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Team Sprint (Classical), Men

Date19 February 2014
LocationKompleks Dlya Sorevnovaniy Po Lyzhnym Gonkam i Biatlonu Laura, Mountain Cluster, Krasnaya Polyana
Participants44 from 22 countries
FormatTwo-man teams, each skiing three alternate legs of approximately 1,500 metres.
DetailsCourse Length: 1800 m
Height Differential: 35 m
Maximum Climb: 32 m
Total Climbing: 62 m

The two semi-finals saw all the favored teams advance to the final with Finland the fastest, while Norway barely made the final as the slowest of the “lucky losers”. A strong German team consisting of Hannes Dotzler and Tim Tscharnke won the other semi-final.

For most of the final it looked as if Finland would be the only Nordic country able to medal. On the final leg, Germany was marginally ahead of Finland with Russia close behind, racing abreast up the final hill and down towards the final turn and into the stadium. It looked as if the leading group of Tscharnke, Finland’s Sami Jauhojärvi and Russia’s Nikita Kryukov would be fighting for the medals, when Jauhojärvi, just ahead of Tscharnke, moved to the inside, colliding with the German, and Tscharnke fell, almost bringing down Kryukov. Jauhojärvi opened up a small lead which he maintained to the end of the race, finishing just under a second ahead of the fast finishing Russian. Tscharnke was unable to recover quickly enough and eventually finished seventh. Finland had to withstand an appeal from Germany before Iivo Niskanen and Jauhojärvi could enjoy their victory. Sweden benefitted from the accident, taking bronze.

In May 2016 WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) commissioned a report, the McLaren Report, to look into allegations of systematic Russian doping and a cover-up to avoid positives at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. The report was released in two parts, in July and December 2016, and confirmed the allegations. In 2017 the IOC formed a commission to investigate this, headed by IOC Member Denis Oswald, and usually referred to as the Oswald Commission. In late October 2017 the Oswald Commission began to release its findings. On 9 November 2017, one of the silver medalists in this event, Russian Maksim Vylegzhanin, was implicated by the Oswald Commission and he and his teammate, Nikita Kryukov were disqualified, losing their silver medal. About 10 days before the PyeongChang Winter Olympics began, the CAS reached a decision, stating that Veglyzhanin’s guilt could not be proven, and he and Kryukov had their medal restored.

1Iivo Niskanen / Sami JauhojärviFINGold
2olympicMaksim Vylegzhanin / Nikita KryukovRUSSilver
3Emil Jönsson / Teodor PetersonSWEBronze
4Ola Vigen Hattestad / Petter NorthugNOR
5Dario Cologna / Gianluca ColognaSUI
6Simi Hamilton / Erik BjornsenUSA
7Hannes Dotzler / Tim TscharnkeGER
8Nikolay Chebotko / Aleksey PoltoraninKAZ
9Martin Jakš / Aleš RazýmCZE
10Cyril Miranda / Jean-Marc GaillardFRA
11Federico Pellegrino / Dietmar NöcklerITA
12Devon Kershaw / Alex HarveyCAN
13Hiroyuki Miyazawa / Yuichi OndaJPN
14Peeter Kümmel / Raido RänkelEST
15Maciej Kreczmer / Maciej StaręgaPOL
16Harald Wurm / Max HaukeAUT
17Peter Mlynár / Martin BajčičákSVK
18Daniel Pripici / Paul PepeneROU
19Andrey Gridin / Veselin TsinzovBUL
20Ruslan Perekhoda / Oleksiy KrasovskyiUKR
21Phil Bellingham / Callum WatsonAUS
DNFAndrew Young / Andrew MusgraveGBR
DNSSun Qinghai / Xu WenlongCHN


Date19 February 2014 — 14:05
FormatFirst 3 teams in each heat plus the four fastest losers qualify for final.

Heat #1

PosNumberCompetitorsNOCTimeLeg 1Leg 2Leg 3
2-1Hannes Dotzler 3:55.283:50.263:45.73
2-2Tim Tscharnke 3:52.613:54.124:18.23
26Czech RepublicCZE23:39.06Q
6-1Martin Jakš 3:56.263:48.733:52.61
6-2Aleš Razým 3:54.363:54.674:12.43
5-1Dario Cologna 3:53.643:48.523:51.51
5-2Gianluca Cologna 3:55.673:54.884:18.09
1-1Ola Vigen Hattestad 3:54.953:50.264:00.24
1-2Petter Northug 3:53.273:54.784:10.13
3-1Federico Pellegrino 3:55.723:50.494:10.95
3-2Dietmar Nöckler 3:52.713:53.354:14.90
4-1Devon Kershaw 3:56.053:55.294:16.09
4-2Alex Harvey 3:52.823:53.684:26.44
9-1Peeter Kümmel 3:57.583:53.874:30.50
9-2Raido Ränkel 3:51.733:54.334:18.48
7-1Harald Wurm 3:54.743:59.224:48.41
7-2Max Hauke 3:55.223:49.324:34.32
10-1Daniel Pripici 3:59.104:21.495:00.07
10-2Paul Pepene 3:49.664:16.414:40.07
DNF8Great BritainGBR
8-1Andrew Young 3:57.03
8-2Andrew Musgrave 3:53.04
DNS8People's Republic of ChinaCHN
8-1Sun Qinghai DNS
8-2Xu Wenlong DNS

Heat #2

PosNumberCompetitorsNOCTimeLeg 1Leg 2Leg 3
16-1Iivo Niskanen 3:51.173:57.303:44.86
16-2Sami Jauhojärvi 3:52.853:51.174:08.78
213Russian FederationRUS23:26.91Q
13-1Maksim Vylegzhanin 3:53.133:57.203:43.76
13-2Nikita Kryukov 3:51.873:50.844:10.11
15-1Emil Jönsson 3:51.603:56.653:43.76
15-2Teodor Peterson 3:52.423:52.044:11.75
14-1Nikolay Chebotko 3:51.933:56.433:47.81
14-2Aleksey Poltoranin 3:53.513:51.604:07.22
417United StatesUSA23:29.14q
17-1Simi Hamilton 3:52.263:55.553:44.63
17-2Erik Bjornsen 3:53.733:52.814:10.16
12-1Cyril Miranda 3:54.333:56.103:55.33
12-2Jean-Marc Gaillard 3:53.403:50.964:11.67
19-1Hiroyuki Miyazawa 3:55.973:56.103:57.63
19-2Yuichi Onda 3:50.783:52.264:17.17
18-1Maciej Kreczmer 3:54.113:54.573:52.82
18-2Maciej Staręga 3:52.313:54.894:24.39
20-1Peter Mlynár 3:53.793:54.684:21.11
20-2Martin Bajčičák 3:55.694:04.284:48.51
21-1Andrey Gridin 3:55.534:20.784:22.97
21-2Veselin Tsinzov 3:51.774:08.534:31.48
23-1Ruslan Perekhoda 3:56.734:13.254:40.98
23-2Oleksiy Krasovskyi 3:52.534:06.024:41.62
22-1Phil Bellingham 4:00.654:20.574:25.69
22-2Callum Watson 3:59.314:17.054:51.04

Final Round

Date19 February 2014 — 16:15
PosNumberCompetitorsNOCTimeLeg 1Leg 2Leg 3
16-1Iivo Niskanen 3:49.603:55.793:40.66
16-2Sami Jauhojärvi 3:55.973:51.564:01.31
213Russian FederationRUS23:15.86
13-1Maksim Vylegzhanin 3:48.843:55.253:41.53
13-2Nikita Kryukov 3:56.953:51.454:01.84
15-1Emil Jönsson 3:49.273:56.773:44.70
15-2Teodor Peterson 3:54.563:52.874:11.84
1-1Ola Vigen Hattestad 3:52.883:58.963:48.52
1-2Petter Northug 3:50.073:53.314:09.81
5-1Dario Cologna 3:50.473:55.243:40.98
5-2Gianluca Cologna 3:56.313:52.874:20.03
617United StatesUSA23:49.95
17-1Simi Hamilton 3:51.673:55.463:55.39
17-2Erik Bjornsen 3:56.203:53.424:17.81
2-1Hannes Dotzler 3:50.043:54.373:39.34
2-2Tim Tscharnke 3:56.413:52.874:43.99
14-1Nikolay Chebotko 3:52.223:56.554:13.53
14-2Aleksey Poltoranin 3:54.673:50.904:13.51
96Czech RepublicCZE24:01.83
6-1Martin Jakš 3:52.553:53.493:57.58
6-2Aleš Razým 3:56.524:05.004:16.69
12-1Cyril Miranda DNS
12-2Jean-Marc Gaillard DNS