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High Jump, Men

Date30 July 1948
LocationEmpire Stadium, Wembley, London
Participants27 from 16 countries

For the first time, ties were broken by the countback rule of fewer misses at heights. The final had 20 competitors, and seemed endless. The Americans had dominated the world lists in 1948. Jack Winter (AUS) was perfect thru 1.90 (6-2¾) but had a miss at 1.95 (6-4¾), which put Bjørn Paulson (NOR) into the lead as he had a first attempt clearance at that height. But Winter was the only jumper able to clear 1.98 (6-6) to win the gold medal. He used the scissors style, actually termed the Eastern cut-off, and is the last jumper to win Olympic gold using that technique. Winter would also win the 1950 Commonwealth Games gold medal.

PosNrAthleteNOCQualifying RoundFinal Round
1406Jack WinterAUS1.87 (NP)1.98 (1)Gold
2421Bjørn PaulsonNOR1.87 (NP)1.95 (2)Silver
3429George StanichUSA1.87 (NP)1.95 (3)Bronze
4427Dike EddlemanUSA1.87 (NP)1.95 (4)
5412Georges DamitioFRA1.87 (NP)1.95 (5)
6408Art JackesCAN1.87 (NP)1.90 (6)
=7413Alan PatersonGBR1.87 (NP)1.90 (=7)
=7426Hans WahliSUI1.87 (NP)1.90 (=7)
=9409Alfredo JadresicCHI1.87 (NP)1.90 (=9)
=9410Pierre LacazeFRA1.87 (NP)1.90 (=9)
=9424Göran WidenfeltSWE1.87 (NP)1.90 (=9)
12414Adegboyega, Prince AdedoyinGBR1.87 (NP)1.90 (12)1
13420Birger LeirudNOR1.87 (NP)1.90 (13)
=14423Lloyd ValbergSGP1.87 (NP)1.80 (=14)
=14430Hércules AzcuneURU1.87 (NP)1.80 (=14)
16428Vern McGrewUSA1.87 (NP)1.80 (16)
17819Kuuno HonkonenFIN1.87 (NP)1.80 (17)
18417Gurnam SinghIND1.87 (NP)1.80 (18)
AC r2/2820Nils NicklénFIN1.87 (NP)– (AC)
AC r2/2419Bjørn GundersenNOR1.87 (NP)– (AC)
=21 r1/2407Arnulf PilhatschAUT1.84 (=21)
=21 r1/2411Claude BénardFRA1.84 (=21)
=21 r1/2416Ioannis LambrouGRE1.84 (=21)
=21 r1/2422Benjamín CasadoPUR1.84 (=21)
=21 r1/2431Pedro ListurURU1.84 (=21)
=21 r1/2425Arne ÅhmanSWE1.84 (=21)2
27 r1/2415Ron PavittGBR1.80 (27)
DNS404Bill BruceAUS– (DNS)
DNS405Peter MullinsAUS– (DNS)
DNS418Jorge AguirreMEX– (DNS)

Qualifying Round (30 July 1948 — 11:00)

Top 12 and ties and all those clearing 1.87 metres advanced to the final.

NPJack WinterAUS1.87Q
NPBjørn PaulsonNOR1.87Q
NPGeorge StanichUSA1.87Q
NPDike EddlemanUSA1.87Q
NPGeorges DamitioFRA1.87Q
NPArt JackesCAN1.87Q
NPAlan PatersonGBR1.87Q
NPHans WahliSUI1.87Q
NPAlfredo JadresicCHI1.87Q
NPGöran WidenfeltSWE1.87Q
NPPierre LacazeFRA1.87Q
NPAdegboyega, Prince AdedoyinGBR1.87Q3
NPBirger LeirudNOR1.87Q
NPHércules AzcuneURU1.87Q
NPLloyd ValbergSGP1.87Q
NPVern McGrewUSA1.87Q
NPKuuno HonkonenFIN1.87Q
NPGurnam SinghIND1.87Q
NPBjørn GundersenNOR1.87Q
NPNils NicklénFIN1.87Q
=21Arnulf PilhatschAUT1.84
=21Benjamín CasadoPUR1.84
=21Claude BénardFRA1.84
=21Ioannis LambrouGRE1.84
=21Pedro ListurURU1.84
=21Arne ÅhmanSWE1.844
27Ron PavittGBR1.80
DNSBill BruceAUS
DNSPeter MullinsAUS
DNSJorge AguirreMEX

Final Round (30 July 1948 — 16:30)

PosAthleteNOCHeight1.87 m1.90 m1.95 m1.98 m
1Jack WinterAUS1.98ooxoo
2Bjørn PaulsonNOR1.95oooxxx
3George StanichUSA1.95ooxxoxxx
4Dike EddlemanUSA1.95oxoxxoxxx
5Georges DamitioFRA1.95oxxoxxoxxx
6Art JackesCAN1.90oo
=7Alan PatersonGBR1.90xoxo
=7Hans WahliSUI1.90xoxo
=9Alfredo JadresicCHI1.90xxo
=9Göran WidenfeltSWE1.90xxo
=9Pierre LacazeFRA1.90xxo
12Adegboyega, Prince AdedoyinGBR1.90xxo5
13Birger LeirudNOR1.90xxo
=14Hércules AzcuneURU1.80
=14Lloyd ValbergSGP1.80
16Vern McGrewUSA1.80
17Kuuno HonkonenFIN1.80
18Gurnam SinghIND1.80
ACBjørn GundersenNORNH
ACNils NicklénFINNH