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Kayak Singles, Slalom, Women

Date8 – 11 August 2016
LocationEstádio de Canoagem Slalom, Parque Olímpico de Deodoro, Deodoro, Rio de Janeiro
Participants21 from 21 countries

France’s Emilie Fer had been the surprise winner of the Women’s K-1 Slalom at the 2012 Summer Olympics, and had struck gold again at the 2013 World Championships, but she did not make an appearance in Rio to defend her title. This left the field relatively open in 2016, with Kateřina Kudějová of the Czech Republic as the reigning World Champion and European bronze medallist, and Germany’s Melanie Pfeifer having captured the European title a few months earlier, adding to her silver medals from 2012 and 2014, and her World bronze medals from 2014 and 2015. Not to be counted out was Australia’s Jessica Fox, who had been more successful in the non-Olympic Women’s C-1 Slalom, but nonetheless was the 2012 Olympic runner-up and the 2014 World Champion in the K-1.

The preliminary heats were won by Italy’s Stefanie Horn, the 2013 European runner-up, with Fox in a close second and Fiona Pennie of Great Britain, the 2013 European champion and 2006 and 2014 World runner-up, in third. Austria’s Corinna Kuhnle, the 2010 and 2011 World Champion and 2010 European runner-up, captured the semifinals, with Pennie in second and Maialen Chourraut of Spain in third. Chourraut was the 2012 Olympic bronze medallist, the 2015 European Champion, the 2009 World runner-up, and the 2011 World bronze medallist, but had missed a gate on her first run in the preliminaries and finished 11th in her second attempt. In the final, however, she posted a time fast enough to have earned gold regardless of the penalties of other players. Fox, Kuhnle, and Pennie posted the next best times, but penalties left the Australian with bronze and the latter two off the podium. Silver went to New Zealand’s Luuka Jones, a three-time Olympian who had never won a medal at a major international competition.

1Maialen ChourrautESP106.47 (11)101.83 (3)98.65 (1)Gold
2Luuka JonesNZL100.59 (4)108.05 (7)101.82 (2)Silver
3Jess FoxAUS99.51 (2)104.50 (5)102.49 (3)Bronze
4Jana DukátováSVK102.25 (6)106.59 (6)103.86 (4)
5Corinna KuhnleAUT107.02 (12)101.54 (1)104.75 (5)
6Fiona PennieGBR100.52 (3)101.81 (2)105.70 (6)
7Melanie PfeiferGER107.30 (14)108.58 (10)106.89 (7)
8Stefanie HornITA99.07 (1)108.30 (8)107.22 (8)
9Urša KrageljSLO102.79 (7)108.37 (9)108.68 (9)
10Kateřina KudějováCZE102.06 (5)103.78 (4)108.76 (10)
11Natalia PacierpnikPOL106.38 (10)109.63 (11)
12Viktoriya UsUKR109.77 (15)111.12 (12)
13Li LuCHN107.29 (13)111.24 (13)
14Ashley NeeUSA105.60 (9)116.59 (14)
15Marta KharitonovaRUS104.72 (8)160.39 (15)
16Marie-Zélia LafontFRA110.52 (16)
17Ana SátilaBRA110.80 (17)
18Ella NicholasCOK119.69 (18)
19Yekaterina SmirnovaKAZ119.80 (19)
20Aki YazawaJPN120.17 (20)
21Hind JamiliMAR149.87 (21)

Qualifying Round

Date8 August 2016 — 13:10
FormatTwo runs. Total points determined placement. Top 15 advanced to semi-finals.
Downstream Gates18
Total Gates24
Upstream Gates6
PosOrdCompetitorNOCTotal TimeRun #1Run #2
110Stefanie HornITA99.07106.90 (7)99.07 (1)Q
21Jess FoxAUS99.51107.88 (8)99.51 (2)Q
312Fiona PennieGBR100.52100.52 (1)– (DNS)Q
413Luuka JonesNZL100.59100.59 (2)101.96 (3)Q
55Kateřina KudějováCZE102.06102.06 (3)106.10 (8)Q
64Jana DukátováSVK102.25102.25 (4)105.87 (7)Q
76Urša KrageljSLO102.79106.86 (6)102.79 (4)Q
89Marta KharitonovaRUS104.72111.01 (13)104.72 (5)Q
917Ashley NeeUSA105.60113.15 (14)105.60 (6)Q
1014Natalia PacierpnikPOL106.38106.38 (5)167.18 (19)Q
112Maialen ChourrautESP106.47155.43 (21)106.47 (9)Q
123Corinna KuhnleAUT107.02109.63 (9)107.02 (10)Q
1315Li LuCHN107.29119.63 (16)107.29 (11)Q
147Melanie PfeiferGER107.30115.60 (15)107.30 (12)Q
1518Viktoriya UsUKR109.77109.77 (10)109.92 (13)Q
168Marie-Zélia LafontFRA110.52110.52 (11)118.67 (14)
1711Ana SátilaBRA110.80110.80 (12)149.12 (17)
1819Ella NicholasCOK119.69119.69 (17)316.72 (20)
1920Yekaterina SmirnovaKAZ119.80127.64 (19)119.80 (15)
2016Aki YazawaJPN120.17120.17 (18)128.00 (16)
2121Hind JamiliMAR149.87153.00 (20)149.87 (18)


Date11 August 2016 — 13:15
FormatOne run. Top 10 advanced to final.
Downstream Gates18
Total Gates24
Upstream Gates6
PosOrdCompetitorNOCTotal TimeTimePenalty Seconds
13Corinna KuhnleAUT101.54101.540Q
212Fiona PennieGBR101.81101.810Q
32Maialen ChourrautESP101.83101.830Q
45Kateřina KudějováCZE103.78103.780Q
51Jess FoxAUS104.50104.500Q
64Jana DukátováSVK106.59104.592Q
713Luuka JonesNZL108.05106.052Q
810Stefanie HornITA108.30108.300Q
96Urša KrageljSLO108.37106.372Q
107Melanie PfeiferGER108.58108.580Q
1114Natalia PacierpnikPOL109.63107.632
1218Viktoriya UsUKR111.12109.122
1315Li LuCHN111.24109.242
1417Ashley NeeUSA116.59112.594
159Marta KharitonovaRUS160.39108.3952

Final Round

Date11 August 2016 — 15:00
Downstream Gates18
Total Gates24
Upstream Gates6
PosOrdCompetitorNOCTotal TimeTimePenalty Seconds
12Maialen ChourrautESP98.6598.650
213Luuka JonesNZL101.82101.820
31Jess FoxAUS102.49100.492
44Jana DukátováSVK103.86101.862
53Corinna KuhnleAUT104.75100.754
612Fiona PennieGBR105.70101.704
77Melanie PfeiferGER106.89104.892
810Stefanie HornITA107.22105.222
96Urša KrageljSLO108.68106.682
105Kateřina KudějováCZE108.76106.762