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200 metres Breaststroke, Women

Date29 August 1972
LocationSchwimmhalle, Olympiapark, München
Participants40 from 23 countries

The favorite was the 1964 gold medalist and bronze medalist from Mexico City, Halyna Prozumenshchykova, now Stepanova. Stepanova led out the final over American Dana Schoenfield, with two full bodylengths at 150 metres, as another American Claudia Clevenger moved into second on the final turn. But Schoenfield re-grouped and caught Stepanova at 185 metres. Then from nowhere came the unknown Australian Beverley Whitfield, who caught everybody five metres from the wall and won the gold medal. Schoenfield hung on for second with Stepanova winning bronze. This was the fifth individual Olympic breaststroke medal for Halyna Prozumenshchykova-Stepanova, who ended her renowned career after the Munich Olympics.

1Beverley WhitfieldAUS2:44.47 (2 h5)2:41.71 (1)Gold
2Dana SchoenfieldUSA2:43.97 (1 h4)2:42.05 (2)Silver
3Galina StepanovaURS2:44.20 (1 h5)2:42.36 (3)Bronze
4Claudia ClevengerUSA2:44.74 (2 h6)2:42.88 (4)
5Petra NowsFRG2:45.20 (3 h6)2:43.38 (5)
6Ágnes Kaczander-KissHUN2:43.13 (1 h3)2:43.41 (6)
7Lyudmila PorubaykoURS2:43.68 (1 h6)2:44.48 (7)
8Éva KissHUN2:43.68 (2 h3)2:45.12 (8)
9Hannelore AnkeGDR2:45.92 (2 h4)
10Britt-Marie SmedhSWE2:46.05 (1 h2)
11Vreni EberleFRG2:46.17 (1 h1)
12Chieno ShibataJPN2:46.87 (4 h6)
13Barbara MitchellUSA2:47.05 (2 h2)
14Pat BeavanGBR2:47.42 (3 h2)
15Erika RüeggSUI2:47.63 (5 h6)
16Jane WrightCAN2:47.85 (3 h5)
17Alie te RietNED2:48.49 (3 h3)
18Judith HudsonAUS2:49.09 (3 h4)
19Marian StuartCAN2:49.11 (4 h4)
20Christine JarvisGBR2:49.24 (4 h5)
21Sylvia LangerGDR2:49.68 (2 h1)
22Jeanette PetterssonSWE2:50.36 (5 h5)
23Ulrike KleesFRG2:50.48 (4 h2)
24Tatyana PrudnikovaURS2:50.79 (3 h1)
25Nieves PanadellESP2:51.50 (6 h5)
26Amanda RadnageGBR2:51.85 (4 h3)
27Béatrice MottoulleBEL2:52.18 (5 h4)
28Brigitte SchuchardtGDR2:53.03 (5 h2)
29Ann O'ConnorIRL2:53.04 (6 h2)
30Patrizia MiseriniITA2:53.14 (4 h1)
31Mairi IoannidouGRE2:53.53 (5 h3)
32Shlomit NirISR2:53.60 (6 h3)
33Zuzana MarkováTCH2:53.88 (6 h6)
34Ana Elena de la PortillaMEX2:54.10 (7 h6)
35Yoko YamamotoJPN2:54.28 (6 h4)
36Rose-Marie PepeCAN2:54.75 (7 h2)
37Leonor UruetaMEX2:55.21 (7 h3)
38Winnie NielsenDEN2:59.31 (7 h4)
39Lee Yue-HwanTPE3:04.74 (5 h1)
ACCristina TeixeiraBRA2:57.03 (AC h1)DQ
DNSHalina ZawadzkaPOL– (DNS h1)
DNSAni Jane MugrditchianLBN– (DNS h5)

Round One (29 August 1972 — 10:50)

Fastest eight advanced to the final.

Heat One

1Vreni EberleFRG2:46.17
2Sylvia LangerGDR2:49.68
3Tatyana PrudnikovaURS2:50.79
4Patrizia MiseriniITA2:53.14
5Lee Yue-HwanTPE3:04.74
ACCristina TeixeiraBRA2:57.03DQ
DNSHalina ZawadzkaPOL

Heat Two

1Britt-Marie SmedhSWE2:46.05
2Barbara MitchellUSA2:47.05
3Pat BeavanGBR2:47.42
4Ulrike KleesFRG2:50.48
5Brigitte SchuchardtGDR2:53.03
6Ann O'ConnorIRL2:53.04
7Rose-Marie PepeCAN2:54.75

Heat Three

1Ágnes Kaczander-KissHUN2:43.13QOR
2Éva KissHUN2:43.68Q
3Alie te RietNED2:48.49
4Amanda RadnageGBR2:51.85
5Mairi IoannidouGRE2:53.53
6Shlomit NirISR2:53.60
7Leonor UruetaMEX2:55.21

Heat Four

1Dana SchoenfieldUSA2:43.97Q
2Hannelore AnkeGDR2:45.92
3Judith HudsonAUS2:49.09
4Marian StuartCAN2:49.11
5Béatrice MottoulleBEL2:52.18
6Yoko YamamotoJPN2:54.28
7Winnie NielsenDEN2:59.31

Heat Five

1Galina StepanovaURS2:44.20Q
2Beverley WhitfieldAUS2:44.47Q
3Jane WrightCAN2:47.85
4Christine JarvisGBR2:49.24
5Jeanette PetterssonSWE2:50.36
6Nieves PanadellESP2:51.50
DNSAni Jane MugrditchianLBN

Heat Six

1Lyudmila PorubaykoURS2:43.68Q
2Claudia ClevengerUSA2:44.74Q
3Petra NowsFRG2:45.20Q
4Chieno ShibataJPN2:46.87
5Erika RüeggSUI2:47.63
6Zuzana MarkováTCH2:53.88
7Ana Elena de la PortillaMEX2:54.10

Final (29 August 1972 — 18:20)

17Beverley WhitfieldAUS2:41.71OR
26Dana SchoenfieldUSA2:42.05
32Galina StepanovaURS2:42.36
41Claudia ClevengerUSA2:42.88
58Petra NowsFRG2:43.38
64Ágnes Kaczander-KissHUN2:43.41
73Lyudmila PorubaykoURS2:44.48
85Éva KissHUN2:45.12