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Triple Jump, Men

Date15 July 1912
LocationStockholms Olympiastadion, Stockholm
Participants20 from 8 countries

The Ahearn(e) brothers were the top triple jumpers in the world in 1912. Tim Ahearne (GBR/IRL) was the defending champion and Olympic record holder. His brother, Dan Ahearn (USA), who had emigrated to the United States and changed the spelling of his last name, was the world record holder and had won the AAU Championship in 1910 and 1911. But neither was present in Stockholm.

In their absence the Swedes dominated the hop, step, and jump. They swept the first three places and garnered six of the top 12 places. Gustaf “Topsy” Lindblom, in his only Olympic appearance ever, had the two longest jumps with his first efforts in the qualifying, and won the gold medal easily over teammate, Georg Åberg, who had won the bronze medal in the long jump.

1Topsy LindblomSWE14.7614.76 (1)14.35 (1)Gold
2Georg ÅbergSWE14.5114.51 (2)14.03 (3)Silver
3Erik AlmlöfSWE14.1714.17 (3)14.10 (2)Bronze
4Erling VinneNOR14.1414.14 (4)
5Platt AdamsUSA14.0914.09 (5)
6Edvard LarsenNOR14.0614.06 (6)
7Hjalmar OhlssonSWE14.0114.01 (7)
8Nils FixdalNOR13.9613.96 (8)
9Charles BrickleyUSA13.8813.88 (9)
10Gustaf NordénSWE13.8113.81 (10)
11Juho HalmeFIN13.7913.79 (11)
12Inge LindholmSWE13.7413.74 (12)
13Eddie FarrellUSA13.5713.57 (13)
14Otto BäurleGER13.5213.52 (14)
15Patrik OhlssonSWE13.4513.45 (16)
16Gustav KrojerAUT13.4513.45 (15)
17Skotte JacobssonSWE13.3313.33 (17)
18Cal BrickerCAN13.2513.25 (18)
19Timothy CarrollGBR12.5612.56 (19)
20Arthur MarandaCAN12.5312.53 (20)
DNSDaniel CampbellGBR
DNSGéza VadonHUN
DNSLászló TihanyiHUN
DNSJames WilkinsonUSA
DNSLeone LinardiITA
DNSGiulio AlvisiITA
DNSColombo ZevolaITA
DNSFurio BiniITA
DNSJames WassonUSA
DNSPaul FournelleLUX
DNSViktor FranzlAUT
DNSWilliam HalpennyCAN
DNSPablo EitelCHI
DNSRodolfo HammersleyCHI
DNSSidney AbrahamsGBR
DNSHenry AshingtonGBR
DNSThomas O'DonohueGBR
DNSDimitrios TriantafyllakosGRE
DNSNándor KovácsHUN
DNSPál SzalayHUN
DNSManlio LegatITA
DNSAlfredo PaganiITA
DNSGustav BetzénSWE
DNSSten HaganderSWE
DNSSander SantessonSWE
DNSHarry BabcockUSA
DNSLeo GoehringUSA
DNSAlbert GuttersonUSA
DNSFrank IronsUSA
DNSJim ThorpeUSA

Qualifying Round (15 July 1912 — 14:00)

Qualifiers were seperated into four groups, which were combined into three groups. Top three jumpers qualified for the final.

1Topsy LindblomSWE14.76Q
2Georg ÅbergSWE14.51Q
3Erik AlmlöfSWE14.17Q
4Erling VinneNOR14.14
5Platt AdamsUSA14.09
6Edvard LarsenNOR14.06
7Hjalmar OhlssonSWE14.01
8Nils FixdalNOR13.96
9Charles BrickleyUSA13.88
10Gustaf NordénSWE13.81
11Juho HalmeFIN13.79
12Inge LindholmSWE13.74
13Eddie FarrellUSA13.57
14Otto BäurleGER13.52
15Gustav KrojerAUT13.45
16Patrik OhlssonSWE13.45
17Skotte JacobssonSWE13.33
18Cal BrickerCAN13.25
19Timothy CarrollGBR12.56
20Arthur MarandaCAN12.53

Qualifying Round, Group A (15 July 1912 — 14:00)

1Georg ÅbergSWE14.5113.5813.9014.51
2Platt AdamsUSA14.0913.7214.09×
3Hjalmar OhlssonSWE14.0114.0113.8713.91
4Juho HalmeFIN13.7913.7913.4313.51
5Timothy CarrollGBR12.56×12.5412.56

Qualifying Round, Group B (15 July 1912 — 14:00)

1Topsy LindblomSWE14.7614.7414.7614.20
2Erik AlmlöfSWE14.17×13.4614.17
3Edvard LarsenNOR14.0613.2713.9014.06
4Nils FixdalNOR13.9613.9613.5813.66
5Gustaf NordénSWE13.8113.8112.76×
6Gustav KrojerAUT13.4512.9013.4512.95
7Skotte JacobssonSWE13.3313.33×12.71
8Cal BrickerCAN13.2513.25--
9Arthur MarandaCAN12.5312.5312.0712.25

Qualifying Round, Group C (15 July 1912 — 14:00)

1Erling VinneNOR14.1413.6314.1413.34
2Charles BrickleyUSA13.8813.8813.8413.77
3Inge LindholmSWE13.7413.1413.5713.74
4Eddie FarrellUSA13.57×13.4213.57
5Otto BäurleGER13.5213.12×13.52
6Patrik OhlssonSWE13.4512.9813.3713.45

Final Round (15 July 1912)

1Topsy LindblomSWE14.35×14.3514.32
2Erik AlmlöfSWE14.10×13.8514.10
3Georg ÅbergSWE14.03×14.03×