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Half-Heavyweight (≤100 kilograms), Men

Date11 August 2016
LocationArena Carioca 2, Parque Olímpico da Barra, Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro
Participants34 from 34 countries

Czech Lukáš Krpálek dedicated his gold medal to his friend Alexandr Jurecka. Non-Olympian Jurecka, who competed in European and World Championships, and was expected to be a candidate for the Rio Olympics, died in a diving accident in Lake Garda in Italy in 2015. During his competition in Rio, Krpálek always had a photo of Jurecka at hand. The third-seeded Czech faced favorite Elmar Qasımov from Azerbaijan in the final, after defeating the second-seeded Cyrille Maret from France in the semi-final by an Ippon (full point) with just seconds to go. In an otherwise scoreless fight, Krpálek applied an Ouchi-gari (big inner reap) for an Ippon after 4:36 min to win his country’s first ever judo medal after the separation from Slovakia. Qasımov had to settle for silver.

Maret and the 2015 World Champion Ryunosuke Haga of Japan both defeated well-known opponents by Ippon in their bronze medal contests. Maret beat German World Championship runner-up Karl-Richard Frey and Haga beat the Ukrainian Artem Bloshenko . None of the three competing 2012 medalists advanced to the quarter-final.

1Lukáš KrpálekCZEGold
2Elmar QasımovAZESilver
=3Cyrille MaretFRABronze
=3Ryunosuke HagaJPNBronze
=5Karl-Richard FreyGER
=5Artem BloshenkoUKR
=7Ramadan DarwishEGY
=7Beka GviniashviliGEO
=9Lyes BouyacoubALG
=9José ArmenterosCUB
=9Jo Gu-HamKOR
=9Yan Naing SoeMYA
=9Henk GrolNED
=9Toma NikiforovBEL
=9Maksim RakovKAZ
=9Rafael BuzacariniBRA
=17Tagir KhaybulayevRUS
=17Ivan RemarencoUAE
=17Dominic DugasseSEY
=17Naidangiin TüvshinbayarMGL
=17Martin PacekSWE
=17Shah Hussain ShahPAK
=17Miklós CirjenicsHUN
=17Christopher GeorgeTTO
=17Ayouba TraoréMLI
=17Kyle ReyesCAN
=17Javad MahjoubIRI
=17Ben FletcherGBR
=17Jorge FonsecaPOR
=17Grigori MinaškinEST
=17Jevgēņijs BorodavkoLAT
=17Pablo AprahamianURU
=33Soyib KurbonovUZB
=33Mohammad Tawfiq BakhshiAFG

Round One (11 August 2016 — 10:00)

Winners advance to round two.

Match 1 Elmar QasımovAZE bye
Match 2 Tagir KhaybulayevRUS bye
Match 3 Ivan RemarencoUAE bye
Match 4 Lyes BouyacoubALG bye
Match 5 Ramadan DarwishEGY bye
Match 6 Dominic DugasseSEY bye
Match 7 Naidangiin TüvshinbayarMGL bye
Match 8 José ArmenterosCUB bye
Match 9 Martin PacekSWE bye
Match 10 Jo Gu-HamKOR bye
Match 11 Artem BloshenkoUKR Soyib KurbonovUZB 1001/0000 KSK 2:58
Match 12 Shah Hussain ShahPAK bye
Match 13 Karl-Richard FreyGER bye
Match 14 Miklós CirjenicsHUN bye
Match 15 Yan Naing SoeMYA bye
Match 16 Christopher GeorgeTTO bye
Match 17 Cyrille MaretFRA bye
Match 18 Ayouba TraoréMLI bye
Match 19 Henk GrolNED bye
Match 20 Kyle ReyesCAN bye
Match 21 Toma NikiforovBEL bye
Match 22 Javad MahjoubIRI bye
Match 23 Beka GviniashviliGEO bye
Match 24 Ben FletcherGBR bye
Match 25 Lukáš KrpálekCZE bye
Match 26 Jorge FonsecaPOR Mohammad Tawfiq BakhshiAFG 1000/0000 STG 0:09
Match 27 Grigori MinaškinEST bye
Match 28 Maksim RakovKAZ bye
Match 29 Ryunosuke HagaJPN bye
Match 30 Jevgēņijs BorodavkoLAT bye
Match 31 Rafael BuzacariniBRA bye
Match 32 Pablo AprahamianURU bye

Round Two (11 August 2016)

Winners advance to round three.

Match 1 Elmar QasımovAZE Tagir KhaybulayevRUS 0111/0002 KGU 5:00
Match 2 Lyes BouyacoubALG Ivan RemarencoUAE 0100/0000 UMA 5:00
Match 3 Ramadan DarwishEGY Dominic DugasseSEY 1000/0003 KKS 1:28
Match 4 José ArmenterosCUB Naidangiin TüvshinbayarMGL 0010/0000 YGU 5:00
Match 5 Jo Gu-HamKOR Martin PacekSWE 0001/0002 P29 5:00
Match 6 Artem BloshenkoUKR Shah Hussain ShahPAK 1000/0001 SUG 1:38
Match 7 Karl-Richard FreyGER Miklós CirjenicsHUN 1000/0000 OGO 0:23 GS
Match 8 Yan Naing SoeMYA Christopher GeorgeTTO 0022/0000 UNN 5:00
Match 9 Cyrille MaretFRA Ayouba TraoréMLI 1000/0000 UMA 0:34
Match 10 Henk GrolNED Kyle ReyesCAN 1010/0001 KSK 2:44
Match 11 Toma NikiforovBEL Javad MahjoubIRI 1001/0002 SON 5:00
Match 12 Beka GviniashviliGEO Ben FletcherGBR 1001/0001 KEG 2:49
Match 13 Lukáš KrpálekCZE Jorge FonsecaPOR 0100/0013 SUG 5:00
Match 14 Maksim RakovKAZ Grigori MinaškinEST 0002/0003 P29 5:00
Match 15 Ryunosuke HagaJPN Jevgēņijs BorodavkoLAT 1000/0000 UMA 2:29
Match 16 Rafael BuzacariniBRA Pablo AprahamianURU 1000/0002 JGT 2:21

Round Three (11 August 2016)

Winners advance to quarter-finals.

Match 1 Elmar QasımovAZE Lyes BouyacoubALG 0101/0102 P12 5:00
Match 2 Ramadan DarwishEGY José ArmenterosCUB 0013/0001 KUG 5:00
Match 3 Artem BloshenkoUKR Jo Gu-HamKOR 1000/0000 SUG 1:35
Match 4 Karl-Richard FreyGER Yan Naing SoeMYA 1000/0000 HRG 0:55
Match 5 Cyrille MaretFRA Henk GrolNED 0011/0001 KGU 5:00
Match 6 Beka GviniashviliGEO Toma NikiforovBEL 1010/0001 OGO 2:43
Match 7 Lukáš KrpálekCZE Maksim RakovKAZ 0000/0002 P16 5:00
Match 8 Ryunosuke HagaJPN Rafael BuzacariniBRA 0000/0001 P12 5:00

Quarter-Finals (11 August 2016)

Winners advance to semi-finals. Losers advance to repêchage for bronze medal tournament.

Match 1 Elmar QasımovAZE Ramadan DarwishEGY 1000/0000 TNO 0:54
Match 2 Artem BloshenkoUKR Karl-Richard FreyGER 0112/0000 KSK 5:00
Match 3 Cyrille MaretFRA Beka GviniashviliGEO 0101/0001 UMS 5:00
Match 4 Lukáš KrpálekCZE Ryunosuke HagaJPN 0001/0002 P05 5:00

Repêchage (11 August 2016)

Winners advance to bronze medal matches.

Match 1 Karl-Richard FreyGER Ramadan DarwishEGY 1001/0001 SOT 3:11
Match 2 Ryunosuke HagaJPN Beka GviniashviliGEO 0000/0001 P12 5:00

Semi-Finals (11 August 2016)

Winners advance to gold medal final. Losers advance to bronze medal matches.

Match 1 Elmar QasımovAZE Artem BloshenkoUKR 1000/0001 KSK 2:38
Match 2 Lukáš KrpálekCZE Cyrille MaretFRA 1000/0001 YSG 4:49

Final Round (11 August 2016)

Match 3/5 Cyrille MaretFRA Karl-Richard FreyGER 1000/0000 OSG 2:07
Match 3/5 Ryunosuke HagaJPN Artem BloshenkoUKR 1001/0002 SAJ 3:12
Match 1/2 Lukáš KrpálekCZE Elmar QasımovAZE 1000/0000 OUG 4:36