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Keirin, Men

Date16 August 2016
LocationVelódromo Olímpico do Rio, Parque Olímpico da Barra, Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro
Participants27 from 17 countries

Prior to the beginning of the Rio Games Jason Kenny would have been only one of the favourites for the keirin, alongside such riders as Francois Pervis and Joachim Eilers, but the events of the previous few days in the sprint, where Kenny had retained his Olympic title, had swung the odds firmly in the British rider’s favour. What should have been a strong French challenge from Pervis and teammate Michaël D’Almeida fizzled out early but both Kenny and Eilers clinched their expected places in the final.

The final was a logistical disaster. At the first attempt the race was halted when Kenny appeared to have overtaken the back wheel of the derny before it left the track but, after a delay of several minutes, he was allowed to continue in the event when video footage from a Team GB data analyst sitting in the stands was used to clear Kenny of any guilt. Amazingly no official camera was set up to judge this type of infraction. The second attempt saw an identical incident, and again the race was aborted with Eilers appearing to be the guilty party. Once again though it proved impossible to determine that any rule had been broken. By now the event was causing havoc with TV schedules and in Britain, where the exploits of Kenny and his fiancée Laura Trott were dominating newspaper front pages, the main evening news was delayed by 70 minutes to allow live coverage of the race.

Eventually, at the third attempt, the race was finally completed. Eilers and Damian Zieliński of Poland sprinted early and held a clear lead with a lap to go, but both faded and Kenny swooped around the outside to win his third gold medal of the 2016 Olympics and the sixth of his career. Matthijs Büchli of the Netherlands placed second while Mohd Azizulhasni Awang made a late lunge at the line to win Malaysia’s first ever Olympic cycling medal.

With six gold and a silver Kenny equalled exactly the tally of former teammate Chris Hoy and became the joint most successful British Olympian ever, at the age of only 28. His victory meant Great Britain had won three successive titles in the event each with a different rider.

1101Jason KennyGBRGold
2127Matthijs BüchliNEDSilver
3125Mohd Azizulhasni Bin AwangMASBronze
4106Joachim EilersGER
586Fabián PuertaCOL
6142Damian ZielińskiPOL
7137Sam WebsterNZL
895Michaël D'AlmeidaFRA
9140Krzysztof MakselPOL
1072Matthew GlaetzerAUS
1196François PervisFRA
12114Khristos VolikakisGRE
=1379Hugo BarretteCAN
=13122Im Chae-BinKOR
=13120Yuta WakimotoJPN
=13143Denis DmitriyevRUS
=17126Theo BosNED
=17123Gang Dong-JinKOR
=17133Eddie DawkinsNZL
=17152Matt BaranoskiUSA
=2188Pavel KelemenCZE
=21121Kazunari WatanabeJPN
=21155Ángel PulgarVEN
=21108Maximilian LevyGER
=25153Hersony CanelónVEN
=2571Patrick ConstableAUS
=25103Callum SkinnerGBR

Round One (16 August 2016 — 10:18)

Top two finishers in each heat advanced to round two.

Heat One

1Michaël D'AlmeidaFRA10.237Q
2Joachim EilersGERat 0.123Q
3Theo BosNEDat 0.387
4Khristos VolikakisGREat 0.467
5Patrick ConstableAUSat 0.637
6Im Chae-BinKORat 0.859

Heat Two

1Damian ZielińskiPOL10.522Q
2Matthew GlaetzerAUSat 0.033Q
3Gang Dong-JinKORat 0.063
4Eddie DawkinsNZLat 0.076
5Kazunari WatanabeJPNat 0.155
6Pavel KelemenCZEat 0.214
ACDenis DmitriyevRUSDQ1

Heat Three

1Sam WebsterNZL10.346Q
2Matthijs BüchliNEDat 0.034Q
3François PervisFRAat 0.035
4Krzysztof MakselPOLat 0.378
5Mohd Azizulhasni Bin AwangMASat 0.484
6Callum SkinnerGBRat 1.069
ACÁngel PulgarVENDQ2

Heat Four

1Jason KennyGBR10.238Q
2Fabián PuertaCOLat 0.014Q
3Maximilian LevyGERat 0.103
4Hugo BarretteCANat 0.110
5Matt BaranoskiUSAat 0.237
6Yuta WakimotoJPNat 0.345
7Hersony CanelónVENat 0.986

Round One Repêchage (16 August 2016 — 11:25)

Winner of each heat advanced to round two.

Heat One

1Mohd Azizulhasni Bin AwangMAS10.399Q
2Hugo BarretteCANat 0.038
3Theo BosNEDat 0.079
4Pavel KelemenCZEat 0.180

Heat Two

1Krzysztof MakselPOL9.531Q
2Im Chae-BinKORat 0.047
3Gang Dong-JinKORat 0.123
4Kazunari WatanabeJPNat 0.485
5Hersony CanelónVENat 1.237

Heat Three

1François PervisFRA10.284Q
2Yuta WakimotoJPNat 0.075
3Eddie DawkinsNZLat 0.114
4Ángel PulgarVENat 0.378
5Patrick ConstableAUSat 1.090

Heat Four

1Khristos VolikakisGRE10.091Q
2Denis DmitriyevRUSat 0.066
3Matt BaranoskiUSAat 0.640
4Maximilian LevyGERat 1.277
ACCallum SkinnerGBRDQ3

Semi-Finals (16 August 2016 — 16:46)

Top three finishers in each heat advanced to final.

Heat One

1Jason KennyGBR10.163Q
2Matthijs BüchliNEDat 0.261Q
3Mohd Azizulhasni Bin AwangMASat 0.271Q
4Matthew GlaetzerAUSat 0.325
5Khristos VolikakisGREat 0.482
6Michaël D'AlmeidaFRAat 1.088

Heat Two

1Joachim EilersGER10.239Q
2Damian ZielińskiPOLat 0.071Q
3Fabián PuertaCOLat 0.073Q
4Krzysztof MakselPOLat 0.130
5François PervisFRAat 0.137
6Sam WebsterNZLat 1.524

Final Round (16 August 2016 — 18:14)

Heat 1-6

1Jason KennyGBR10.113
2Matthijs BüchliNEDat 0.040
3Mohd Azizulhasni Bin AwangMASat 0.085
4Joachim EilersGERat 0.110
5Fabián PuertaCOLat 0.113
6Damian ZielińskiPOLat 0.594

Heat 7-12

1Sam WebsterNZL10.206
2Michaël D'AlmeidaFRAat 0.009
3Krzysztof MakselPOLat 0.107
4Matthew GlaetzerAUSat 0.322
5François PervisFRAat 0.406
6Khristos VolikakisGREat 0.514