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200 metres Individual Medley, Women

Date28 August 1972
LocationSchwimmhalle, Olympiapark, München
Participants44 from 26 countries

This was the first women’s swimming final of the 1972 Olympics, and it featured the world’s top female swimmer, Australia’s Shane Gould. Lynn Vidali (USA) was back after winning a silver medal in 1968 in the 400 IM, and using her strong backstroke leg she led the final of this race at 100 metres. Gould almost pulled even on the breaststroke and then used her freestyle dominance to pull away for the expected gold medal in a world record 2:23.07. Behind her, Vidali faded on the final lap and was passed by 13-year-old East Germany Kornelia Ender, Vidali winning bronze. Ender would win three medals in Munich, adding two in relays, but she would be heard from much more in Montréal, winning five medals there, including four golds. Gould would continue to star in Munich, eventually finishing with three golds and five Olympic medals in all.

1Shane GouldAUS2:26.44 (1 h6)2:23.07 (1)Gold
2Kornelia EnderGDR2:25.39 (1 h4)2:23.59 (2)Silver
3Lynn VidaliUSA2:24.92 (1 h5)2:24.06 (3)Bronze
4Jenny BartzUSA2:25.83 (1 h3)2:24.55 (4)
5Leslie CliffCAN2:25.59 (2 h2)2:24.83 (5)
6Evelyn StolzeGDR2:25.45 (1 h2)2:25.90 (6)
7Yoshimi NishigawaJPN2:26.61 (2 h5)2:26.35 (7)
8Carolyn WoodsUSA2:26.98 (2 h4)2:27.42 (8)
9Nina PetrovaURS2:27.20 (1 h1)
10Jaroslava SlavíčkováTCH2:27.33 (3 h2)
11Ágnes Kaczander-KissHUN2:28.05 (2 h6)
12Hennie PentermanNED2:28.99 (4 h2)
13Anita ZarnowieckiSWE2:29.08 (2 h1)
14Yukari TakemotoJPN2:29.41 (3 h6)
15Gail NeallAUS2:29.64 (3 h1)
16Brigitte SchuchardtGDR2:30.04 (2 h3)
17Susan HunterNZL2:30.29 (3 h4)
18Martha NelsonCAN2:30.51 (3 h3)
19Susanne NiesnerSUI2:30.87 (4 h6)
20Shelagh RatcliffeGBR2:31.04 (4 h3)
21Birutė UžkuraitytėURS2:31.11 (3 h5)
22Karin BormannFRG2:31.19 (5 h6)
23Susan RichardsonGBR2:31.24 (4 h5)
24Karen JamesCAN2:31.25 (4 h1)
25Debra CainAUS2:31.82 (5 h1)
26Wijda MazereeuwNED2:32.59 (4 h4)
27Judit TuróczyHUN2:32.63 (5 h5)
28Avis WillingtonGBR2:32.64 (5 h4)
29Éva KissHUN2:32.68 (5 h2)
30Gerda LassooijNED2:32.92 (5 h3)
31Maria Isabel GuerraBRA2:32.95 (6 h4)
32Kirsten CampbellDEN2:33.15 (7 h4)
33Eva SiggFIN2:33.61 (6 h3)
34Helmi BoxbergerFRG2:33.71 (6 h6)
35Gisela CerezoVEN2:35.34 (7 h3)
36Hsu Yue-YunTPE2:35.93 (6 h2)
37Trine KroghNOR2:36.27 (6 h5)
38María BallesterosMEX2:37.00 (7 h2)
39Felicia OspitaletcheURU2:37.69 (7 h5)
40Eleni AvlonitouGRE2:39.10 (6 h1)
41Patricia LópezARG2:42.08 (7 h1)
42Roselina ÁngelCOL2:45.46 (7 h6)
43Ong Mei LinMAS2:48.13 (8 h6)
DQLaura VacaMEX[2:34.35] (DQ h3)
DNSZhanet SlavchevaBUL– (DNS h1)
DNSDiana OlssonSWE– (DNS h2)
DNSPat ChanSGP– (DNS h4)
DNSMireille BassoulLBN– (DNS h5)

Round One (28 August 1972 — 10:30)

Fastest eight advanced to the final.

Heat One

1Nina PetrovaURS2:27.20
2Anita ZarnowieckiSWE2:29.08
3Gail NeallAUS2:29.64
4Karen JamesCAN2:31.25
5Debra CainAUS2:31.82
6Eleni AvlonitouGRE2:39.10
7Patricia LópezARG2:42.08
DNSZhanet SlavchevaBUL

Heat Two

1Evelyn StolzeGDR2:25.45Q
2Leslie CliffCAN2:25.59Q
3Jaroslava SlavíčkováTCH2:27.33
4Hennie PentermanNED2:28.99
5Éva KissHUN2:32.68
6Hsu Yue-YunTPE2:35.93
7María BallesterosMEX2:37.00
DNSDiana OlssonSWE

Heat Three

1Jenny BartzUSA2:25.83Q
2Brigitte SchuchardtGDR2:30.04
3Martha NelsonCAN2:30.51
4Shelagh RatcliffeGBR2:31.04
5Gerda LassooijNED2:32.92
6Eva SiggFIN2:33.61
7Gisela CerezoVEN2:35.34
DQLaura VacaMEX[2:34.35]

Heat Four

1Kornelia EnderGDR2:25.39Q
2Carolyn WoodsUSA2:26.98Q
3Susan HunterNZL2:30.29
4Wijda MazereeuwNED2:32.59
5Avis WillingtonGBR2:32.64
6Maria Isabel GuerraBRA2:32.95
7Kirsten CampbellDEN2:33.15

Heat Five

1Lynn VidaliUSA2:24.92Q
2Yoshimi NishigawaJPN2:26.61Q
3Birutė UžkuraitytėURS2:31.11
4Susan RichardsonGBR2:31.24
5Judit TuróczyHUN2:32.63
6Trine KroghNOR2:36.27
7Felicia OspitaletcheURU2:37.69
DNSMireille BassoulLBN

Heat Six

1Shane GouldAUS2:26.44Q
2Ágnes Kaczander-KissHUN2:28.05
3Yukari TakemotoJPN2:29.41
4Susanne NiesnerSUI2:30.87
5Karin BormannFRG2:31.19
6Helmi BoxbergerFRG2:33.71
7Roselina ÁngelCOL2:45.46
8Ong Mei LinMAS2:48.13

Final (28 August 1972 — 18:20)

17Shane GouldAUS2:23.07WR
25Kornelia EnderGDR2:23.59
34Lynn VidaliUSA2:24.06
42Jenny BartzUSA2:24.55
56Leslie CliffCAN2:24.83
63Evelyn StolzeGDR2:25.90
71Yoshimi NishigawaJPN2:26.35
88Carolyn WoodsUSA2:27.42