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Shot Put, Men

Date13 – 14 October 1968
LocationEstadio Olímpico Universitario, Ciudad de México
Participants19 from 14 countries

By 1968 the mantle of best shot putter in the world had fallen to the shoulders of the 1964 silver medalist, Randy Matson. Matson had set five world records since 1965. The most important came on 8 May 1965 in the Southwest Conference Meet, when he threw 20.95 (68-8¾) and followed that with 21.52. The second record was 70-7¼, the first throw ever over 70 feet. But in April 1967 he improved that by nearly a full foot, throwing 21.78 (71-5½). Matson opened with 20.54 (67-4¾) in Mexico and that settled the gold medal – it would be his best put of the competition. In fact all the top four had their best throws in round one – George Woods (USA) with 20.12 (66-0¼), Eduard Gushchin (URS) with 20.09 (65-11), and Dieter Hoffmann (GDR) with 20.00 (65-7½).

1287Randy MatsonUSA20.68 (1)20.54 (1)Gold
2317George WoodsUSA19.79 (3)20.12 (2)Silver
3806Eduard GushchinURS19.88 (2)20.09 (3)Bronze
472Dieter HoffmannGDR19.75 (4)20.00 (4)
5286Dave MaggardUSA19.26 (7)19.43 (5)
6672Władysław KomarPOL19.09 (9)19.28 (6)
7Uwe GrabeGDR19.15 (8)19.03 (7)
8Heinfried BirlenbachFRG19.43 (6)18.80 (8)
9Pierre ColnardFRA19.57 (5)18.79 (9)
10Jeff TealeGBR18.87 (12)18.65 (10)
11Les MillsNZL19.00 (11)18.18 (11)
12Traugott GlöcklerFRG19.08 (10)18.14 (12)
13 r1/2Vilmos VarjúHUN18.86 (13)
14 r1/2Arnjolt BeerFRA18.72 (14)
15 r1/2Edy HubacherSUI18.54 (15)
16 r1/2Guðmundur HermannssonISL17.35 (16)
17 r1/2Georgios LemonisGRE16.43 (17)
18 r1/2Rolando MendozaNCA13.33 (18)
19 r1/2Mauricio JubisESA12.92 (19)
DNS110Dieter ProlliusGDR– (DNS)
DNSGeorge PuceCAN– (DNS)
DNSJoe KashmiriIRI– (DNS)
DNS596Lahcen Samsam AkkaMAR– (DNS)
DNS725Ricky BruchSWE– (DNS)

Qualifying Round (13 October 1968 — 10:00)

Top 12 and ties and all those reaching 18.90 metres advanced to the final.

1Randy MatsonUSA20.68QOR
2Eduard GushchinURS19.88Q
3George WoodsUSA19.79Q
4Dieter HoffmannGDR19.75Q
5Pierre ColnardFRA19.57Q
6Heinfried BirlenbachFRG19.43Q
7Dave MaggardUSA19.26Q
8Uwe GrabeGDR19.15Q
9Władysław KomarPOL19.09Q
10Traugott GlöcklerFRG19.08Q
11Les MillsNZL19.00Q
12Jeff TealeGBR18.87q
13Vilmos VarjúHUN18.86
14Arnjolt BeerFRA18.72
15Edy HubacherSUI18.54
16Guðmundur HermannssonISL17.35
17Georgios LemonisGRE16.43
18Rolando MendozaNCA13.33
19Mauricio JubisESA12.92
DNSDieter ProlliusGDR
DNSGeorge PuceCAN
DNSJoe KashmiriIRI
DNSLahcen Samsam AkkaMAR
DNSRicky BruchSWE

Qualifying Round, Group A (13 October 1968)

112Randy MatsonUSA20.6820.68--OR
23Eduard GushchinURS19.8819.88--
34George WoodsUSA19.7919.79--
41Dieter HoffmannGDR19.7518.3019.75-
56Heinfried BirlenbachFRG19.4319.43--
68Dave MaggardUSA19.2618.7319.26-
711Uwe GrabeGDR19.1518.0818.5919.15
85Władysław KomarPOL19.0919.09--
99Traugott GlöcklerFRG19.0818.8919.08-
107Vilmos VarjúHUN18.8618.69×18.86
DNS2Dieter ProlliusGDR
DNS10George PuceCAN

Qualifying Round, Group B (13 October 1968)

16Pierre ColnardFRA19.5719.57--
212Les MillsNZL19.0018.5619.00-
32Jeff TealeGBR18.8718.76×18.87
45Arnjolt BeerFRA18.7218.72××
57Edy HubacherSUI18.5418.5418.38×
68Guðmundur HermannssonISL17.3516.2416.7717.35
71Georgios LemonisGRE16.4316.43××
810Rolando MendozaNCA13.3311.3913.3313.32
911Mauricio JubisESA12.9212.0412.4612.92
DNS4Joe KashmiriIRI
DNS3Lahcen Samsam AkkaMAR
DNS9Ricky BruchSWE

Final Round (14 October 1968 — 15:30)

11Randy MatsonUSA20.5420.5420.0918.6720.1520.0220.18
24George WoodsUSA20.1220.12××-19.19×
32Eduard GushchinURS20.0920.0919.4519.69××19.41
43Dieter HoffmannGDR20.0020.0019.3319.7519.6819.8519.86
57Dave MaggardUSA19.4319.4319.3318.4618.9019.15×
69Władysław KomarPOL19.2818.6619.2818.54××19.21
78Uwe GrabeGDR19.0318.2018.7419.0317.4317.6618.34
86Heinfried BirlenbachFRG18.8018.8018.48×18.1318.67×
95Pierre ColnardFRA18.7918.62×18.79
1012Jeff TealeGBR18.6518.6518.5718.60
1111Les MillsNZL18.1818.1818.0117.95
1210Traugott GlöcklerFRG18.14×17.2018.14