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Kayak Singles, 200 metres, Women

Date15 – 16 August 2016
LocationEstádio da Lagoa, Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, Rio de Janeiro
Participants28 from 28 countries
Olympic Record 40.528 / Lisa Carrington NZL / 10 August 2012

Defending Olympic Champion Lisa Carrington of Australia had not lost her World Championship title since first earning it in 2011, making her a strong favorite to defend her crown in Rio. Her biggest competition would be Poland’s Marta Walczykiewicz, who had been runner-up to Carrington at the Worlds for the last four years and was also the 2013 European Champion. The 2012 Olympic runner-up was Inna Osypenko-Radomska, who had competed for Ukraine in London but was a member of the Azerbaijani delegation in Rio. The reigning European Champion was Lasma Liepa, formerly of Latvia but now earning the distinction of being Turkey’s first Olympic canoeist. Also making its Olympic canoeing debut in this event was Palau, courtesy of Marina Toribiong.

Carrington won her preliminary heat, doing so faster than Osypenko-Radomska, but slower than Walczykiewicz and France’s Sarah Guyot, the 2015 European Champion. Walczykiewicz, Osypenko-Radomska, and Carrington went on to win their semifinals, while Guyot came in second behind the Azerbaijani. Liepa, meanwhile, was eliminated. In the final, Carrington had little trouble holding off Walczykiewicz for the gold medal and set an Olympic record of 39.864. Osypenko-Radomska slid in just over a tenth of a second later for bronze, successfully defending against a push from Slovenia’s Špela Ponomarenko Janić, the 2013 Mediterranean Champion.

1107Lisa CarringtonNZL40.422 (1 h1)39.561 (1 h3)39.864 (1 h2)Gold
25Marta WalczykiewiczPOL40.263 (1 h2)40.619 (1 h1)40.279 (2 h2)Silver
329İnna Osipenko-RadomskaAZE40.702 (1 h4)39.803 (1 h2)40.401 (3 h2)Bronze
4105Špela Ponomarenko JanićSLO40.387 (2 h2)40.797 (3 h2)40.769 (4 h2)
540Sarah GuyotFRA40.317 (1 h3)40.516 (2 h2)40.894 (5 h2)
696Teresa PortelaESP40.844 (3 h3)40.241 (2 h3)41.053 (6 h2)
778Linnea StensilsSWE40.828 (2 h3)41.245 (2 h1)41.293 (7 h2)
821Inna KlinovaKAZ41.030 (4 h2)40.381 (3 h3)41.521 (8 h2)
951Natasa Dusev-JanicsHUN41.403 (3 h1)40.962 (4 h2)41.673 (1 h1)
1073Martina KohlováSVK41.231 (2 h4)41.286 (4 h3)41.787 (2 h1)
1164Zhou YuCHN42.187 (4 h1)41.017 (5 h2)41.928 (3 h1)
12110Yusmari MenganaCUB41.701 (4 h4)41.688 (6 h1)42.036 (4 h1)
131Bridgitte HartleyRSA41.698 (3 h4)41.478 (3 h1)42.066 (5 h1)
14116Andréanne LangloisCAN40.956 (3 h2)41.350 (5 h3)42.099 (6 h1)
15100Jess WalkerGBR41.123 (5 h2)41.483 (4 h1)42.205 (7 h1)
1680Francisca LaiaPOR41.368 (2 h1)41.573 (5 h1)42.695 (8 h1)
1791Conny WaßmuthGER41.972 (5 h4)41.725 (6 h3)
1816Lasma LiepaTUR41.760 (4 h3)41.866 (7 h3)
1923Sabrina AmeghinoARG42.417 (6 h4)41.934 (6 h2)
2067Olivera MoldovanSRB43.339 (5 h1)42.123 (7 h1)
21246Vicki SchwarzAUT42.847 (5 h3)43.072 (7 h2)
2217Henriette Engel HansenDEN42.455 (6 h2)43.300 (8 h2)
2361Ana Paula VergutzBRA44.239 (6 h3)44.362 (8 h1)
2436Marina ToribiongPLW48.913 (6 h1)48.306 (8 h3)
2533Olga UmaraliyevaUZB42.525 (7 h4)
26119Anne CairnsSAM43.652 (7 h2)
2735Maggie HoganUSA44.668 (7 h3)
2859Menatalla KarimEGY49.596 (7 h1)

Round One (15 August 2016 — 09:38)

Winner in each heat advanced to final, places 2-7 in each heat advanced to semi-finals.

Heat One (09:38)

1Lisa CarringtonNZL40.422Q
2Francisca LaiaPOR41.368Q
3Natasa Dusev-JanicsHUN41.403Q
4Zhou YuCHN42.187Q
5Olivera MoldovanSRB43.339Q
6Marina ToribiongPLW48.913Q
7Menatalla KarimEGY49.596

Heat Two (09:45)

1Marta WalczykiewiczPOL40.263Q
2Špela Ponomarenko JanićSLO40.387Q
3Andréanne LangloisCAN40.956Q
4Inna KlinovaKAZ41.030Q
5Jess WalkerGBR41.123Q
6Henriette Engel HansenDEN42.455Q
7Anne CairnsSAM43.652

Heat Three (09:52)

1Sarah GuyotFRA40.317Q
2Linnea StensilsSWE40.828Q
3Teresa PortelaESP40.844Q
4Lasma LiepaTUR41.760Q
5Vicki SchwarzAUT42.847Q
6Ana Paula VergutzBRA44.239Q
7Maggie HoganUSA44.668

Heat Four (09:59)

1İnna Osipenko-RadomskaAZE40.702Q
2Martina KohlováSVK41.231Q
3Bridgitte HartleyRSA41.698Q
4Yusmari MenganaCUB41.701Q
5Conny WaßmuthGER41.972Q
6Sabrina AmeghinoARG42.417Q
7Olga UmaraliyevaUZB42.525

Semi-Finals (15 August 2016 — 11:00)

Top three in each heat advanced to final.

Heat One (11:00)

1Marta WalczykiewiczPOL40.619Q
2Linnea StensilsSWE41.245Q
3Bridgitte HartleyRSA41.478QB
4Jess WalkerGBR41.483QB
5Francisca LaiaPOR41.573QB
6Yusmari MenganaCUB41.688QB
7Olivera MoldovanSRB42.123
8Ana Paula VergutzBRA44.362

Heat Two (11:07)

1İnna Osipenko-RadomskaAZE39.803Q
2Sarah GuyotFRA40.516Q
3Špela Ponomarenko JanićSLO40.797Q
4Natasa Dusev-JanicsHUN40.962QB
5Zhou YuCHN41.017QB
6Sabrina AmeghinoARG41.934
7Vicki SchwarzAUT43.072
8Henriette Engel HansenDEN43.300

Heat Three (11:14)

1Lisa CarringtonNZL39.561Q
2Teresa PortelaESP40.241Q
3Inna KlinovaKAZ40.381Q
4Martina KohlováSVK41.286QB
5Andréanne LangloisCAN41.350QB
6Conny WaßmuthGER41.725
7Lasma LiepaTUR41.866
8Marina ToribiongPLW48.306

Final Round (16 August 2016 — 09:40)

Final B (09:40)

1Natasa Dusev-JanicsHUN41.673
2Martina KohlováSVK41.787
3Zhou YuCHN41.928
4Yusmari MenganaCUB42.036
5Bridgitte HartleyRSA42.066
6Andréanne LangloisCAN42.099
7Jess WalkerGBR42.205
8Francisca LaiaPOR42.695

Final A (09:47)

1Lisa CarringtonNZL39.864
2Marta WalczykiewiczPOL40.279
3İnna Osipenko-RadomskaAZE40.401
4Špela Ponomarenko JanićSLO40.769
5Sarah GuyotFRA40.894
6Teresa PortelaESP41.053
7Linnea StensilsSWE41.293
8Inna KlinovaKAZ41.521