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Long Jump, Women

Date 4 August 1948
LocationEmpire Stadium, Wembley, London
Participants26 from 17 countries

As in the high jump, World Record holder Fanny Blankers-Koen had elected not to compete in this event. She feared her program would be too full - the long jump was held on the same day as the hurdles final - and restricted herself to four competitions. Other medal contenders were also absent. Japan’s Rie Yamauchi, who had cleared 6 meters in 1947, was barred from competing because of her country’s involvement in World War II, while Aleksandra Chudina could not enter because the Soviet Union elected not to compete in London. This left the competition wide open, to the benefit of Hungary’s gold medalist Olga Gyarmati. Behind her, Noemí Simonetto de Portela became the first woman from South America to medal at the Olympics.

1751Olga GyarmatiHUN5.430 (7)5.695 (1)GoldOR
2665Noemí Simonetto de PortelaARG5.560 (3)5.600 (2)Silver
3724Ann-Britt LeymanSWE5.470 (4)5.575 (3)Bronze
4737Gerda van der Kade-KoudijsNED5.440 (5)5.570 (4)
5766Nel KarelseNED5.360 (8)5.545 (5)
6701Kathleen RussellJAM5.610 (2)5.495 (6)
7756Judy CantyAUS5.290 (=11)5.380 (7)
8761Yvonne Chabot-CurtetFRA5.640 (1)5.350 (8)
9669Maria Oberbreyer-TröschAUT5.350 (9)5.240 (9)
10742Ilse SteineggerAUT5.300 (10)5.195 (10)
11738Vinton BeckettJAM5.435 (6)5.145 (11)
12754Emma ReedUSA5.290 (=11)4.845 (12)
13 r1/2760Kaisa ParviainenFIN5.270 (13)
14 r1/2709Lillian YoungUSA5.260 (14)
15 r1/2768Silvana PierucciITA5.235 (15)
16 r1/2674Phyllis LightbournBER5.230 (16)
17 r1/2745Elaine SilburnCAN5.220 (17)
18 r1/2769Henryka Słomczewska-NowakPOL5.190 (18)
19 r1/2741Jean WalravenUSA5.180 (19)
20 r1/2763Margaret ErskineGBR5.140 (20)
21 r1/2764Lorna LeeGBR5.125 (21)
22 r1/2759Gertrudes MorgBRA5.120 (22)
23 r1/2757June MastonAUS5.060 (23)
24 r1/2765Joan ShepherdGBR5.005 (24)
25 r1/2762Marguerite MartelFRA4.950 (25)
26 r1/2753Milly LudwigLUX4.505 (26)
DNS770Spomenka KoledinYUG– (DNS)
DNS767Ilona Tolnai-RákhelyHUN– (DNS)
DNS692Fanny Blankers-KoenNED– (DNS)
DNS700Carmen PhippsJAM– (DNS)

Qualifying Round (4 August 1948 — 11:00)

Top 12 and ties and all those reaching 5.30 metres advanced to the final.

13Yvonne Chabot-CurtetFRA5.640QOR
27Kathleen RussellJAM5.610Q
310Noemí Simonetto de PortelaARG5.560Q
411Ann-Britt LeymanSWE5.470Q
57Gerda van der Kade-KoudijsNED5.440Q
612Vinton BeckettJAM5.435Q
75Olga GyarmatiHUN5.430Q
88Nel KarelseNED5.360Q
92Maria Oberbreyer-TröschAUT5.350Q
1011Ilse SteineggerAUT5.300Q
=112Judy CantyAUS5.290q
=116Emma ReedUSA5.290q
133Kaisa ParviainenFIN5.2705.2705.150---
1415Lillian YoungUSA5.2605.2605.155×
155Silvana PierucciITA5.235×5.235---
1612Phyllis LightbournBER5.2305.1955.230---
179Elaine SilburnCAN5.2205.2205.1805.125
181Henryka Słomczewska-NowakPOL5.190---5.190---
1914Jean WalravenUSA5.1804.2704.9505.100
204Margaret ErskineGBR5.1404.7504.7255.140
2110Lorna LeeGBR5.1255.1254.6705.040
226Gertrudes MorgBRA5.1205.1205.100---
2315June MastonAUS5.0604.9854.9405.060
248Joan ShepherdGBR5.0054.9505.000---
2514Marguerite MartelFRA4.9504.940×4.915
2613Milly LudwigLUX4.5054.510×---
DNS9Spomenka KoledinYUG
DNS13Ilona Tolnai-RákhelyHUN
DNS1Fanny Blankers-KoenNED
DNS4Carmen PhippsJAM

Qualifying Round, Group One (4 August 1948)

1Yvonne Chabot-CurtetFRA5.640QOR
2Ann-Britt LeymanSWE5.470Q
3Gerda van der Kade-KoudijsNED5.440Q
4Olga GyarmatiHUN5.430Q
5Nel KarelseNED5.360Q
6Judy CantyAUS5.290q
7Phyllis LightbournBER5.230
8Margaret ErskineGBR5.140
9Lorna LeeGBR5.125
10Gertrudes MorgBRA5.120
11June MastonAUS5.060
12Marguerite MartelFRA4.950
13Milly LudwigLUX4.505
DNSSpomenka KoledinYUG
DNSFanny Blankers-KoenNED

Qualifying Round, Group Two (4 August 1948)

1Kathleen RussellJAM5.610Q
2Noemí Simonetto de PortelaARG5.560Q
3Vinton BeckettJAM5.435Q
4Maria Oberbreyer-TröschAUT5.350Q
5Ilse SteineggerAUT5.300Q
6Emma ReedUSA5.290q
7Kaisa ParviainenFIN5.270
8Lillian YoungUSA5.260
9Silvana PierucciITA5.235
10Elaine SilburnCAN5.220
11Henryka Słomczewska-NowakPOL5.190
12Jean WalravenUSA5.180
13Joan ShepherdGBR5.005
DNSIlona Tolnai-RákhelyHUN
DNSCarmen PhippsJAM

Final Round (4 August 1948 — 16:30)

13Olga GyarmatiHUN5.695OR
210Noemí Simonetto de PortelaARG5.600
36Ann-Britt LeymanSWE5.5755.4505.4905.5005.4905.575×
44Gerda van der Kade-KoudijsNED5.570
55Nel KarelseNED5.545
69Kathleen RussellJAM5.495
71Judy CantyAUS5.380
82Yvonne Chabot-CurtetFRA5.350
97Maria Oberbreyer-TröschAUT5.240
1011Ilse SteineggerAUT5.195
1112Vinton BeckettJAM5.145
128Emma ReedUSA4.845