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1,000 metres, Men

Date13 – 15 February 2014
LocationDvorets Zimnego Sporta Aisberg, Coastal Cluster, Adler
Participants32 from 14 countries
FormatPlacements 1-8 based on final and B final. Deeper placements based on placements in earlier rounds, and best time skated.
Olympic Record 1:23.747 / Lee Jeong-Su KOR / 20 February 2010

A South Korean had won this event in 2010, and all 1,000 m World Champions since the then had also hailed from there. However, most of them did not compete in Sochi. Defending champion Lee Jeong-Su had retired following a race-fixing scandal at the 2010 World Championships. 2010 World Champion [Lee Ho-Seok] did race in Sochi, but only in the relay event, while 2011 champion No Jin-Kyu (brother of speed skater [No Seon-Yeong]) was absent due to a broken elbow. Gwak Yun-Gi, the 2012 champion had failed to make the team, leaving only Sin Da-Un, the reigning World Champion, to compete. Stiff competition was to be expected from Charles Hamelin, who had won three of the four World Cups in late 2013; Wu Dajing, winner of the other World Cup race and Viktor An, the Korean-turned-Russian who had been runner-up in two World Cups and had earned the Olympic gold back in Torino.

A crash in the early stages meant that 1,500 metres gold medallist Charles Hamelin was eliminated quickly. In the first semi-final Vladimir Grigoryev and Sin advanced comfortably when Lee Han-Bin took out Sjinkie Knegt and fell behind – Knegt was advanced to the final. In the second semi-final favourite Viktor An skated his usual race in coming from behind to win ahead of Wu. In the final the Russians Grigorev and An skated at the front for most of the race and, in the race to the line An was the stronger, regaining the gold medal he had last won in 2006. Knegt went on to win the bronze medal fairly comfortably. All three medals went to countries that had never before medalled at the Olympics, although the Unified Team had won a bronze in 1992, and the Dutch had medalled at the demonstration events in 1988.

PosNrSkaterNOCLast RacePositionsBest Time
1250Viktor AnRUSAF-11-1-11:24.102Gold
2252Vladimir GrigoryevRUSAF-21-2-11:24.868Silver
3248Sjinkie KnegtNEDAF-33-2-21:25.611Bronze
4212Wu DajingCHNAF-42-1-11:24.239
5209Han TianyuCHNBF-14-2-21:24.490
6251Semyon YelistratovRUSBF-23-2-21:24.239
7243Sin Da-UnKORAF-DQ2-1-21:24.215
8240Lee Han-BinKORBF-DQ0-1-11:24.444
9207Olivier JeanCANSF-30-3-11:24.935
10259Chris CrevelingUSASF-30-3-21:24.691
11256Eddy AlvarezUSASF-30-3-21:26.070
12216Sébastien LepapeFRASF-30-3-31:25.368
13258J. R. CelskiUSASF-40-4-11:25.428
14205Charles HamelinCANSF-40-4-11:25.742
15226Yuri ConfortolaITASF-40-4-21:25.428
16224Shaolin Sándor LiuHUNSF-40-4-31:24.966
17203Charle CournoyerCANSF-50-5-11:24.787
18223Viktor KnochHUNSF-50-5-21:25.426
19247Niels KerstholtNEDR1-30-0-31:25.695
20233Yuzo TakamidoJPNR1-30-0-31:25.905
21219Jack WhelbourneGBRR1-30-0-31:26.086
22232Ryosuke SakazumeJPNR1-30-0-31:26.468
23255Mackenzie BlackburnTPER1-30-0-31:26.814
24225Vladislav BykanovISRR1-30-0-31:27.796
25217Jon EleyGBRR1-40-0-41:25.748
26222Bence BéresHUNR1-40-0-41:27.735
27218Richard ShoebridgeGBRR1-40-0-41:27.806
28210Liang WenhaoCHNR1-40-0-41:28.065
29220Robert SeifertGERR1-40-0-41:29.468
30215Thibaut FauconnetFRAR1-40-0-42:00.795
31214Maxime ChâtaignierFRAR1-40-0-42:20.479
DQ249Freek van der WartNED[R1-DQ][0-0-0]

Round One (13 February 2014 — 14:25)

Top two finishers in each heat advanced to quarter-finals.

Heat One (14:25)

14Charle CournoyerCAN1:24.787Q
23Chris CrevelingUSA1:25.069Q
32Niels KerstholtNED1:25.695
41Jon EleyGBR1:25.748

Heat Two (14:29)

12Olivier JeanCAN1:26.089Q
24Sjinkie KnegtNED1:26.091Q
31Mackenzie BlackburnTPE1:26.814
43Bence BéresHUN1:27.735

Heat Three (14:33)

13Vladimir GrigoryevRUS1:26.422Q
22Han TianyuCHN1:26.530Q
34Vladislav BykanovISR1:27.796
41Richard ShoebridgeGBR1:27.806

Heat Four (14:37)

13Wu DajingCHN1:24.950Q
21Viktor KnochHUN1:25.426Q
32Sébastien LepapeFRA1:49.311ADV
DQ4Freek van der WartNED

Heat Five (14:41)

14Charles HamelinCAN1:25.742Q
23Eddy AlvarezUSA1:26.070Q
31Jack WhelbourneGBR1:26.086
42Liang WenhaoCHN1:28.065

Heat Six (14:45)

12J. R. CelskiUSA1:25.428Q
21Semyon YelistratovRUS1:26.121Q
33Ryosuke SakazumeJPN1:26.468
44Maxime ChâtaignierFRA2:20.479

Heat Seven (14:49)

14Viktor AnRUS1:25.834Q
23Sin Da-UnKOR1:25.893Q
31Yuzo TakamidoJPN1:25.905
42Robert SeifertGER1:29.468

Heat Eight (14:53)

12Lee Han-BinKOR1:26.502Q
24Yuri ConfortolaITA1:26.956Q
33Shaolin Sándor LiuHUN1:35.935ADV
41Thibaut FauconnetFRA2:00.795

Quarter-Finals (15 February 2014 — 14:43)

Top two finishers in each heat advanced to semi-finals.

Heat One (14:43)

13Lee Han-BinKOR1:24.444Q
24Han TianyuCHN1:24.490Q
32Chris CrevelingUSA1:24.691
45Shaolin Sándor LiuHUN1:24.966
51Charle CournoyerCAN1:25.204

Heat Two (14:47)

11Wu DajingCHN1:24.753Q
23Vladimir GrigoryevRUS1:24.868Q
35Sébastien LepapeFRA1:25.368
44Yuri ConfortolaITA1:25.428
52Viktor KnochHUN1:25.673

Heat Three (14:51)

12Viktor AnRUS1:25.666Q
24Sjinkie KnegtNED1:25.695Q
33Eddy AlvarezUSA1:39.092
41Charles HamelinCAN1:40.408

Heat Four (14:55)

12Sin Da-UnKOR1:24.215Q
24Semyon YelistratovRUS1:24.239Q
33Olivier JeanCAN1:24.935
DNF1J. R. CelskiUSA

Semi-Finals (15 February 2014 — 15:43)

Top two finishers in each heat advanced to final.

Heat One (15:43)

13Vladimir GrigoryevRUS1:25.346Q
21Sin Da-UnKOR1:25.564Q
34Sjinkie KnegtNED1:27.258ADV
DQ2Lee Han-BinKOR

Heat Two (15:47)

14Viktor AnRUS1:24.102Q
23Wu DajingCHN1:24.239Q
31Semyon YelistratovRUS1:24.275QB
42Han TianyuCHN1:24.611QB

Final Round (15 February 2014 — 16:20)

B Final (16:20)

12Han TianyuCHN1:29.334
21Semyon YelistratovRUS1:29.429

A Final (16:25)

11Viktor AnRUS1:25.325
23Vladimir GrigoryevRUS1:25.399
35Sjinkie KnegtNED1:25.611
42Wu DajingCHN1:25.772