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Discus Throw, Women

Date20 July 1952
LocationHelsingin Olympiastadion, Helsinki
Participants20 from 16 countries

In 1939, Soviet Nino Dumbadze had broken the world record set by 1936 champion Gisela Mauermayer. But as the USSR was not yet a member of the IAAF it was not recognized, nor were three other world record marks she set between 1939 and 1946. Finally, in 1948 Dumbadze set an IAAF-ratified world record but the Soviet Union did not compete at the 1948 Olympics. Still, Dumbadze was favored in 1952, having won the European Championships in both 1946 and 1950, but in 1952 she was challenged by teammate Nina Romashkova. Romashkova took the lead in the final with 50.84 (166-9¾) in the second round, and increased that with 51.42 (168-8½) in round three. That sealed the victory, as Dumbadze did not perform up to her standard, winning only a bronze medal behind fellow Soviet Yelizaveta Bagryantseva. This was the first ever medal sweep by a nation in women’s track & field athletics. Two months after the Olympics Dumbadze would set her final world record with 57.04 (187-1¾) at a national meeting in Tbilisi, Georgia.

1486Nina RomashkovaURS45.05 (1)51.42 (1)GoldOR
2487Yelizaveta BagryantsevaURS40.73 (6)47.08 (2)Silver
3485Nino DumbadzeURS43.20 (2)46.29 (3)Bronze
4318Toyoko YoshinoJPN39.75 (8)43.81 (4)
5290Lotte HaideggerAUT39.54 (9)43.49 (5)
6666Lia ManoliuROU37.58 (13)42.65 (6)
716Ingeborg PfüllerARG36.61 (16)41.73 (7)
8965Ilona SzikoraHUN37.75 (12)41.61 (8)
9763Marianne WernerGER41.37 (3)41.03 (9)
10971Yvette WilliamsNZL41.32 (4)40.48 (10)
11835Kaarina KoivuniemiFIN36.56 (17)40.33 (11)
1215Ingeborg MelloARG40.91 (5)39.04 (12)
13911Libuše NovákováTCH39.89 (7)38.83 (13)
14272Edera Cordiale-GentileITA37.40 (15)38.22 (14)
15230Suzanne FarmerGBR36.37 (18)37.96 (15)
16649Paulette VesteFRA37.47 (14)37.64 (16)
17869Gretel BolligerSUI38.20 (11)36.36 (17)
18289Frieda TiltschAUT39.47 (10)27.84 (18)
19 r1/2238Olga WinterbergISR35.79 (19)
20 r1/2116Esther BrandRSA34.18 (20)
DNS347Đurđa BorovečYUG– (DNS)

Qualifying Round (20 July 1952 — 10:00)

All those reaching 36.00 metres advanced to the final.

115Nina RomashkovaURS45.0545.0545.05-Q
26Nino DumbadzeURS43.2043.2043.20-Q
317Marianne WernerGER41.3741.3741.37-Q
419Yvette WilliamsNZL41.32×41.32-Q
512Ingeborg MelloARG40.91×40.91-Q
61Yelizaveta BagryantsevaURS40.73×40.73-Q
713Libuše NovákováTCH39.8939.8939.89-Q
821Toyoko YoshinoJPN39.7539.75-Q
98Lotte HaideggerAUT39.5434.2935.2239.54Q
1016Frieda TiltschAUT39.4739.4739.47-Q
112Gretel BolligerSUI38.2034.8434.8438.20Q
129Ilona SzikoraHUN37.7537.7537.75-Q
1311Lia ManoliuROU37.5837.5837.58-Q
1418Paulette VesteFRA37.4732.3532.3537.47Q
155Edera Cordiale-GentileITA37.4037.4037.40-Q
1614Ingeborg PfüllerARG36.61×36.61-Q
1710Kaarina KoivuniemiFIN36.5636.5636.56-Q
187Suzanne FarmerGBR36.3736.3736.37-Q
1920Olga WinterbergISR35.7925.9735.7924.09
204Esther BrandRSA34.18×-34.18
DNS3Đurđa BorovečYUG

Final Round (20 July 1952 — 17:35)

14Nina RomashkovaURS51.4245.1650.8451.4247.2444.6649.37OR
217Yelizaveta BagryantsevaURS47.0843.5847.0844.2643.9744.5843.00
312Nino DumbadzeURS46.2945.8540.2444.1046.2945.1041.05
41Toyoko YoshinoJPN43.8141.7142.6737.1541.5843.8142.02
56Lotte HaideggerAUT43.4935.6643.4940.02××41.32
613Lia ManoliuROU42.6541.5742.6541.4836.0541.2140.79
77Ingeborg PfüllerARG41.7337.0540.3241.73
815Ilona SzikoraHUN41.61×39.5841.61
910Marianne WernerGER41.0339.77×41.03
105Yvette WilliamsNZL40.4840.4832.9540.38
112Kaarina KoivuniemiFIN40.3340.3332.7240.05
1211Ingeborg MelloARG39.0439.0437.8437.24
1318Libuše NovákováTCH38.8338.17×38.83
149Edera Cordiale-GentileITA38.2238.22×37.03
153Suzanne FarmerGBR37.9634.5437.3437.96
1616Paulette VesteFRA37.6437.6428.9433.28
178Gretel BolligerSUI36.3635.3436.3636.24
1814Frieda TiltschAUT27.84×27.84×