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Two, Men1

Date8 – 11 February 1968
LocationPiste de Bobsleigh, L'Alpe-d'Huez
Participants44 from 11 countries
FormatFour runs, total time determined placement.
Venue detailsCurves: 13
Length: 1500 m
Start Altitude: 2030 m
Vertical Drop: 140 m

Since the 1964 Olympics three crews from different countries had claimed the world title. A seventh world crown for Italian Eugenio Monti in 1966 was sandwiched between victories for Great Britain in 1965 and a first ever world title for Austria on the Olympic track in 1967. Added to the list of possible challengers were the West German bobs driven by Horst Floth and Wolfgang Zimmerer along with bobs from Switzerland, Romania, Canada and the USA.

At forty years of age Eugenio Monti was not the dominant force he had been in earlier years but on the first run at L’Alpe d’Huez he recaptured his form of the early part of the decade and posted a track record in taking the lead ahead of Romania I and Great Britain I. The second run was won by Horst Floth of West Germany but at the end of the first day Monti had increased his lead to a third of a second. The competition had already been delayed for a day due to adverse weather conditions and the concluding two runs were to be held on the 11th February, three days after originally scheduled. A stunning third run from Floth meant that West Germany leapt to the top of the standings with a tenth of the second to spare over their Italian rivals. Starting early on the final run Monti shot down the track and smashed the track record with a time of 1:10.05 then had to suffer a long wait until the leaders came down the course. Floth made an excellent start but lost vital fractions of time later down the track. As the German pair crossed the finish line the clock stopped at 1:10.15 and the gold medal appeared to be shared between West Germany and Italy. Shortly afterwards, with the Germans already celebrating, a loudspeaker announcement broke the news that regulations stated that in the event of a tie the crew that recorded the fastest single run would be regarded as champions.

Whilst this was a cruel blow to Floth and Bader there was a genuine feeling of delight that the efforts of Eugenio Monti, four times previously a medallist but never Olympic champion, had been rewarded with a place on the top of the podium in his final year of competition. Third place finishers were the crew from Romania who became the first Eastern European Olympic bobsleigh medallists and, as of 2010, the only Romanians to have won a medal at the Winter Games.

PosNrBobsleighNOCTimeRun 1Run 2Run 3Run 4
15Italy IITA4:41.541:10.13 (1)1:10.72 (2)1:10.64 (2)1:10.05 (1)Gold2
Eugenio MontiLuciano De Paolis
217West Germany IFRG4:41.541:10.76 (5)1:10.43 (1)1:10.20 (1)1:10.15 (2)Silver
Horst FlothPepi Bader
33Romania IROU4:44.461:10.20 (2)1:11.62 (6)1:11.31 (7)1:11.33 (=4)Bronze
Ion PanțuruNicolae Neagoe
416Austria IAUT4:45.131:11.27 (7)1:11.26 (3)1:10.72 (3)1:11.88 (7)
Erwin ThalerReinhold Durnthaler
56Great Britain IGBR4:45.161:10.57 (3)1:11.60 (5)1:11.77 (8)1:11.22 (3)
Tony NashRobin Dixon
619United States IUSA4:46.031:11.30 (8)1:11.54 (4)1:11.04 (6)1:12.15 (9)
Paul LameyBob Huscher
721West Germany IIFRG4:46.401:12.36 (=15)1:11.94 (8)1:10.77 (4)1:11.33 (=4)
Wolfgang ZimmererPeter Utzschneider
81Austria IIAUT4:46.631:11.34 (9)1:12.15 (9)1:11.00 (5)1:12.14 (8)
Max KaltenbergerFritz Dinkhauser
97Switzerland ISUI4:46.981:10.60 (4)1:11.72 (7)1:12.01 (10)1:12.65 (13)
Jean WickiHans Candrian
109Switzerland IISUI4:49.161:11.60 (10)1:12.74 (15)1:12.36 (12)1:12.46 (11)
René StadlerMax Forster
1115United States IIUSA4:49.311:12.10 (14)1:12.18 (10)1:11.88 (9)1:13.15 (15)
Howard CliftonMickey Luce
122Italy IIITA4:50.311:11.80 (11)1:12.29 (12)1:13.27 (17)1:12.95 (14)
Rinaldo RuattiSergio Mocellini
134Spain IIESP4:51.161:11.97 (12)1:12.60 (13)1:14.34 (20)1:12.25 (10)
José María PalomoJosé Manuel Pérez
1412Sweden ISWE4:51.191:12.77 (19)1:13.17 (18)1:12.62 (14)1:12.63 (12)
Rolf HöglundBörje Hedblom
158Great Britain IIGBR4:51.271:12.06 (13)1:12.25 (11)1:13.79 (19)1:13.17 (16)
John BlockeyMike Freeman
1614France IFRA4:51.281:12.36 (=15)1:12.79 (16)1:12.35 (11)1:13.78 (20)
Bertrand CrosetHenri Sirvain
1711Spain IESP4:51.541:12.76 (18)1:14.30 (19)1:12.81 (15)1:11.67 (6)
Eugenio BaturoneMaximiliano Jones
1822Sweden IISWE4:51.691:12.75 (17)1:12.69 (14)1:12.84 (16)1:13.41 (17)
Carl-Erik ErikssonEric Wennerberg
1918Canada ICAN4:54.101:13.89 (20)1:12.80 (17)1:13.68 (18)1:13.73 (19)
Purvis McDougallBob Storey
2010France IIFRA5:11.671:11.24 (6)1:34.47 (20)1:12.49 (13)1:13.47 (18)
Gérard Christaud-PipolaJacques Christaud-Pipola
AC13Romania IIROU– (AC)– (AC)– (AC)– (DNS)DNF
Romeo NedelcuGheorghe Maftei
AC20Canada IICAN– (AC)DQ3
Hans GehrigHarry Goetschi