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Hammer Throw, Men

Date17 – 19 August 2016
LocationEstádio Olímpico João Havelange, Engenho de Dentro, Rio de Janeiro
Participants32 from 24 countries

The favorite was Poland’s Paweł Fajdek but he shockingly failed to get through the qualifying. In his absence the gold medal would be won by Tajikistan’s Dilshod Nazarov. Nazarov took the lead in round three with 78.07, and bettered that in round five with 78.68 to win gold. Bronze went to Poland’s Wojciech Nowicki, who moved onto the podium with his final throw of 77.73, moving ahead of Mexico’s Diego del Real. The gold medal by Nazarov was the first ever for Tajikistan at the Olympics, in any sport.

The silver medal was won by Belarussian Ivan Tikhon, who had, shall we say, a somewhat checkered past. Tikhon (sometimes spelled Tsikhan in Belarussian) had initially won silver at the 2004 Olympics, only to lose that for a later revealed doping positive when the samples were re-tested in 2012. At the 2008 Olympics he won a bronze medal only to see that withdrawn on a doping positive. After an appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), Tikhon’s 2008 medal was restored. One should consider the Rio results with an eye to future PED re-testing.

12967Dilshod NazarovTJK76.39 (3)78.68 (1)Gold
22119Ivan TsikanBLR76.51 (2)77.79 (2)Silver
32848Wojciech NowickiPOL77.64 (1)77.73 (3)Bronze
42758Diego del RealMEX75.19 (5)76.05 (4)
52953Marcel LomnickýSVK74.16 (10)75.97 (5)
62879Ashraf El-SeifyQAT73.47 (12)75.46 (6)
72556Krisztián ParsHUN75.49 (4)75.28 (7)
82408David SöderbergFIN74.64 (7)74.61 (8)
92113Siarhei KalamoyetsBLR74.29 (8)74.22 (9)
102754Serghei MarghievMDA74.97 (6)74.14 (10)
113037Yevhen VynohradovUKR73.95 (11)74.11 (11)
122143Wagner DomingosBRA74.17 (9)72.28 (12)
13 r1/22110Paval BareyshaBLR73.33 (13)
14 r1/22274Roberto JanetCUB73.23 (14)
15 r1/22305Lukáš MelichCZE73.14 (15)
16 r1/23087Conor McCulloughUSA72.88 (16)
17 r1/22834Paweł FajdekPOL72.00 (17)
18 r1/23105Rudy WinklerUSA71.89 (18)
19 r1/22443Chris BennettGBR71.32 (19)
20 r1/22529Mikhailis AnastasakisGRE71.28 (20)
21 r1/22448Mark DryGBR71.03 (21)
22 r1/22464Nick MillerGBR70.83 (22)
23 r1/23110Sukhrob KhodzhayevUZB70.11 (23)
=24 r1/22263Roberto SawyersCRC70.08 (=24)
=24 r1/22996Eşref ApakTUR70.08 (=24)
26 r1/22335Hassan Mohamed MahmoudEGY69.87 (26)
27 r1/22353Javier CienfuegosESP69.73 (27)
28 r1/22574Pezhman GhalehnoeiIRI69.15 (28)
29 r1/22578Kaveh MousaviIRI65.03 (29)
30 r1/22968Amanmyrat HommadowTKM61.99 (30)
AC r1/22602Marco LinguaITA– (AC)
AC r1/23078Kibwé JohnsonUSA– (AC)

Qualifying Round (17 August 2016 — 11:05)

Top 12 and ties and all those reaching 76.50 metres advanced to the final.

1Wojciech NowickiPOL77.64Q
2Ivan TsikanBLR76.51Q
3Dilshod NazarovTJK76.39q
4Krisztián ParsHUN75.49q
5Diego del RealMEX75.19q
6Serghei MarghievMDA74.97q
7David SöderbergFIN74.64q
8Siarhei KalamoyetsBLR74.29q
9Wagner DomingosBRA74.17q
10Marcel LomnickýSVK74.16q
11Yevhen VynohradovUKR73.95q
12Ashraf El-SeifyQAT73.47q
13Paval BareyshaBLR73.33
14Roberto JanetCUB73.23
15Lukáš MelichCZE73.14
16Conor McCulloughUSA72.88
17Paweł FajdekPOL72.00
18Rudy WinklerUSA71.89
19Chris BennettGBR71.32
20Mikhailis AnastasakisGRE71.28
21Mark DryGBR71.03
22Nick MillerGBR70.83
23Sukhrob KhodzhayevUZB70.11
=24Roberto SawyersCRC70.08
=24Eşref ApakTUR70.08
26Hassan Mohamed MahmoudEGY69.87
27Javier CienfuegosESP69.73
28Pezhman GhalehnoeiIRI69.15
29Kaveh MousaviIRI65.03
30Amanmyrat HommadowTKM61.99
ACMarco LinguaITANM
ACKibwé JohnsonUSANM

Qualifying Round, Group A (17 August 2016 — 9:40)

11Wagner DomingosBRA74.1771.9374.1773.65q
27Marcel LomnickýSVK74.1674.16×73.47q
311Yevhen VynohradovUKR73.9573.4671.8573.95q
414Ashraf El-SeifyQAT73.4772.9972.6273.47q
53Paval BareyshaBLR73.33××73.33
66Roberto JanetCUB73.2372.7771.5373.23
710Paweł FajdekPOL72.00×71.3372.00
816Rudy WinklerUSA71.89×71.89×
912Mark DryGBR71.0370.26×71.03
108Roberto SawyersCRC70.0870.08××
114Hassan Mohamed MahmoudEGY69.8768.4767.3869.87
1215Javier CienfuegosESP69.7368.8869.7368.69
1313Kaveh MousaviIRI65.0363.1965.03×
149Amanmyrat HommadowTKM61.9961.5561.99×
AC5Marco LinguaITA×××NM
AC2Kibwé JohnsonUSA×××NM

Qualifying Round, Group B (17 August 2016)

111Wojciech NowickiPOL77.6474.3974.0977.64Q
29Ivan TsikanBLR76.5176.51Q
313Dilshod NazarovTJK76.3975.4676.39-q
42Krisztián ParsHUN75.4973.5475.49-q
54Diego del RealMEX75.1973.2075.19×q
63Serghei MarghievMDA74.9774.9773.74×q
71David SöderbergFIN74.6474.5570.9174.64q
815Siarhei KalamoyetsBLR74.2971.1074.2973.00q
98Lukáš MelichCZE73.1470.7373.1472.54
1016Conor McCulloughUSA72.8870.6466.3072.88
117Chris BennettGBR71.3268.4470.4771.32
126Mikhailis AnastasakisGRE71.2871.07×71.28
1314Nick MillerGBR70.83××70.83
145Sukhrob KhodzhayevUZB70.1168.83×70.11
1512Eşref ApakTUR70.08××70.08
1610Pezhman GhalehnoeiIRI69.1569.15××

Final Round (19 August 2016 — 21:05)

112Dilshod NazarovTJK78.6876.1677.2778.0777.1778.6877.68
21Ivan TsikanBLR77.7976.1377.4373.48×77.7976.34
310Wojciech NowickiPOL77.73×74.9474.97××77.73
42Diego del RealMEX76.0573.3573.5876.05×70.8373.57
54Marcel LomnickýSVK75.9773.3372.6574.9675.0975.9774.64
68Ashraf El-SeifyQAT75.4673.8875.4074.4575.2075.4674.25
73Krisztián ParsHUN75.2874.7775.1575.2874.8974.62×
85David SöderbergFIN74.6172.30×74.6174.38××
99Siarhei KalamoyetsBLR74.2274.2274.1773.70
107Serghei MarghievMDA74.1473.3174.14×
1111Yevhen VynohradovUKR74.1173.39×74.11
126Wagner DomingosBRA72.28×71.9772.28