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Half-Lightweight (≤52 kilograms), Women

Date 7 August 2016
LocationArena Carioca 2, Parque Olímpico da Barra, Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro
Participants21 from 21 countries

Even though Majlinda Kelmendi was second of the ranking list, and was World Champion in 2013 and 2014, her victory in the women’s 52 kg class still made headlines. Born an ethnic Albanian in Kosovo, when it was still part of Serbia, she had to compete for Albania in 2012. Alhough still not recognized by many countries after declaring independence, the NOC of Kosovo was acknowledged by the IOC in 2014. This paved the way for Kelmendi to compete for her home country. Her gold medal was Kosovo’s first Olympic medal of any colour.

Early in the competition, she met Christianne Legentil from Mauritius, to whom she had lost in 2012. Again she had to struggle, but eventually defeated the African on penalties. In the semi-final Kelmendi had another tough fight, when she edged out three-time World Champion Misato Nakamura by just one penalty. In the final against Italy’s Odette Giuffrida she scored a Yuko after 29 seconds, which was enough to clinch the gold. Giuffrida’s silver came as a bigger surprise than Kelmendi’s gold. Her only previous international medal was a bronze at the 2015 European Games, but she advanced to the Rio final after defeating the top ranked Romanian Andreea Chițu. As at Beijing in 2008, Nakamura had to take consolation with a bronze medal alongside Russian Nataliya Kuzyutina. In the elimination round, Nakamura defeated Kuzyutina in the longest bout with an Ippon (full point) 3:39 minutes into the Golden Score period.

Allegations were raised that Joud Fahmy of Saudi Arabia deliberately forfeited her first-round match against Legentil to avoid meeting Israeli Gili Cohen in the second round. These were rejected by Saudi Arabian officials stating that Fahmy was injured and advised by medical staff not to compete.

1Majlinda KelmendiKOSGold
2Odette GiuffridaITASilver
=3Misato NakamuraJPNBronze
=3Nataliya KuzyutinaRUSBronze
=5Érika MirandaBRA
=5Ma YingnanCHN
=7Andreea ChițuROU
=7Christianne LegentilMRI
=9Laura GómezESP
=9Mareen KrähGER
=9Hela AyariTUN
=9Joana RamosPOR
=9Evelyne TschoppSUI
=9Gili CohenISR
=9Adiyasambuu TsolmonMGL
=9Ecaterina GuicaCAN
=17Gülbadam BabamyradowaTKM
=17Daria SkrypnikBLR
=17Antoinette GasongoBDI
=17Priscilla GnetoFRA
=17Angelica DelgadoUSA
DNSJoud FahmyKSA

Round One (7 August 2016 — 10:00)

Winners advance to round two.

Match 1 Andreea ChițuROU bye
Match 2 Laura GómezESP Gülbadam BabamyradowaTKM 1011/0000 TSG 4:00
Match 3 Odette GiuffridaITA bye
Match 4 Mareen KrähGER Daria SkrypnikBLR 0112/0012 UMA 4:00
Match 5 Érika MirandaBRA bye
Match 6 Hela AyariTUN bye
Match 7 Ma YingnanCHN bye
Match 8 Joana RamosPOR Antoinette GasongoBDI 1020/0000 KKE 1:33
Match 9 Majlinda KelmendiKOS bye
Match 10 Evelyne TschoppSUI Priscilla GnetoFRA 1001/000H P21 1:28
Match 11 Gili CohenISR bye
Match 12 Christianne LegentilMRI Joud FahmyKSA 1000/––– FUS 0:00
Match 13 Misato NakamuraJPN bye
Match 14 Adiyasambuu TsolmonMGL Angelica DelgadoUSA 0102/0030 TNO 4:00
Match 15 Nataliya KuzyutinaRUS bye
Match 16 Ecaterina GuicaCAN bye

Round Two (7 August 2016)

Winners advance to quarter-finals.

Match 1 Andreea ChițuROU Laura GómezESP 1010/0000 SMK 2:09
Match 2 Odette GiuffridaITA Mareen KrähGER 0013/0001 TNO 4:00
Match 3 Érika MirandaBRA Hela AyariTUN 1001/0001 YSG 1:44
Match 4 Ma YingnanCHN Joana RamosPOR 1000/0000 YSG 3:04
Match 5 Majlinda KelmendiKOS Evelyne TschoppSUI 1000/0000 UMA 0:25
Match 6 Christianne LegentilMRI Gili CohenISR 0012/0000 ISN 4:00
Match 7 Misato NakamuraJPN Adiyasambuu TsolmonMGL 1000/0000 YSG 2:19
Match 8 Nataliya KuzyutinaRUS Ecaterina GuicaCAN 0020/0001 ISN 4:00

Quarter-Finals (7 August 2016)

Winners advance to semi-finals. Losers advance to repêchage for bronze medal tournament.

Match 1 Odette GiuffridaITA Andreea ChițuROU 0012/0000 DAB 4:00
Match 2 Ma YingnanCHN Érika MirandaBRA 0101/0000 OUG 4:00
Match 3 Majlinda KelmendiKOS Christianne LegentilMRI 0001/0003 P29 4:00
Match 4 Misato NakamuraJPN Nataliya KuzyutinaRUS 1000/0000 UGA 3:39 GS

Repêchage (7 August 2016)

Winners advance to bronze medal matches.

Match 1 Érika MirandaBRA Andreea ChițuROU 1001/0100 UMA 3:32
Match 2 Nataliya KuzyutinaRUS Christianne LegentilMRI 1002/0003 TSG 4:00

Semi-Finals (7 August 2016)

Winners advance to gold medal final. Losers advance to bronze medal matches.

Match 1 Odette GiuffridaITA Ma YingnanCHN 0000/0001 P29 4:00
Match 2 Majlinda KelmendiKOS Misato NakamuraJPN 0000/0001 P05 4:00

Final Round (7 August 2016)

Match 3/5 Misato NakamuraJPN Érika MirandaBRA 0011/0001 OUG 2:20 GS
Match 3/5 Nataliya KuzyutinaRUS Ma YingnanCHN 1000/0001 TSG 2:37
Match 1/2 Majlinda KelmendiKOS Odette GiuffridaITA 0011/0000 UMA 4:00