhuis25.9254.730.7154.73 (5)
Inge Dekker25.6353.790.251:48.52 (2)
Hinkelien Schreuder26.3355.620.392:44.14 (3)
Femke Heemskerk25.7153.620.333:37.76 (2)
Pernille Blume26.4454.440.7054.44 (3)
Mie Ø. Nielsen25.9054.490.161:48.93 (3)
Lotte Friis27.1555.970.132:44.90 (5)
Jeanette Ottesen Gray25.3653.190.293:38.09 (3)
Britta Steffen26.6654.430.7054.43 (2)
Silke Lippok26.6255.300.421:49.73 (6)
Lisa Vitting26.2154.770.372:44.50 (4)
Daniela Schreiber26.4554.660.383:39.16 (4)
Victoria Poon26.2454.670.7754.67 (4)
Julia Wilkinson26.2154.380.251:49.05 (4)
Samantha Cheverton26.5554.930.242:43.98 (2)
Heather MacLean26.6955.620.243:39.60 (5)
Alice Mizzau26.7255.170.7055.17 (6)
Federica Pellegrini26.0754.280.141:49.45 (5)
Laura Letrari26.4955.740.292:45.19 (6)
Erika Ferraioli25.8954.550.063:39.74 (6)
71New ZealandNZL3:42.55
Tash Hind27.1455.930.7255.93 (8)
Penelope Marshall26.5455.820.341:51.75 (8)
Amaka Gessler26.5955.770.382:47.52 (7)
Hayley Palmer25.7855.030.403:42.55 (7)
Nora Drakou26.2555.420.6255.42 (7)
Nery Mantey Niagkkouara26.2455.520.381:50.94 (7)
Theodora Giareni27.7857.260.372:48.20 (8)
Kristel Vourna27.2757.350.563:45.55 (8)

Final (28 July 2012 — 20:43)

PosLaneSwimmerNOC50 mTimeReactionExchange (Pos)
Alicia Coutts26.1453.900.7053.90 (3)
Cate Campbell25.0053.190.321:47.09 (2)
Brittany Elmslie25.7153.410.432:40.50 (1)
Mel Schlanger25.5552.650.243:33.15 (1)
Inge Dekker25.8654.670.7254.67 (8)
Marleen Veldhuis25.2953.800.271:48.47 (5)
Femke Heemskerk25.4653.390.362:41.86 (3)
Ranomi Kromowidjojo24.7151.930.323:33.79 (2)
35United StatesUSA3:34.24
Missy Franklin26.0553.520.7853.52 (1)
Jessica Hardy25.1953.530.271:47.05 (1)
Lia Neal25.8153.650.352:40.70 (2)
Allison Schmitt25.5353.540.413:34.24 (3)
46People's Republic of ChinaCHN3:36.75
Tang Yi25.9953.580.7153.58 (2)
Qiu Yuhan25.8854.490.411:48.07 (4)
Wang Haibing25.9854.030.172:42.10 (4)
Pang Jiaying26.2654.650.233:36.75 (4)
58Great BritainGBR3:37.02
Amy Smith26.1354.270.6854.27 (4)
Fran Halsall25.2453.290.331:47.56 (3)
Jess Lloyd25.9154.650.082:42.21 (5)
Caitlin McClatchey25.8354.810.003:37.02 (5)
Pernille Blume26.4254.520.7754.52 (6)
Mie Ø. Nielsen25.7854.040.201:48.56 (7)
Lotte Friis26.9355.650.042:44.21 (8)
Jeanette Ottesen Gray25.5153.240.403:37.45 (6)
Haruka Ueda26.2454.340.7454.34 (5)
Yayoi Matsumoto26.1154.520.181:48.86 (8)
Miki Uchida25.6054.430.242:43.29 (6)
Hanae Ito26.2554.670.143:37.96 (7)
Michelle Coleman26.3154.570.7754.57 (7)
Sarah Sjöström25.8853.910.311:48.48 (6)
Ida Marko-Varga26.2355.010.312:43.49 (7)
Gabriella Fagundez-0.11– (–)