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200 metres Individual Medley, Men

Date1 – 2 August 2012
LocationLondon Aquatics Centre, Olympic Park, Stratford, London
Participants36 from 27 countries

Michael Phelps came into London heralded as the swimming GOAT (greatest of all-time), and was attempting to three-peat in four individual events in London, the 100 and 200 butterfly, and the 200 and 400 individual medleys. But he had already failed to medal in the 400 IM and was out-touched in the 200 fly for a silver medal. In this event he was facing his teammate Ryan Lochte, who had beaten him to win the 2011 World Championships in the 200 IM and had won the 400 IM in London. But Phelps left no doubt in this race as to who was The King.

Phelps went ahead on the opening butterfly leg, no surprise as that is his best stroke. But he maintained it on the backstroke, Lochte’s best individual stroke, and on his weakest leg, the breaststroke, Phelps held off Brazil’s Thiago Pereira, silver medalist behind Lochte in the 400 IM. As they entered the final freestyle leg, Phelps had a bodylength lead and with his freestyle strength, the race was over. He won in 1:54.27 to become the first male swimmer to three-peat in any individual Olympic event, with Lochte closing fast for the silver medal. In third was Hungary’s László Cseh, Jr., who had placed second in this event in 2008.

Phelps three-peat was the third in Olympic swimming in an individual event, after Australian Dawn Fraser in the 100 freestyle in 1956-64, and Hungarian Krisztina Egerszegi in the 100 backstroke in 1988-96. The podium for this event had the same three swimmers as in Beijing, with Phelps winning in 2008, Cseh second, and Lochte third. This was only the 7th time in Olympic history that this had occurred, but it was the first time in swimming.

1Michael PhelpsUSA1:58.24 (2 h4)1:57.11 (2 h1)1:54.27 (1)Gold
2Ryan LochteUSA1:58.03 (1 h5)1:56.13 (1 h1)1:54.90 (2)Silver
3László Cseh, Jr.HUN1:57.20 (1 h3)1:56.74 (1 h2)1:56.22 (3)Bronze
4Thiago PereiraBRA1:58.31 (2 h5)1:57.45 (2 h2)1:56.74 (4)
5Kosuke HaginoJPN1:58.22 (1 h4)1:57.95 (3 h2)1:57.35 (5)
6Ken TakakuwaJPN1:58.82 (4 h4)1:58.31 (4 h2)1:58.53 (6)
7James GoddardGBR1:58.56 (2 h3)1:58.49 (3 h1)1:59.05 (7)
8Markus DeiblerGER1:58.61 (3 h5)1:58.88 (6 h2)1:59.10 (8)
9Chad le ClosRSA1:59.45 (3 h3)1:58.49 (5 h2)
10Gal NevoISR1:59.56 (5 h5)1:59.17 (4 h1)
11Joe RoebuckGBR2:00.04 (4 h3)1:59.57 (7 h2)
12Henrique RodriguesBRA1:59.37 (4 h5)1:59.58 (5 h1)
13Vytautas JanušaitisLTU1:59.84 (7 h5)2:00.13 (6 h1)
14Dan TranterAUS1:59.70 (6 h5)2:00.46 (8 h2)
15Andrew FordCAN2:00.28 (1 h2)2:01.58 (7 h1)
16Markus RoganAUT1:58.66 (3 h4)– (DQ h1)
17Raphaël StacchiottiLUX2:00.38 (2 h2)
18Diogo CarvalhoPOR2:00.40 (5 h3)
19Marcin CieślakPOL2:00.45 (6 h3)
20Federico TurriniITA2:00.63 (5 h4)
21Darian TownsendRSA2:00.67 (7 h3)
=22Bradley AllyBAR2:00.85 (3 h2)
=22Wang ShunCHN2:00.85 (8 h3)
24Aleksandr TikhonovRUS2:01.00 (4 h2)
25Martin LiivamägiEST2:01.09 (5 h2)
26Andreas VazaiosGRE2:01.23 (6 h2)
27Philip HeintzGER2:01.32 (6 h4)
28David KarasekSUI2:01.35 (7 h2)
29Taki M'RabetTUN2:01.41 (8 h2)
30Wu PengCHN2:01.43 (7 h4)
31Jayden HadlerAUS2:01.54 (8 h4)
32Jeong Won-YongKOR2:03.33 (1 h1)
33Maksym ShemberievUKR2:03.40 (2 h1)
34Nuttapong KetinTHA2:03.91 (3 h1)
35Dávid VerrasztóHUN2:04.53 (8 h5)
36Ensar HajderBIH2:05.70 (4 h1)

Round One (1 August 2012 — 11:06)

Fastest 16 swimmers advanced to semi-finals

Heat One (11:06)

15Jeong Won-YongKOR2:03.330.72
24Maksym ShemberievUKR2:03.400.82
33Nuttapong KetinTHA2:03.910.79
46Ensar HajderBIH2:05.700.73

Heat Two (11:10)

16Andrew FordCAN2:00.280.64Q
23Raphaël StacchiottiLUX2:00.380.61
34Bradley AllyBAR2:00.850.74
45Aleksandr TikhonovRUS2:01.000.71
57Martin LiivamägiEST2:01.090.75
61Andreas VazaiosGRE2:01.230.74
78David KarasekSUI2:01.350.73
82Taki M'RabetTUN2:01.410.69

Heat Three (11:14)

14László Cseh, Jr.HUN1:57.200.77Q
25James GoddardGBR1:58.560.68Q
32Chad le ClosRSA1:59.450.74Q
43Joe RoebuckGBR2:00.040.76Q
51Diogo CarvalhoPOR2:00.400.68
68Marcin CieślakPOL2:00.450.71
77Darian TownsendRSA2:00.670.71
86Wang ShunCHN2:00.850.68

Heat Four (11:17)

13Kosuke HaginoJPN1:58.220.70Q
24Michael PhelpsUSA1:58.240.74Q
35Markus RoganAUT1:58.660.80Q
46Ken TakakuwaJPN1:58.820.61Q
58Federico TurriniITA2:00.630.74
62Philip HeintzGER2:01.320.70
71Wu PengCHN2:01.430.72
87Jayden HadlerAUS2:01.540.64

Heat Five (11:21)

14Ryan LochteUSA1:58.030.65Q
25Thiago PereiraBRA1:58.310.66Q
33Markus DeiblerGER1:58.610.70Q
47Henrique RodriguesBRA1:59.370.72Q
58Gal NevoISR1:59.560.64Q
66Dan TranterAUS1:59.700.66Q
71Vytautas JanušaitisLTU1:59.840.74Q
82Dávid VerrasztóHUN2:04.530.76

Semi-Finals (1 August 2012 — 20:43)

Fastest eight swimmers advanced to final

Heat One (20:43)

14Ryan LochteUSA1:56.130.75Q
25Michael PhelpsUSA1:57.110.72Q
33James GoddardGBR1:58.490.69Q
47Gal NevoISR1:59.170.64
52Henrique RodriguesBRA1:59.580.71
61Vytautas JanušaitisLTU2:00.130.73
78Andrew FordCAN2:01.580.65
DQ6Markus RoganAUT[0.72]

Heat Two (20:49)

14László Cseh, Jr.HUN1:56.740.76Q
23Thiago PereiraBRA1:57.450.67Q
35Kosuke HaginoJPN1:57.950.71Q
42Ken TakakuwaJPN1:58.310.61Q
57Chad le ClosRSA1:58.490.741
66Markus DeiblerGER1:58.880.73Q2
78Joe RoebuckGBR1:59.570.71
81Dan TranterAUS2:00.460.71

Final (2 August 2012 — 20:19)

13Michael PhelpsUSA1:54.270.68
24Ryan LochteUSA1:54.900.66
35László Cseh, Jr.HUN1:56.220.76
46Thiago PereiraBRA1:56.740.65
52Kosuke HaginoJPN1:57.350.70
67Ken TakakuwaJPN1:58.530.59
71James GoddardGBR1:59.050.67
88Markus DeiblerGER1:59.100.71