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200 metres Freestyle, Women

Date24 July 1980
LocationPlavatelny basseyn, Sportivny kompleks Olimpiysky, Moskva
Participants22 from 14 countries

This was one of the few events at which an American swimmer might have been favored. At the 1978 World Championships, Sippy Woodhead won gold over East German Barbara Krause, Woodhead breaking the world record in 1:58.53. In 1979 Woodhead lowered that mark twice, leaving it at 1:58.23 from a Tokyo meet in September. In her absence Krause was favored, already having won the 100 freestyle in Moscow. But the leader of the race for three laps was her teammate Ines Diers, and it took a 28.47 final 50 for Krause to pull out the gold medal, Diers slowing to finish second 1.31 seconds behind. Bronze went to their teammate Carmela Schmidt, as the GDR women swept the medals, one of six times in Moscow they accomplished that. At the US Nationals on 1 August, Sippy Woodhead won in 1:59.44, over a second slower than Krause’s gold-medal winning time.

1Barbara KrauseGDR2:01.18 (1 h4)1:58.33 (1)Gold
2Ines DiersGDR2:00.27 (1 h2)1:59.64 (2)Silver
3Carmela SchmidtGDR2:02.32 (1 h3)2:01.44 (3)Bronze
4Olga KlevakinaURS2:02.36 (2 h4)2:02.29 (4)
5Reggie de JongNED2:02.66 (1 h1)2:02.76 (5)
6June CroftGBR2:03.95 (2 h3)2:03.15 (6)
7Nataliya StrunnikovaURS2:03.36 (2 h1)2:03.74 (7)
8Irina AksyonovaURS2:03.63 (3 h1)2:04.00 (8)
9Annelies MaasNED2:04.07 (2 h2)
10Rosemary BrownAUS2:04.59 (3 h3)
11Guylaine BergerFRA2:04.60 (3 h4)
12Pascale VerbauwenBEL2:05.34 (4 h4)
13Sonya DangalakovaBUL2:05.67 (4 h3)
14Natalia MasESP2:05.73 (4 h1)
15Tina GustafssonSWE2:05.84 (5 h4)
16Karen Van de GraafAUS2:06.06 (3 h2)
17Sofia DaraGRE2:07.56 (5 h1)
18Jackie WillmottGBR2:08.04 (5 h3)
19Dobrinka MinchevaBUL2:09.09 (4 h2)
20Irinel PănulescuROU2:09.94 (6 h3)
21Celeste GarcíaPER2:13.05 (6 h4)
22Soad FezzaniLBA2:30.14 (7 h3)
DNSIsabel ReussMEX– (DNS h1)
DNSMaría ParísCRC– (DNS h2)
DNSAgneta ErikssonSWE– (DNS h2)
DNSMichelle FordAUS– (DNS h4)

Round One (24 July 1980 — 11:00)

Fastest eight advanced to the final.

Heat One

13Reggie de JongNED2:02.66Q
24Nataliya StrunnikovaURS2:03.36Q
35Irina AksyonovaURS2:03.63Q
46Natalia MasESP2:05.73
57Sofia DaraGRE2:07.56
DNS2Isabel ReussMEX

Heat Two

14Ines DiersGDR2:00.27Q
25Annelies MaasNED2:04.07
33Karen Van de GraafAUS2:06.06
42Dobrinka MinchevaBUL2:09.09
DNS7María ParísCRC
DNS6Agneta ErikssonSWE

Heat Three

14Carmela SchmidtGDR2:02.32Q
26June CroftGBR2:03.95Q
33Rosemary BrownAUS2:04.59
42Sonya DangalakovaBUL2:05.67
55Jackie WillmottGBR2:08.04
67Irinel PănulescuROU2:09.94
71Soad FezzaniLBA2:30.14

Heat Four

14Barbara KrauseGDR2:01.18Q
25Olga KlevakinaURS2:02.36Q
32Guylaine BergerFRA2:04.60
47Pascale VerbauwenBEL2:05.34
53Tina GustafssonSWE2:05.84
61Celeste GarcíaPER2:13.05
DNS6Michelle FordAUS

Final (24 July 1980 — 20:00)

15Barbara KrauseGDR1:58.33OR
24Ines DiersGDR1:59.64
33Carmela SchmidtGDR2:01.44
46Olga KlevakinaURS2:02.29
52Reggie de JongNED2:02.76
68June CroftGBR2:03.15
77Nataliya StrunnikovaURS2:03.74
81Irina AksyonovaURS2:04.00