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200 metres Individual Medley, Men

Date25 July 1996
LocationGeorgia Tech Aquatic Center, Atlanta, Georgia
Participants39 from 31 countries

The Olympic final shaped up to be a classic battle between the world champion and two home favourites. The world champion was Jani Sievinen of Finland, who was on a run of 39 final victories in the event, while the world record holder at 400 metres, America’s Tom Dolan, and his compatriot Greg Burgess were his chief rivals. Dolan’s stock rose when he won his favoured 400 IM just as Sievinen’s fell when he failed to reach the final.

Sievinen returned to form and was the fastest qualifier for the final ahead of Dutchman Marcel Wouda and Canada’s Curtis Myden. Myden led the field for the first 50 metres but on the backstroke leg Attila Czene of Hungary, swimming over in lane one, forged ahead. The pack gained on him during the second half of the race and Sievinen was pressing him hard at the finish but Czene was able to hold off his pursuers and gain a surprising victory.

A month after the Games it was revealed how lucky Czene was to be competing in Atlanta. A few weeks prior to the Olympics he had still not recorded a qualifying time so the Hungarian Swimming Federation invented a non-existent meeting and submitted concocted times to the IOC to ensure he (and a dozen other swimmers) were eligible to compete in Atlanta. The Hungarian Swimming Federation were punished for their dishonesty although Czene was allowed to keep his Olympic title.

PosSwimmerNOCR1B FinalFinal
1Attila CzeneHUN2:02.10 (3 h3)1:59.91 (1)Gold
2Jani SievinenFIN2:01.05 (1 h5)2:00.13 (2)Silver
3Curtis MydenCAN2:01.50 (2 h5)2:01.13 (3)Bronze
4Marcel WoudaNED2:01.21 (1 h3)2:01.45 (4)
5Matt DunnAUS2:01.44 (2 h3)2:01.57 (5)
6Greg BurgessUSA2:01.93 (3 h5)2:02.56 (6)
7Tom DolanUSA2:01.99 (1 h4)2:03.89 (7)
8Xavier MarchandFRA2:03.17 (2 h4)2:04.29 (8)
9Christian KellerGER2:03.82 (4 h4)2:02.90 (1)
10Martin van der SpoelNED2:03.75 (3 h4)2:03.01 (2)
11Luca SacchiITA2:03.24 (4 h5)2:03.49 (3)
12Stev ThelokeGER2:04.23 (5 h3)2:03.94 (4)
13Serghei MariniucMDA2:04.99 (1 h2)2:04.11 (5)
14Tatsuya KinugasaJPN2:03.42 (4 h3)2:04.59 (6)
15Ratapong SirisanontTHA2:05.18 (5 h5)2:05.02 (7)
16Jo YoshimiJPN2:04.49 (5 h4)2:05.42 (8)
17Marcin MalińskiPOL2:05.42 (6 h5)
18Josef HorkýCZE2:05.45 (2 h2)
19Petteri LehtinenFIN2:05.51 (7 h5)
20Walter SozaNCA2:06.15 (1 h1)
21Valērijs KalmikovsLAT2:06.16 (3 h2)
22Attila ZuborHUN2:06.24 (6 h3)
23Serhiy SerhieievUKR2:06.30 (7 h3)
24Oleg PukhnatyUZB2:06.39 (4 h2)
25Krešimir ČačCRO2:06.97 (5 h2)
26Kim Bang-HyeonKOR2:06.99 (6 h2)
27Arsenio LópezPUR2:07.09 (7 h2)
28Simon CoombsAUS2:07.31 (6 h4)
29Mark KwokHKG2:07.61 (8 h2)
30Denislav KalchevBUL2:08.16 (7 h4)
31Aleksandr SavitskyKAZ2:08.78 (2 h1)
32Desmond KohSGP2:08.99 (8 h5)
33Armando SerranoCOL2:09.67 (3 h1)
34Gerald KohSGP2:11.76 (8 h4)
35Kire FilipovskiMKD2:11.90 (4 h1)
36Wan Azlan AbdullahMAS2:12.11 (5 h1)
37Sultan Al-OtaibiKUW2:19.77 (6 h1)
ACHem LumphatCAM– (AC h1)DQ
ACPeter MankočSLO– (AC h3)DQ

Round One (25 July 1996)

Fastest eight advanced to the final. Places 9-16 advanced to the B Final.

Heat One

14Walter SozaNCA2:06.150.72
27Aleksandr SavitskyKAZ2:08.780.85
32Armando SerranoCOL2:09.670.70
45Kire FilipovskiMKD2:11.900.73
53Wan Azlan AbdullahMAS2:12.110.79
66Sultan Al-OtaibiKUW2:19.770.82
AC1Hem LumphatCAMDQ

Heat Two

14Serghei MariniucMDA2:04.990.82q
25Josef HorkýCZE2:05.450.79
33Valērijs KalmikovsLAT2:06.160.81
42Oleg PukhnatyUZB2:06.390.82
56Krešimir ČačCRO2:06.970.83
67Kim Bang-HyeonKOR2:06.990.77
71Arsenio LópezPUR2:07.090.76
88Mark KwokHKG2:07.610.63

Heat Three

12Marcel WoudaNED2:01.210.83Q
25Matt DunnAUS2:01.440.79Q
34Attila CzeneHUN2:02.100.81Q
46Tatsuya KinugasaJPN2:03.420.76q
53Stev ThelokeGER2:04.230.83q
67Attila ZuborHUN2:06.240.75
71Serhiy SerhieievUKR2:06.300.67
AC8Peter MankočSLODQ

Heat Four

14Tom DolanUSA2:01.990.73Q
26Xavier MarchandFRA2:03.170.79Q
37Martin van der SpoelNED2:03.750.83q
45Christian KellerGER2:03.820.73q
52Jo YoshimiJPN2:04.490.72q
63Simon CoombsAUS2:07.310.81
78Denislav KalchevBUL2:08.160.83
81Gerald KohSGP2:11.760.69

Heat Five

14Jani SievinenFIN2:01.050.78Q
25Curtis MydenCAN2:01.500.77Q
33Greg BurgessUSA2:01.930.83Q
46Luca SacchiITA2:03.240.78q
58Ratapong SirisanontTHA2:05.180.82q
62Marcin MalińskiPOL2:05.420.88
77Petteri LehtinenFIN2:05.510.78
81Desmond KohSGP2:08.990.72

B Final (25 July 1996)

16Christian KellerGER2:02.900.66
23Martin van der SpoelNED2:03.010.77
34Luca SacchiITA2:03.490.81
42Stev ThelokeGER2:03.940.83
51Serghei MariniucMDA2:04.110.81
65Tatsuya KinugasaJPN2:04.590.80
78Ratapong SirisanontTHA2:05.020.83
87Jo YoshimiJPN2:05.420.73

Final (25 July 1996)

11Attila CzeneHUN1:59.910.80OR
24Jani SievinenFIN2:00.130.79
36Curtis MydenCAN2:01.130.75
45Marcel WoudaNED2:01.450.85
53Matt DunnAUS2:01.570.83
62Greg BurgessUSA2:02.560.85
77Tom DolanUSA2:03.890.71
88Xavier MarchandFRA2:04.290.78