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Rapid-Fire Pistol, 25 metres, Men

Date28 June 1924
LocationCamp de Châlons, Mourmelon-le-Grand
Participants55 from 17 countries
Format25 metres. Three series of six shots on six standing silhouettes, appearing simultaneously for 10 seconds. Ties shot off with target appearance reduced to 8 seconds. 18 possible.

This was the only pistol event in the 1924 Olympics. The shooters fired from 25 metres, with the targets exposed for 10 seconds for each series. Only hits on target were scored. Each shooter fired three strings of six shots, for an 18 possible. Eight shooters fired perfect scores. Tie-breakers consisted of single strings of six shots, with the time reduced to 8 seconds. All eight scored possibles in the first tie-breaker. In the second tie-breaker, three shooters were eliminated. Three more tie-breakers eliminated one shooter each time, leaving Henry Bailey of the USA and Vilhelm Carlberg of the Sweden to shoot-off for the gold medal. They again went clean in the next tie-breaker. In the final tie-breaker, Bailey’s .22 autoloader malfunctioned, when the bullet failed to eject after the first shot. But he reached out with his other hand and removed the casing, and managed to get off five more successful hits on target. Carlberg missed two shots during his string and the gold medal went to Bailey. The Swiss team withdrew because they could not afford the popular American-made weapons used by the winners, and their own material had too much recoil to be competitive in this event.

1Henry BaileyUSA18Gold
2Vilhelm CarlbergSWE18Silver
3Lennart HanneliusFIN18Bronze
4Lorenzo AmayaARG18
5Matías OsinaldeARG18
6Arnaud, Marquis de CastelbajacFRA18
7Unio SarlinFIN18
8Einar LibergNOR18
9André, Baron de SchonenFRA17
10Bernard BetkeUSA17
11William FrazerUSA17
12William WhalingUSA17
13Charlie BountonGBR17
14Marian BorzemskiPOL17
15Eric CarlbergSWE17
16António MartinsPOR17
17Francisco MendonçaPOR17
18Manuel SolísMEX17
19Krikor AgathonEGY17
20Jean TheslöfFIN17
21Charles RiotteauFRA16
22Charles MackieGBR16
23Jalo Urho AutonenFIN16
24Víctor BigandARG16
25François MaritsNED16
26Georges, Marquis de Créqui-Montfort de CourtivronFRA16
27Stanisław KowalczewskiPOL16
28Walerian MaryańskiPOL16
29Alexandros TheofilakisGRE16
30Sten ForseliusSWE15
31Rezső VelezHUN15
32António MontezPOR15
33Tirso HernándezMEX15
34Dingenis de WildeNED15
35Sikke BruinsmaNED15
36Carlos BalestriniARG15
37Emilio PiersantelliITA14
38Georgios MoraitinisGRE14
39Emil WernerTCH14
40Philip GriffithsGBR13
41Victor RobertBEL13
42Jacques LafortuneBEL13
43Ioannis TheofilakisGRE13
44António FerreiraPOR13
45Jan van BalkumNED13
46Josef PavlíkTCH13
47Elemér TakácsHUN12
48Bolesław GościewiczPOL12
49Jaroslav MachTCH12
50Adrien ThuriauxBEL11
51Giovanni ScarellaITA8
52Paul Van AsbroeckBEL8
53Sándor ProkoppHUN7
54Georgios VafeiadisGRE7
55Josef KruzTCH7