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Kayak Singles, Slalom, Men

Date7 – 10 August 2016
LocationEstádio de Canoagem Slalom, Parque Olímpico de Deodoro, Deodoro, Rio de Janeiro
Participants21 from 21 countries

Germany had been strong traditionally in the Olympic Men’s K-1 Slalom, but it was Italy’s Daniele Molmenti who was the defending Olympic champion. Italy was represented in Rio by Giovanni De Gennaro, but reigning World Champion Jiří Prskavec of the Czech Republic was the favorite, as he was also the 2013, 2014, and 2016 European Champion and 2013 World runner-up. Nonetheless, De Gennaro won the preliminary rounds, although only 0.1 ahead of Britain’s Joe Clarke and 0.46 ahead of Germany’s entrant Hannes Aigner, a 2012 Olympic and European bronze medallist and the reigning European bronze medallist.

The semifinals were won by Slovakia’s Jakub Grigar, with Prskavec improving to second and Clarke slipping to third. In the final, however, Clarke came out on top with Prskavec settling for bronze after finishing with the fastest time, but incurring a two second penalty. Silver went to Slovenia’s Peter Kauzer, a three-time Olympian, 2009 and 2011 World Champion, and 2010 European Champion. Aigner, Grigar, and De Gennaro finished fourth, fifth, and seventh respectively

17Joe ClarkeGBR86.95 (2)90.67 (3)88.53 (1)Gold
22Peter KauzerSLO91.11 (12)91.01 (4)88.70 (2)Silver
34Jiří PrskavecCZE88.71 (7)90.62 (2)88.99 (3)Bronze
48Hannes AignerGER87.31 (3)91.87 (6)89.02 (4)
56Jakub GrigarSVK87.85 (4)88.84 (1)89.43 (5)
616Pepê GonçalvesBRA88.48 (5)95.68 (10)91.54 (6)
75Giovanni De GennaroITA86.85 (1)95.59 (9)91.77 (7)
83Sébastien CombotFRA88.94 (9)94.59 (8)92.55 (8)
910Pavel EygelRUS88.57 (6)92.43 (7)92.62 (9)
1013Mike DawsonNZL88.91 (8)91.47 (5)93.07 (10)
1119Kazuki YazawaJPN92.23 (14)97.19 (11)
129Michal SmolenUSA90.13 (10)97.87 (12)
1315Mario LeitnerAUT93.29 (15)100.25 (13)
1412Jure MeqliçAZE90.70 (11)145.00 (14)
1514Isak ÖhrströmSWE91.43 (13)156.77 (15)
1617Michael TaylerCAN93.47 (16)
171Lucien DelfourAUS94.30 (17)
1811Maciej OkręglakPOL94.44 (18)
1918Tan YaCHN100.62 (19)
2020Johnathan AkinyemiNGR104.59 (20)
2121Bryden NicholasCOK105.18 (21)

Qualifying Round

Date7 August 2016 — 13:28
FormatTwo runs. Total points determined placement. Top 15 advanced to semi-finals.
Downstream Gates18
Total Gates24
Upstream Gates6
PosOrdCompetitorNOCTotal TimeRun #1Run #2
15Giovanni De GennaroITA86.8586.85 (1)90.74 (9)Q
27Joe ClarkeGBR86.95135.89 (21)86.95 (1)Q
38Hannes AignerGER87.3190.33 (7)87.31 (2)Q
46Jakub GrigarSVK87.8589.16 (6)87.85 (3)Q
516Pepê GonçalvesBRA88.4888.48 (2)90.61 (7)Q
610Pavel EygelRUS88.5796.72 (15)88.57 (4)Q
74Jiří PrskavecCZE88.7188.71 (3)101.18 (17)Q
813Mike DawsonNZL88.9188.91 (4)90.86 (10)Q
93Sébastien CombotFRA88.9489.13 (5)88.94 (5)Q
109Michal SmolenUSA90.1392.96 (11)90.13 (6)Q
1112Jure MeqliçAZE90.7095.12 (14)90.70 (8)Q
122Peter KauzerSLO91.1191.11 (8)96.88 (15)Q
1314Isak ÖhrströmSWE91.4392.37 (10)91.43 (11)Q
1419Kazuki YazawaJPN92.2392.23 (9)98.08 (16)Q
1515Mario LeitnerAUT93.2993.29 (12)93.89 (13)Q
1617Michael TaylerCAN93.47105.66 (19)93.47 (12)
171Lucien DelfourAUS94.3094.30 (13)138.72 (21)
1811Maciej OkręglakPOL94.4496.73 (16)94.44 (14)
1918Tan YaCHN100.62100.62 (17)101.34 (18)
2020Johnathan AkinyemiNGR104.59107.49 (20)104.59 (19)
2121Bryden NicholasCOK105.18105.18 (18)125.64 (20)


Date10 August 2016 — 13:30
FormatOne run. Top 10 advanced to final.
Downstream Gates18
Total Gates24
Upstream Gates6
PosOrdCompetitorNOCTotal TimeTimePenalty Seconds
16Jakub GrigarSVK88.8488.840Q
24Jiří PrskavecCZE90.6290.620Q
37Joe ClarkeGBR90.6790.670Q
42Peter KauzerSLO91.0191.010Q
513Mike DawsonNZL91.4791.470Q
68Hannes AignerGER91.8791.870Q
710Pavel EygelRUS92.4392.430Q
83Sébastien CombotFRA94.5994.590Q
95Giovanni De GennaroITA95.5993.592Q
1016Pepê GonçalvesBRA95.6893.682Q
1119Kazuki YazawaJPN97.1997.190
129Michal SmolenUSA97.8793.874
1315Mario LeitnerAUT100.2596.254
1412Jure MeqliçAZE145.0093.0052
1514Isak ÖhrströmSWE156.77102.7754

Final Round

Date10 August 2016 — 15:15
Downstream Gates18
Total Gates24
Upstream Gates6
PosOrdCompetitorNOCTotal TimeTimePenalty Seconds
17Joe ClarkeGBR88.5388.530
22Peter KauzerSLO88.7088.700
34Jiří PrskavecCZE88.9986.992
48Hannes AignerGER89.0289.020
56Jakub GrigarSVK89.4389.430
616Pepê GonçalvesBRA91.5491.540
75Giovanni De GennaroITA91.7791.770
83Sébastien CombotFRA92.5590.552
910Pavel EygelRUS92.6290.622
1013Mike DawsonNZL93.0793.070