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Free Pistol, 50 yards, Team, Men

Date11 July 1908
LocationBisley Rifle Range, Bisley
Participants28 from 7 countries
Format50 yards. Four man teams. 60 shots per shooter; 240 shots per team. Individual possible 600. Team possible 2,400.

The United States’ team won with relative ease. The captain of the U.S. pistol team, Dr. Reginald Sayre, commented, “The weather conditions were bad, and I should say that the shooting was only up to our average practice. Gorman’s victory over Van Asbroeck today was a source of great satisfaction to us, however. The Continentals certainly had the advantage over us. Most of them used longer barrels than are permitted in the United States and also hair triggers. We have to pull at least two pounds in excess of them. The continental weapons are very superior for such a match as was shot today, but the better marksmanship of our team counteracted everything.) Sayre also expressed gratitude at the reception accorded the American shooters in London.

1United StatesUSA1,914Gold
Jim Gorman 501
Irving Calkins 473
John Dietz 472
Charles Axtell 468
Paul Van Asbroeck 493
Réginald Storms 477
Charles Paumier du Verger 462
René Englebert 431
3Great BritainGBR1,817Bronze
Jesse Wallingford 477
Geoffrey Coles 459
Henry Lynch-Staunton 446
William Ellicott 435
Augustin Barbillat 463
André Regaud 440
Léon Moreaux 436
Jean Depassio 411
Vilhelm Carlberg 471
Eric Carlberg 462
Hübner von Holst 416
Frans-Albert Schartau 383
Jacob van der Kop 449
Gerard van den Bergh 401
Jan de Blécourt 398
Piet ten Bruggen Cate 384
Fragkiskos Mavrommatis 419
Alexandros Theofilakis 401
Ioannis Theofilakis 398
Georgios Orfanidis 358