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Foil, Individual, Men

Date23 – 25 April 1906
LocationZappeion, Athina / Homilos Antisfairiseos Athinon, Athina / Athens Central Gymnastics School, Athina
Participants37 from 12 countries

Bouts were for three touches or until 12 minutes had elapsed. The target area was the same as in 1896: the torso from the collar to the hips. Touches to the torso below the level of the hips were still invalid. The President was still allowed to count an off-target touch as valid if he felt that the fencer had used a “defective position”.

There were 37 competitors in this event who originally fought seven pools to narrow it down to 14 semi-finalists. Two semi-finalist pools determined the six finalists. The finals were eventually won by the well-known Frenchman, Georges Dillon-Cavanagh. But there was a controversy. The Italian, Federico Cesarano, was unhappy with the judging and withdrew without having fenced all of his bouts. The rules stated that if any fencer retired from the competition because of illness, they would be considered to have lost all of their bouts. The bout committee ruled that this applied also to withdrawals. Counting all the matches fenced, Dillon-Kavanagh was tied with the German, Gustav Casmir. Cesarano had beaten Dillon-Kavanagh but had lost to Casmir. When Cesarano’s results were changed to all losses. Casmir lost a point and Dillon-Kavanagh emerged as the winner. The German team protested but it was not allowed. Dillon-Kavanagh was of Irish descent but had won several fencing championships in Paris at both foil and épée.

1Georges, Baron Dillon-KavanaghFRAGold
2Gustav CasmirGERSilver
3Pierre d'HuguesFRABronze
4Martin HardenAUT
5Simon OkkerNED
AC r3/3Federico CesaranoITADNF
AC p1 r2/3Lóránt MészárosHUN
AC p1 r2/3Joseph SénatFRA
AC p1 r2/3Antal HámosHUN
AC p1 r2/3Herbert SanderDEN
AC p2 r2/3Aristidis KritikosGRE
AC p2 r2/3Emil SchönGER
AC p2 r2/3Fernand de MontignyBEL
AC p2 r2/3Jakob Erckrath de BaryGER
3 p3 r1/3Edgar SeligmanGBR
=3 p5 r1/3Hendrik van der GrintenNED
=3 p5 r1/3Emil FickSWE
5 p5 r1/3Mikhail AnerrapsisGRE
AC p1 r1/3George van RossemNED
AC p1 r1/3Villiam WilkenschildtDEN
AC p1 r1/3August PetriGER
AC p2 r1/3Edmond CrahayBEL
AC p2 r1/3Thomas, Lord Howard de WaldenGBR
AC p2 r1/3Félix VigevenoNED
AC p3 r1/3Vlastimil Lada-SázavskýBOH
AC p3 r1/3Constant CloquetBEL
AC p3 r1/3Ernst KönigsgartenAUT
AC p4 r1/3Jenő ApáthyHUN
AC p4 r1/3Maurits van Löben SelsNED
AC p4 r1/3Karl HjorthSWE
AC p6 r1/3Péter TóthHUN
AC p6 r1/3Willem Hubert van BlijenburghNED
AC p6 r1/3Alexandros KharalambopoulosGRE
AC p7 r1/3Arie de JongNED
AC p7 r1/3Khristos ZorbasGRE
AC p7 r1/3Jetze DoormanNED
AC p7 r1/3Gabriël VigevenoNED

Round One (23 April 1906 — 9:00)

Top two finishers in each pool advanced to the semi-finals

Pool One

1Pierre d'HuguesFRAQ
2Lóránt MészárosHUNQ
ACGeorge van RossemNED
ACVilliam WilkenschildtDEN
ACAugust PetriGER

Pool Two

1Gustav CasmirGERQ
2Joseph SénatFRAQ
ACEdmond CrahayBEL
ACThomas, Lord Howard de WaldenGBR
ACFélix VigevenoNED

Pool Three

1Georges, Baron Dillon-KavanaghFRAQ
2Simon OkkerNEDQ
3Edgar SeligmanGBR
ACVlastimil Lada-SázavskýBOH
ACConstant CloquetBEL
ACErnst KönigsgartenAUT

Pool Four

1Emil SchönGERQ
2Aristidis KritikosGREQ
ACJenő ApáthyHUN
ACMaurits van Löben SelsNED
ACKarl HjorthSWE

Pool Five

1Jakob Erckrath de BaryGERQ
2Antal HámosHUNQ
=3Hendrik van der GrintenNED
=3Emil FickSWE
5Mikhail AnerrapsisGRE

Pool Six

=1Martin HardenAUTQ
=1Federico CesaranoITAQ
ACPéter TóthHUN
ACWillem Hubert van BlijenburghNED
ACAlexandros KharalambopoulosGRE

Pool Seven

1Herbert SanderDENQ
2Fernand de MontignyBELQ
ACArie de JongNED
ACKhristos ZorbasGRE
ACJetze DoormanNED
ACGabriël VigevenoNED

Semi-Finals (24 April 1906)

Top three finishers in each pool advanced to the final

Pool One

1Pierre d'HuguesFRAQ
2Gustav CasmirGERQ
3Federico CesaranoITAQ
ACLóránt MészárosHUN
ACJoseph SénatFRA
ACAntal HámosHUN
ACHerbert SanderDEN

Pool Two

=1Simon OkkerNEDQ
=1Georges, Baron Dillon-KavanaghFRAQ
3Martin HardenAUTQ
ACAristidis KritikosGRE
ACEmil SchönGER
ACFernand de MontignyBEL
ACJakob Erckrath de BaryGER

Final Pool (25 April 1906)

1Georges, Baron Dillon-KavanaghFRA
2Gustav CasmirGER
3Pierre d'HuguesFRA
4Martin HardenAUT
5Simon OkkerNED
ACFederico CesaranoITADNF