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Trap, Women

Date18 September 2000
LocationSydney International Shooting Centre, Cecil Park, New South Wales
Participants17 from 15 countries

This was the first single trap competition at the Olympics open only to women. Lithuania’s Daina Gudzinevičiūtė had been World Champion as far back as 1989, and was twice runner-up at the European Championships – in 1988 and 1992. She led the qualifying by three birds with 71, and held on to win the gold medal over France’s Delphine Racinet. Gudzinevičiūtė was a lawyer who later hosted a documentary television show in Lithuania looking at the lives of policemen.

1Daina GudzinevičiūtėLTU93Gold
2Delphine RacinetFRA92Silver
3Gao ECHN90Bronze
4Anne FocanBEL88
5Susanne KiermayerGER86
6Yelena TkachRUS81
7Emanuela FeliciSMR64
8Pia HansenSWE64
9Sue NattrassCAN63
=10Cynthia MeyerCAN62
=10Lisa-Anne SmithAUS62
12Deserie Wakefield-BaynesAUS61
13Satu PusilaFIN60
14Cindy GentryUSA59
15Teresa BorrellNZL58
16Taeko TakebaJPN56
17Giulia IannottiITA52

Preliminary Round (18 September 2000 — 10:00)

75 targets in three rounds of 25 targets. 75 possible. Top six advanced to 25-target final round.

1Daina GudzinevičiūtėLTU71232424QOR
2Gao ECHN68232124Q
=3Delphine RacinetFRA67222322Q
=3Anne FocanBEL67212323Q
5Susanne KiermayerGER66222321Q
6Yelena TkachRUS65232121Q
=7Emanuela FeliciSMR64212122
=7Pia HansenSWE64202321
9Sue NattrassCAN63231822
=10Cynthia MeyerCAN62202121
=10Lisa-Anne SmithAUS62182222
12Deserie Wakefield-BaynesAUS61192220
13Satu PusilaFIN60192120
14Cindy GentryUSA59201920
15Teresa BorrellNZL58211918
16Taeko TakebaJPN56211718
17Giulia IannottiITA52171718

Final Round (18 September 2000 — 14:00)

Top six from preliminary round advanced to the final round.

1Daina GudzinevičiūtėLTU937122OR
2Delphine RacinetFRA926725
3Gao ECHN906822
4Anne FocanBEL886721
5Susanne KiermayerGER866620
6Yelena TkachRUS816516