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4 x 100 metres Freestyle Relay, Men

Date23 September 1988
LocationSu-yeong-jang, Ol-lim-pik Gong-won, Seoul
Participants95 from 22 countries

The United States would normally be favored, and they were the defending champions. But they had been challenged at the 1986 World Championships by the Soviet Union and East Germany, the 1987 European Champions, and at the 1987 Pan Pacifics by Canada and Australia. The USA qualified easily, resting three of their top swimmers for the final. In the final the United States took an early lead on the opening leg swum by Chris Jacobs, but the Soviets closed over the next two legs and as the anchors readied to start, the lead was less than 1/10th second. However Matt Biondi was the American anchor and he quickly settled matters, as he blasted a 47.81 anchor, the third fastest split ever swum, and the US had the gold medal and a world record of 3:16.53. The USSR was almost two seconds back for the silver, followed by East Germany.

1United StatesUSA3:19.52 (1 h3)3:16.53 (1)Gold
Chris JacobsTroy DalbeyTom JagerMatt BiondiBrent LangDoug GjertsenShaun Jordan
2Soviet UnionURS3:19.89 (2 h3)3:18.33 (2)Silver
Gennady PrigodaIurie BaşcatovNikolay YevseyevVladimir TkachenkoRaimundas MažuolisAleksey Borislavsky
3East GermanyGDR3:20.47 (3 h3)3:19.82 (3)Bronze
Dirk RichterThomas FlemmingLars HinneburgSteffen Zesner
4FranceFRA3:21.77 (4 h3)3:20.02 (4)
Stéphan CaronChristophe KalfayanLaurent NeuvilleBruno Gutzeit
5SwedenSWE3:23.09 (1 h1)3:21.07 (5)
Per JohanssonTom WernerJoakim HolmquistGöran TitusRikard Milton
6West GermanyFRG3:23.19 (1 h2)3:21.65 (6)
Michael GroßThomas FahrnerBjörn ZikarskyPeter SittTorsten Wiegel
7Great BritainGBR3:23.71 (3 h2)3:21.71 (7)
Mike FibbensMark FosterRoland LeeAndy Jameson
8ItalyITA3:23.35 (2 h2)3:22.93 (8)
Roberto GleriaGiorgio LambertiFabrizio RampazzoAndrea Ceccarini
9CanadaCAN3:23.85 (2 h1)
Mark AndrewsSteven VandermeulenVlastimil CernySandy Goss
10DenmarkDEN3:25.15 (3 h1)
Franz MortensenVagn HøgholmBenny NielsenPeter Rohde
11NetherlandsNED3:25.26 (4 h1)
Frank DrostPatrick DybionaHans KroesRon Dekker
12BrazilBRA3:28.17 (4 h2)
Emanuel FortesCristiano MichelenaJorge FernandesJúlio López
13MexicoMEX3:29.72 (5 h2)
Rodrigo GonzálezIgnacio EscamillaJorge AlarcónUrbano Zea
14PortugalPOR3:33.31 (5 h1)
Mabílio AlbuquerqueHenrique VillaretVasco SousaSérgio Esteves
15SingaporeSGP3:34.54 (5 h3)
Ang Peng SiongDavid LimOon Jin GeeDesmond Koh
16Hong KongHKG3:34.78 (6 h2)
Michael WrightJohnny LiArthur LiTsang Yi Ming
17Republic of KoreaKOR3:38.05 (7 h2)
Gwon Sang-WonYang GamSong Gwang-SeonGwon Sun-Geun
18United States Virgin IslandsISV3:43.23 (6 h1)
Hans FoersterKraig SingletonKristan SingletonWilliam Cleveland
19United Arab EmiratesUAE3:58.92 (6 h3)
Ahmad FarajMohammed AlghafriBassam Al-AnsariMohamed Bin Abid
ACPeople's Republic of ChinaCHN– (AC h2)DQ
Shen JianqiangLi TaoXie JunFeng Qiangbiao
ACEgyptEGY– (AC h3)DQ
Mohamed El-AzoulMoustafa AminMohamed HassanMoustafa Amer
ACAustriaAUT– (AC h3)DQ
Stefan OpatrilMarkus OpatrilAlexander PlachetaAlexander Pilhatsch

Round One (23 September 1988 — 10:00)

Fastest eight advanced to the final.

Heat One

PosLaneSwimmerNOC50 mTimeExchange (Pos)
Tom Werner50.9250.92 (1)
Rikard Milton51.381:42.30 (2)
Joakim Holmquist50.482:32.78 (1)
Göran Titus50.313:23.09 (1)
Mark Andrews51.6651.66 (4)
Steven Vandermeulen50.901:42.56 (4)
Vlastimil Cerny51.142:33.70 (2)
Sandy Goss50.153:23.85 (2)
Franz Mortensen51.2151.21 (2)
Vagn Høgholm50.971:42.18 (1)
Benny Nielsen51.732:33.91 (3)
Peter Rohde51.243:25.15 (3)
Frank Drost51.5251.52 (3)
Patrick Dybiona50.861:42.38 (3)
Hans Kroes51.572:33.95 (4)
Ron Dekker51.313:25.26 (4)
Mabílio Albuquerque53.0653.06 (5)
Henrique Villaret52.871:45.93 (5)
Vasco Sousa53.732:39.66 (5)
Sérgio Esteves53.653:33.31 (5)
61United States Virgin IslandsISV3:43.23
Hans Foerster54.2354.23 (6)
Kraig Singleton56.511:50.74 (6)
Kristan Singleton57.782:48.52 (6)
William Cleveland54.713:43.23 (6)

Heat Two

PosLaneSwimmerNOC50 mTimeExchange (Pos)
14West GermanyFRG3:23.19Q
Björn Zikarsky51.0951.09 (1)
Peter Sitt51.021:42.11 (2)
Torsten Wiegel51.092:33.20 (3)
Thomas Fahrner49.993:23.19 (1)
Fabrizio Rampazzo51.8351.83 (4)
Giorgio Lamberti49.931:41.76 (1)
Andrea Ceccarini51.252:33.01 (2)
Roberto Gleria50.343:23.35 (2)
36Great BritainGBR3:23.71Q
Andy Jameson51.4051.40 (2)
Mark Foster50.811:42.21 (3)
Mike Fibbens50.682:32.89 (1)
Roland Lee50.823:23.71 (3)
Emanuel Fortes52.1352.13 (5)
Cristiano Michelena52.131:44.26 (4)
Jorge Fernandes52.052:36.31 (4)
Júlio López51.863:28.17 (4)
Rodrigo González51.4851.48 (3)
Ignacio Escamilla53.481:44.96 (5)
Jorge Alarcón52.512:37.47 (5)
Urbano Zea52.253:29.72 (5)
61Hong KongHKG3:34.78
Michael Wright53.7453.74 (6)
Johnny Li52.791:46.53 (6)
Arthur Li53.482:40.01 (6)
Tsang Yi Ming54.773:34.78 (6)
78Republic of KoreaKOR3:38.05
Gwon Sang-Won54.1854.18 (7)
Yang Gam54.171:48.35 (7)
Song Gwang-Seon54.252:42.60 (7)
Gwon Sun-Geun55.453:38.05 (7)
AC5People's Republic of ChinaCHNDQ
Shen Jianqiang– (AC)
Li Tao– (AC)
Xie Jun– (AC)
Feng Qiangbiao– (AC)

Heat Three

PosLaneSwimmerNOC50 mTimeExchange (Pos)
14United StatesUSA3:19.52Q
Brent Lang50.1850.18 (1)
Doug Gjertsen49.641:39.82 (1)
Shaun Jordan50.192:30.01 (1)
Troy Dalbey49.513:19.52 (1)
25Soviet UnionURS3:19.89Q
Raimundas Mažuolis50.9050.90 (4)
Aleksey Borislavsky49.951:40.85 (3)
Nikolay Yevseyev49.212:30.06 (2)
Vladimir Tkachenko49.833:19.89 (2)
33East GermanyGDR3:20.47Q
Dirk Richter50.3050.30 (2)
Thomas Flemming50.011:40.31 (2)
Lars Hinneburg50.112:30.42 (3)
Steffen Zesner50.053:20.47 (3)
Stéphan Caron50.6850.68 (3)
Christophe Kalfayan50.541:41.22 (4)
Laurent Neuville50.452:31.67 (4)
Bruno Gutzeit50.103:21.77 (4)
Ang Peng Siong52.2852.28 (5)
David Lim53.011:45.29 (5)
Oon Jin Gee52.772:38.06 (5)
Desmond Koh56.483:34.54 (5)
68United Arab EmiratesUAE3:58.92
Ahmad Faraj58.2958.29 (6)
Mohammed Alghafri1:00.801:59.09 (6)
Bassam Al-Ansari1:00.923:00.01 (6)
Mohamed Bin Abid58.913:58.92 (6)
Mohamed El-Azoul– (AC)
Moustafa Amin– (AC)
Mohamed Hassan– (AC)
Moustafa Amer– (AC)
Stefan Opatril– (AC)
Markus Opatril– (AC)
Alexander Placheta– (AC)
Alexander Pilhatsch– (AC)

Final (23 September 1988 — 20:00)

PosLaneSwimmerNOC50 mTimeExchange (Pos)
14United StatesUSA3:16.53WR
Chris Jacobs49.6349.63 (1)
Troy Dalbey49.751:39.38 (1)
Tom Jager49.342:28.72 (1)
Matt Biondi47.813:16.53 (1)
25Soviet UnionURS3:18.33
Gennady Prigoda50.2450.24 (3)
Iurie Başcatov49.301:39.54 (2)
Nikolay Yevseyev49.272:28.81 (2)
Vladimir Tkachenko49.523:18.33 (2)
33East GermanyGDR3:19.82
Dirk Richter50.2550.25 (4)
Thomas Flemming49.701:39.95 (3)
Lars Hinneburg50.352:30.30 (4)
Steffen Zesner49.523:19.82 (3)
Stéphan Caron49.9749.97 (2)
Christophe Kalfayan50.091:40.06 (4)
Laurent Neuville50.042:30.10 (3)
Bruno Gutzeit49.923:20.02 (4)
Per Johansson50.5850.58 (6)
Tom Werner50.001:40.58 (5)
Joakim Holmquist50.472:31.05 (5)
Göran Titus50.023:21.07 (5)
67West GermanyFRG3:21.65
Michael Groß50.6650.66 (7)
Thomas Fahrner50.001:40.66 (6)
Björn Zikarsky50.402:31.06 (6)
Peter Sitt50.593:21.65 (6)
78Great BritainGBR3:21.71
Mike Fibbens51.3651.36 (8)
Mark Foster50.201:41.56 (8)
Roland Lee50.332:31.89 (7)
Andy Jameson49.823:21.71 (7)
Roberto Gleria50.5150.51 (5)
Giorgio Lamberti50.311:40.82 (7)
Fabrizio Rampazzo51.192:32.01 (8)
Andrea Ceccarini50.923:22.93 (8)