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Small-Bore Rifle, Disappearing Target, 25 metres, Team, Men

Date 5 July 1912 — 15:00
LocationKaknäs, Djurgården, Stockholm
Participants16 from 4 countries
Format25 metres. Four-man teams. 5 series of 25 shots. 250 possible per shooter, 1,000 possible per Team. Target appeared for three seconds, with intervals of five seconds between appearances. Places determined first by number of hits on target, and ties decided by 1) number of points made, 2) number of 10s, 3) number of 9s, etc.

This team competition was closely fought between Sweden and Great Britain, but Sweden eventually won, led by Johan Hübner von Holst, and the twin Carlberg brothers, Eric and Vilhelm. The Swedish and American shooters used autoloading Winchester M1903 .22 calibre rifles, while the British used single-shot rifles. No Swedish shots missed the target, but one of their competitors failed to discharge his shot in time, and that had to count as a miss.

PosCompetitorsNOCPointsTargets Hit
Hübner von Holst 238
Eric Carlberg 238
Vilhelm Carlberg 229
Gustaf Boivie 220
2Great BritainGBR91799Silver
William Pimm 237
Joseph Pepe 235
William Milne 226
William Styles 219
3United StatesUSA88199Bronze
Fred Hird 227
Warren Sprout 221
Neil McDonell 217
Bill Leushner 216
Ioannis Theofilakis 211
Fragkiskos Mavrommatis 187
Nikolaos Levidis 185
Iakovos Theofilas 133