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Trap, Women

Date 7 August 2016
LocationCentro Olímpico de Tiro, Parque Olímpico de Deodoro, Deodoro, Rio de Janeiro
Participants21 from 18 countries

World Cup leader Ray Bassil from Lebanon failed to qualify as one of the six shooters promoted from the qualification round to the semi-final, and ended in 14th place, the same position as in the 2012 London Games. The champion from 2012, Italian Jessica Rossi, failed to proceed to the medal matches as did the winner of the qualification round, Australia’s Laetisha Scanlan. Her team-mate, 20-year-old Catherine Skinner, secured the gold medal, after beating Natalie Rooney from New Zealand in the gold medal match. Corey Cogdell of USA took the bronze after a shoot-off with Spain’s Fatima Galvez.

11055Catherine SkinnerAUS67 (6)14 (1)12 (1 h1)Gold
21751Natalie RooneyNZL68 (5)13 (2)11 (2 h1)Silver
32041Corey UnreinUSA68 (4)13 (3)13 (1 h2)Bronze
41362Fátima GálvezESP69 (3)12 (4)13 (2 h2)
51054Laetisha ScanlanAUS70 (1)10 (5)
61543Jessica RossiITA69 (2)10 (6)
71202Cynthia MeyerCAN67 (7)
81571Mariya DmitriyenkoKAZ66 (8)
91721Gaby AhrensNAM66 (9)
101391Satu Mäkelä-NummelaFIN66 (10)
111874Yekaterina RabayaRUS65 (11)
121832Park Yong-HuiPRK65 (12)
131912Arianna PerilliSMR65 (13)
141631Ray BassilLBN65 (14)
151221Chen FangCHN64 (15)
161911Alessandra PerilliSMR63 (16)
171991Lin Yi-ChunTPE62 (17)
181871Tatyana BarsukRUS62 (18)
191441Jana BeckmannGER61 (19)
201562Yukie NakayamaJPN61 (20)
211163Janice TeixeiraBRA60 (21)

Qualification (7 August 2016 — 09:00)

75 targets in three rounds of 25 targets. Top six advanced to semi-final round.

11054Laetisha ScanlanAUS70222523Q
21543Jessica RossiITA69242124Q
31362Fátima GálvezESP69242223Q
42041Corey UnreinUSA68222323Q
51751Natalie RooneyNZL68242321Q
61055Catherine SkinnerAUS672212242Q
71202Cynthia MeyerCAN672123231
81571Mariya DmitriyenkoKAZ66242022
91721Gaby AhrensNAM66232221
101391Satu Mäkelä-NummelaFIN66222420
111874Yekaterina RabayaRUS65222023
121832Park Yong-HuiPRK65232022
131912Arianna PerilliSMR65212321
141631Ray BassilLBN65232220
151221Chen FangCHN64232120
161911Alessandra PerilliSMR63222219
171991Lin Yi-ChunTPE62222020
181871Tatyana BarsukRUS62212219
191441Jana BeckmannGER61202021
201562Yukie NakayamaJPN61192220
211163Janice TeixeiraBRA60222117

Semi-Finals (7 August 2016 — 15:00)

16 shots, with top 2 shooters advancing to gold medal match, and shooters ranked 3-4 advancing to bronze medal match.

11055Catherine SkinnerAUS14Q
21751Natalie RooneyNZL131Q
32041Corey UnreinUSA130q
41362Fátima GálvezESP12q
51054Laetisha ScanlanAUS10
61543Jessica RossiITA10

Final (7 August 2016)

Match 1/2 (15:45)

11055Catherine SkinnerAUS12011011111110111
21751Natalie RooneyNZL11111110011100111

Match 3/4 (15:30)

12041Corey UnreinUSA131111011111110111
21362Fátima GálvezESP131101111111111010