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Handball, Men

Date27 July – 8 August 1992
LocationPalau Sant Jordi, Barcelona / Palacio de Deportes de Granollers, Granollers
Participants179 from 12 countries
FormatRound-robin pools advance teams to classification matches.

The men’s field was largely determined at the 1990 World Championships: champions Sweden, runners-up USSR, Romania, Yugoslavia, Spain, Hungary, Czechoslovakia and East Germany qualified. As Spain was already placed as the host nation, ninth placed France also was invited. The changes in Eastern Europe meant that the Unified Team played instead of the USSR, and the DDR had been merged into Germany. UN sanctions meant that Yugoslavia couldn’t compete, and they were substituted by Iceland, 10th at the Worlds. The continental qualifiers were Egypt, Cuba and South-Korea, but Cuba forfeited its spot, boycotting Seoul, allowing Brazil to make its Olympic début.

In the pool phase, the Swedish World Champions displayed superiority, winning all pool matches with relative ease. More remarkable was the performance of tiny Iceland. The small nation, substituting for Yugoslavia, only lost to Sweden, drew Czechoslovakia and earned a narrow but deserved win over 1988 silver medallist South Korea (26-24). This earned them second place in their pool, and thus a spot in the semis. The picture in the other pool was quite similar: the former Soviets, who had lost the 1990 World Championships final, won all their pool matches. Their only difficult match was against France, the surprise of pool B, defeating Spain in their first match (18-16) and losing narrowly against the Unified Team (23-22).

In the semi-finals, a sensation was in the air, as the Icelandic underdogs were leading 16-15 15 minutes into the second half. But they were eventually defeated by the strong ex-Soviets, Talant Duyshebayev netting nine goals. In the other match, Sweden led France comfortably (20-14) but saw their lead disappear quickly in the last part of the match. The French came to within one goal (23-22) but ultimately were defeated 24-22.

In a rematch of the 1990 World Championship final, the first half remained tied at 9 each. Sweden appeared to distance itself from the Unified Team in the second half (14-12), but this was overcome quickly, and the former Soviet squad won its third title, after 1976 and 1988. In the bronze medal match, the two surprise semi-finalists battled it out, France ending up on the podium.

1Unified TeamEUNGold
6Republic of KoreaKOR

Preliminary Round

Date27 July – 4 August 1992

Group A

Date27 July – 4 August 1992
FormatRound-robin pools.
3Republic of KoreaKOR3026114-117
Match #127 Jul 11:30SwedenSWE20 – 14CzechoslovakiaTCH
Match #227 Jul 14:30IcelandISL19 – 18BrazilBRA
Match #327 Jul 19:00Republic of KoreaKOR22 – 18HungaryHUN
Match #429 Jul 10:00SwedenSWE28 – 18Republic of KoreaKOR
Match #529 Jul 14:30HungaryHUN27 – 21BrazilBRA
Match #629 Jul 20:30IcelandISL16 – 16CzechoslovakiaTCH
Match #731 Jul 11:30Republic of KoreaKOR20 – 19CzechoslovakiaTCH
Match #831 Jul 14:30IcelandISL22 – 16HungaryHUN
Match #931 Jul 19:00SwedenSWE22 – 15BrazilBRA
Match #1002 Aug 10:00IcelandISL26 – 24Republic of KoreaKOR
Match #1102 Aug 16:00SwedenSWE25 – 21HungaryHUN
Match #1202 Aug 19:00CzechoslovakiaTCH27 – 16BrazilBRA
Match #1304 Aug 11:30HungaryHUN20 – 18CzechoslovakiaTCH
Match #1404 Aug 14:30Republic of KoreaKOR30 – 26BrazilBRA
Match #1504 Aug 20:30SwedenSWE25 – 18IcelandISL

Group B

Date27 July – 4 August 1992
FormatRound-robin pools.
1Unified TeamEUN50010121-98
Match #127 Jul 10:00RomaniaROU22 – 21EgyptEGY
Match #227 Jul 16:00Unified TeamEUN25 – 15GermanyGER
Match #327 Jul 20:30FranceFRA18 – 16SpainESP
Match #429 Jul 11:30Unified TeamEUN23 – 22FranceFRA
Match #529 Jul 16:00GermanyGER20 – 20RomaniaROU
Match #629 Jul 19:00SpainESP23 – 18EgyptEGY
Match #731 Jul 10:00Unified TeamEUN22 – 18EgyptEGY
Match #831 Jul 16:00FranceFRA23 – 20GermanyGER
Match #931 Jul 20:30SpainESP21 – 20RomaniaROU
Match #1002 Aug 11:30FranceFRA26 – 20RomaniaROU
Match #1102 Aug 14:30GermanyGER24 – 16EgyptEGY
Match #1202 Aug 20:30Unified TeamEUN24 – 18SpainESP
Match #1304 Aug 10:00FranceFRA22 – 19EgyptEGY
Match #1404 Aug 16:00Unified TeamEUN27 – 25RomaniaROU
Match #1504 Aug 19:00SpainESP19 – 18GermanyGER


Date6 August 1992
Match #106 Aug 19:00SwedenSWE25 – 22FranceFRA
Match #206 Aug 21:00Unified TeamEUN23 – 19IcelandISL

Final Round

Date7 – 8 August 1992
FormatMedal round.
Match 1/208 Aug 17:00Unified TeamEUN22 – 20SwedenSWE
Match 3/408 Aug 15:00FranceFRA24 – 20IcelandISL
Match 5/607 Aug 21:00SpainESP36 – 21Republic of KoreaKOR
Match 7/807 Aug 19:00HungaryHUN23 – 19RomaniaROU
Match 9/1007 Aug 16:00CzechoslovakiaTCH20 – 19GermanyGER
Match 11/1207 Aug 14:00EgyptEGY27 – 24BrazilBRAAfter Extra Time and Penalty Shots