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20 kilometres Race Walk, Men

Date 2 September 1960
LocationStadio Olimpico, Roma
Participants36 from 18 countries

Volodymyr Holubnychiy of the Soviet Union, but a native Ukrainian, started his Olympic career at Roma. In the shorter walk he would be among the dominant walkers for the next five Olympics, and never entered the 50 km. Olympic race. In Roma Holubnychiy was in the lead group throughout. Noel Freeman (AUS) was well back in the early stages but closed very quickly and finished only nine seconds down to Holubnychiy at the finish.

1Vladimir GolubnichyURS1-34:07.2Gold
2Noel FreemanAUS1-34:16.4Silver
3Stan VickersGBR1-34:56.4Bronze
4Dieter LindnerGER1-35:33.8
5Norman ReadNZL1-36:59.0
6Lennart BackSWE1-37:17.0
7John LjunggrenSWE1-37:59.0
8Ladislav MocTCH1-38:32.4
9Alex OakleyCAN1-38:46.0
10Eric HallGBR1-38:54.0
11Ronald CrawfordAUS1-39:16.2
12Henri DelerueFRA1-39:37.6
13George HazleRSA1-40:16.2
14Lennart CarlssonSWE1-40:25.0
15Tommy KristensenDEN1-41:07.6
16Hannes KochGER1-41:53.4
17Louis MarquisSUI1-41:59.6
18Charel SowaLUX1-42:43.8
19Ron ZinnUSA1-42:47.0
20Zora SinghIND1-43:19.8
21Stefano SerchinichITA1-43:58.6
22Luigi De RossoITA1-45:04.2
23Bob MimmUSA1-45:09.0
24Rudy HaluzaUSA1-45:11.0
25Leo RosschouDEN1-46:35.8
26Gianni CorsaroITA1-46:47.2
27Khalifa BahrouniTUN1-47:09.6
28Naoui ZlassiTUN1-55:21.0
DQAjit SinghIND
DQAnatoly VedyakovURS
DQMohamed Ben LazharTUN
DQGabriel ReymondSUI
DQGennady SolodovURS
DQSiegfried LefanczikGER
DQTibor BalajczaHUN
DNFKen MatthewsGBR
DNSEugen FilipescuROU