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Small-Bore Rifle, Prone, 50 metres, Men

Date 8 August 1936 — 08:30-11:00-15:00
LocationSchießstände (Deutsche Versuchsanstalt für Handfeuerwaffen), Wannsee
Participants66 from 25 countries
Format50 metres prone. 30 shots in two 15-shot series, each series to be completed within four minutes. 300 possible.
Olympic Record (300 maximum)294 / Gustavo Huet MEX / 13 August 1932
294 / Bertil Rönnmark SWE / 13 August 1932
Olympic Record (400 maximum)398 WR / Pierre Coquelin de Lisle FRA / 23 June 1924

The English Match was contested the day after the pistol events ended. The event started in rain, but the sun broke through and the later shooters had a brilliant day for the competition. The 66 shooters fired 30 shots from 50 metres at a target 20 centimetres in diameter, divided into 10 scoring rings. Ties were broken by a countback of the last shots fired. Norway’s Willy Røgeberg scored the first possible in international competition, hitting the center ring on all 30 shots for 300 points. He won easily with the next six shooters scoring 296. After every two shots, Røgeberg was noted to close his eyes and rest his head on his forearm for a brief while. When informed he was shooting a perfect match, he got more nervous, but he had already recorded a 298 in practice.The fourth-place finisher, Martin Gison of the Philippines, had been captured during World War II and survived the infamous Bataan Death March.

1Willy RøgebergNOR300Gold
2Ralph BerzsenyiHUN296Silver
3Władysław KaraśPOL296Bronze
4Martin GisonPHI296
5José MelloBRA296
6Jacques MazoyerFRA296
7Gustavo HuetMEX296
=8Bertil RönnmarkSWE295
=8Mario ZorziITA295
=8Bruno FrietschFIN295
=8Vilhelm JohansenDEN295
=8Zoltán Soós-Ruszka HradetzkyHUN295
=13Álvaro GarcíaMEX294
=13Tibor TaryHUN294
=15Erland KochSWE293
=15Raymond DurandFRA293
=15Olavi EloFIN293
=15Eduardo SantosPOR293
=15Erik Sætter-LassenDEN293
=15Mihai Ionescu-CălineștiROU293
=15Marcel FitoussiFRA293
=15Viljo LeskinenFIN293
=23Antônio GuimarãesBRA292
=23Carlos QueirozPOR292
=23Mauritz AmundsenNOR292
=23Johann SchulzGER292
=23Carlo VarettoITA292
=23Hakon AasnæsNOR292
=23Konstantinos LoudarosGRE292
=23Erich HotopfGER292
=23Athanasios AravositasGRE292
=32Otoniel GonzagaPHI291
=32Karl August LarssonSWE291
=32Rūdolfs BaumanisLAT291
=32Theodor JanischAUT291
=36Michel RavarinoMON290
=36František ČermákTCH290
=36Lodovico NulliITA290
=36Julius HansenDEN290
=40Gheorghe MireaROU289
=40Alois NavratilAUT289
=40Jan WrzosekPOL289
=40Jacques LafortuneBEL289
=44Georgios VikhosGRE288
=44Augustin HiltiLIE288
=44Antonio GarcíaMEX288
=44Antoni PachlaPOL288
=44Guillermo CancianiARG288
=44Arran HoffmannGER288
=44Jaroslav MachTCH288
=51Manoel BragaBRA287
=51Jan Hendrik BrussaardNED287
=51Jorge PatiñoPER287
=51Christiaan BothNED287
=55Paul Van AsbroeckBEL285
=55Marcel LafortuneBEL285
57Roger AbelMON284
=58Boris KhristovBUL283
=58Francisco António RealPOR283
60Tieleman VuurmanNED282
=61Alfred HämmerleAUT281
=61Rudolf SentiLIE281
63Rudolf JehleLIE280
64Eduard GrandROU279
65Pierre MarsanMON275
ACFrantišek PokornýTCHDNF