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10 kilometres Walk, Men

Date17 – 18 August 1920
LocationOlympisch Stadion, Antwerpen
Participants23 from 13 countries

The United States’ Joe Pearman led for the first half of the race. At that point, Ugo Frigerio picked up the pace and won by over half of a lap. Heat one in the first round ended up being only 9,600 metres as they did not finish the last lap, for reasons uncertain.

1479Ugo FrigerioITAGold
2219Joe PearmanUSASilver
3394Charlie GunnGBRBronze
4557Cecil McMasterRSA
5397William HehirGBR
6206Thomas MaroneyUSA
751Jean SeghersBEL
819Antoine DoyenBEL
AC5George ParkerAUS
AC121Luis MeléndezESP
AC494Donato PavesiITA
4 h2 r1/2218William PlantUSA
7 h1 r1/2227Winfred RolkerUSA
AC h1 r1/264Paul VerlaecktBEL
AC h1 r1/2105Gunnar RasmussenDEN
AC h1 r1/2681Eduard HermannEST
AC h1 r1/2353Martial SimonFRA
AC h1 r1/2388Charles DowsonGBR
AC h1 r1/2670Josef ŠlehoferTCH
AC h2 r1/267Charles WiggersBEL
AC h2 r1/275Eversleigh FreemanCAN
AC h2 r1/2104Niels PedersenDEN
AC h2 r1/2632Stanislas AnselmettiSUI
DNS655K. JelinekTCH
DNS666Jan PlichtaTCH
DNS462Nando AltimaniITA
DNS228Richard RemerUSA
DNS666Jan PlichtaTCH
DNS462Nando AltimaniITA

Round One (17 August 1920)

Top six in each heat advanced to the final.

Heat One

1Ugo FrigerioITA47:06.4Q
2Joe PearmanUSA47:30.0Q
3George ParkerAUS47:31.0Q
4Donato PavesiITA48:12.0Q
5Charlie GunnGBR48:22.0Q
6Jean SeghersBEL48:29.0Q
7Winfred RolkerUSA
ACJosef ŠlehoferTCHDNF
ACCharles DowsonGBRDNF
ACMartial SimonFRADNF
ACPaul VerlaecktBELDQ
ACEduard HermannESTDQ
ACGunnar RasmussenDENDQ

Heat Two

1William HehirGBR51:33.8Q
2Cecil McMasterRSA51:39.0Q
3Thomas MaroneyUSA51:54.6est / at 50 metresQ
4William PlantUSA52:18.3est / at 75 metresQ
5Luis MeléndezESP54:38.0est / at 430 metresQ
6Antoine DoyenBEL59:00estQ
ACStanislas AnselmettiSUIDNF
ACCharles WiggersBELDQ
ACNiels PedersenDENDQ
ACEversleigh FreemanCANDQ
DNSJan PlichtaTCH
DNSK. JelinekTCH
DNSNando AltimaniITA

Final (18 August 1920 — 11:00)

1Ugo FrigerioITA48:06.2
2Joe PearmanUSA49:20.0est / at 200 metres
3Charlie GunnGBR49:23.0est / at 12 metres
4Cecil McMasterRSA50:04.0est / at 130 metres
5William HehirGBR50:25.0est / at 70 metres
6Thomas MaroneyUSA50:37.0est / at 40 metres
7Jean SeghersBEL50:45.0est / at 25 metres
8Antoine DoyenBEL57:30.0est / at 1000 metres
ACLuis MeléndezESPDNF
ACGeorge ParkerAUSDNF
ACDonato PavesiITADQ
DNSWilliam PlantUSA