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3,000 metres Race Walk, Men

Date20 – 21 August 1920
LocationOlympisch Stadion, Antwerpen
Participants22 from 12 countries

Ugo Frigerio of Italy was a heavy favorite. He had already demolished the field in the 10,000 metre walk. He led the entire race and was not challenged. Prior to the race he handed several pages of sheet music to the band conductor, who was in the infield. Frigerio had chosen the music he wished to hear during the race. Sandor Barcs noted, “If the orchestra was not playing in the right tempo, Ugo would then turn off in front of them, and seriously reproach the conductor. He reacted smilingly to the shouts of the audience, and began discussions with an occasional spectator, if that sort of thing can be termed a discussion. Finally, the spectators came to like him to such an extent they began to cheer him. If, when he passed the biggest stand, the spectators for some reason forgot to cheer him, he himself called out ‘Evviva! Evviva!’”

1479Ugo FrigerioITAGold
25George ParkerAUSSilver
3228Richard RemerUSABronze
4557Cecil McMasterRSA
5206Thomas MaroneyUSA
6388Charles DowsonGBR
7397William HehirGBR
8227Winfred RolkerUSA
951Jean SeghersBEL
10394Charlie GunnGBR
11104Niels PedersenDEN
AC494Donato PavesiITA
7 h1 r1/264Josef ŠlehoferTCH
7 h2 r1/2450August SchotteNED
8 h2 r1/275Eversleigh FreemanCAN
9 h2 r1/267Charles WiggersBEL
AC h1 r1/2681Eduard HermannEST
AC h1 r1/2442Cor GubbelsNED
AC h1 r1/2670Paul VerlaecktBEL
AC h1 r1/2219Joe PearmanUSA
AC h2 r1/2105Gunnar RasmussenDEN
AC h2 r1/2632Stanislas AnselmettiSUI
DNS121Luis MeléndezESP
DNS218William PlantUSA

Round One (20 August 1920 — 10:00)

Top six in each heat advanced to the final.

Heat One

1Donato PavesiITA13:46.6Q
2George ParkerAUS13:49.4est / at 10 metresQ
3Thomas MaroneyUSA13:53.6est / at 15 metresQ
4Charles DowsonGBR13:56.4est / at 10 metresQ
5Niels PedersenDEN14:07.8est / at 40 metresQ
6Jean SeghersBEL14:10.7est / at 10 metresQ
7Josef ŠlehoferTCH14.55.0est / AT 155 metresDQ
8Paul VerlaecktBEL
DQCor GubbelsNED
DQEduard HermannEST
DQJoe PearmanUSA

Heat Two

1Ugo FrigerioITA13:40.2Q
2Cecil McMasterRSA13:55est / at 50 metresQ
3Richard RemerUSA14:04est / at 30 metresQ
4Winfred RolkerUSA14:13est / at 30 metresQ
=5William HehirGBR14:19est / at 20 metresQ
=5Charlie GunnGBR14:19est / at 20 metresQ
7August SchotteNED14:28.6
8Eversleigh FreemanCAN
9Charles WiggersBEL
DQStanislas AnselmettiSUI
DQGunnar RasmussenDEN

Final (21 August 1920 — 16:00)

1Ugo FrigerioITA13:14.2
2George ParkerAUS13:21.0est / at 25 metres
3Richard RemerUSA13:23.7est / at 10 metres
4Cecil McMasterRSA13:25.1est / at 5 metres
5Thomas MaroneyUSA13:26.5est / at 5 metres
6Charles DowsonGBR13:29.2est / at 10 metres
7William HehirGBR13:30.6est / at 5 metres
8Winfred RolkerUSA13:32.0est / at 5 metres
9Jean SeghersBEL13:32.8est / at 3 metres
10Charlie GunnGBR13:35.6est / at 10 metres
11Niels PedersenDEN13:38.4est / at 10 metres
DQDonato PavesiITA[13:27.8est]