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200 metres Butterfly, Women

Date 4 August 1984
LocationOlympic Swim Stadium, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California
Participants29 from 18 countries

From 1979-82 Mary T. Meagher became the greatest butterfly swimmer ever. She set five world marks in this event, topped by her 2:05.96 at the US Nationals in 1981, when she also shattered the 100 fly record with 57.93. Both world records would stay on the books until 1999, but after starting college in 1983, Meagher lost her dominance. However, she dropped out of school in 1984 to focus on Olympic training and had already won the 100 fly in Los Angeles when this event started. She had come back to dominate, although perhaps not what she once was.

Swimming World noted that Mary T was the only swimmer who was hurt by the absence of the East German women, as they could have pushed her to even better times, and she would have had the chance to prove her dominance over them. She had actually lost the 1982 World Championships in the 200 fly to Ines Geisler. After qualifying first in Los Angeles, Mary T was out in front in the final from the gun. Her opening 50 was 29.30, actually under her world record pace. She slowed by 150 but still led her teammate Nancy Hogshead by two bodylengths. Meagher finished in 2:06.90 for her third gold medal of the Olympics, also including the medley relay. It was the third-fastest time ever, and gave her the seven fastest 200 fly times of all-time. Behind her, Hogshead struggled on the final lap and was passed by Australia’s Karen Phillips, who won silver, and bronze medalist Ina Beyermann.

PosSwimmerNOCR1B FinalFinal
1Mary T. MeagherUSA2:11.48 (1 h4)2:06.90 (1)Gold
2Karen PhillipsAUS2:11.81 (1 h3)2:10.56 (2)Silver
3Ina BeyermannFRG2:13.26 (2 h4)2:11.91 (3)Bronze
4Nancy HogsheadUSA2:12.10 (2 h3)2:11.98 (4)
5Samantha PurvisGBR2:11.97 (1 h1)2:12.33 (5)
6Naoko KumeJPN2:13.31 (1 h2)2:12.57 (6)
7Sonja HausladenAUT2:13.50 (2 h1)2:15.38 (7)
8Conny van BentumNED2:13.74 (3 h4)2:17.39 (8)
9Jill HorsteadCAN2:14.88 (4 h4)2:13.49 (1)
10Roberta LanzarottiITA2:14.53 (3 h1)2:14.54 (2)
11Marie MooreCAN2:14.95 (4 h3)2:14.96 (3)
12Kiyomi TakahashiJPN2:14.37 (3 h3)2:16.27 (4)
13Monica OlmiITA2:18.72 (5 h2)2:16.47 (5)
14Petra ZindlerFRG2:15.20 (4 h1)2:16.50 (6)
15Carole BrookSUI2:18.66 (4 h2)2:16.74 (7)
16Ann OsgerbyGBR2:16.31 (3 h2)2:19.10 (8)
17Janet TibbitsAUS2:13.74 (2 h2)1
18Kathrine BomstadNOR2:19.46 (5 h3)
19Gail JonsonNZL2:20.55 (5 h1)
20Anna DoigNZL2:20.81 (6 h1)
21Julie ParkesIRL2:20.85 (7 h1)
22Lisa Ann WenTPE2:21.10 (6 h2)
23Brigitte WandererAUT2:21.16 (5 h4)
24Shelley CramerISV2:22.39 (6 h4)
25Faten GhattasTUN2:22.68 (7 h2)
26Hadar RubinsteinISR2:22.78 (6 h3)
27Chang Hui-ChienTPE2:24.89 (7 h3)
28Blanca MoralesGUA2:25.03 (7 h4)
29Jodie LawaetzISV2:25.58 (8 h3)
DNSNevine HafezEGY– (DNS h2)
DNSKarin BrandesPER– (DNS h4)

Round One (4 August 1984 — 9:00)

Fastest eight advanced to the final. Places 9-16 advanced to the B Final.

Heat One

16Samantha PurvisGBR2:11.97Q
25Sonja HausladenAUT2:13.50Q
33Roberta LanzarottiITA2:14.53q
44Petra ZindlerFRG2:15.20q
52Gail JonsonNZL2:20.55
67Anna DoigNZL2:20.81
71Julie ParkesIRL2:20.85

Heat Two

14Naoko KumeJPN2:13.31Q
25Janet TibbitsAUS2:13.74q
33Ann OsgerbyGBR2:16.31q
46Carole BrookSUI2:18.66q
52Monica OlmiITA2:18.72
67Lisa Ann WenTPE2:21.10
71Faten GhattasTUN2:22.68
DNS8Nevine HafezEGY

Heat Three

16Karen PhillipsAUS2:11.81Q
24Nancy HogsheadUSA2:12.10Q
33Kiyomi TakahashiJPN2:14.37q
45Marie MooreCAN2:14.95q
52Kathrine BomstadNOR2:19.46
67Hadar RubinsteinISR2:22.78
78Chang Hui-ChienTPE2:24.89
81Jodie LawaetzISV2:25.58

Heat Four

14Mary T. MeagherUSA2:11.48Q
25Ina BeyermannFRG2:13.26Q
33Conny van BentumNED2:13.74Q
46Jill HorsteadCAN2:14.88q
52Brigitte WandererAUT2:21.16
67Shelley CramerISV2:22.39
78Blanca MoralesGUA2:25.03
DNS1Karin BrandesPER

Swim-Off for 8th Place

14Conny van BentumNED2:13.60Q
25Janet TibbitsAUS2:15.54

B Final (4 August 1984 — 17:30)

13Jill HorsteadCAN2:13.49
25Roberta LanzarottiITA2:14.54
36Marie MooreCAN2:14.96
44Kiyomi TakahashiJPN2:16.27
58Monica OlmiITA2:16.47
62Petra ZindlerFRG2:16.50
71Carole BrookSUI2:16.74
87Ann OsgerbyGBR2:19.10

Final (4 August 1984 — 17:20)

14Mary T. MeagherUSA2:06.90OR
25Karen PhillipsAUS2:10.56
32Ina BeyermannFRG2:11.91
46Nancy HogsheadUSA2:11.98
53Samantha PurvisGBR2:12.33
67Naoko KumeJPN2:12.57
71Sonja HausladenAUT2:15.38
88Conny van BentumNED2:17.39