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500 metres, Men

Date22 – 25 February 2006
LocationPalavela, Torino
Participants27 from 16 countries
FormatPlacements 1-8 based on final and B final. Deeper placements based on points earned in earlier rounds, and time in final round skated.
Olympic Record 41.802 / Marc Gagnon CAN / 23 February 2002

After two gold medals in the 1,000 and 1,500 m, An Hyeon-Su was gunning for a third title. However, the 500 m was not his specialty, although he had medalled in the event at the 2005 World Championships. Another non-specialist was Apolo Anton Ohno, who was hoping to improve on relatively poor results at the Olympics thus far (bronze in the 1,000 m). Canada was expecting to do well in this event, having François-Louis Tremblay as the defending World Champion.

The semi-finals saw one outsider for the title, Li Jiajun, the 2003 World Champion, being disqualified for intereference. This helped Ohno advance to the final, joining Tremblay and An. Ohno was lucky to draw the inner lane, and took full advantage of this, keeping his lead throughout the race. Tremblay attempted to pass various times, but without success, finishing second. An, meanwhile, placed third, nudging his skate over the line just 0.004 seconds ahead of Éric Bédard.

PosNrSkaterNOCLast RacePointsBest Time
1254Apolo Anton OhnoUSAAF-1Gold
2211François-Louis TremblayCANAF-2Silver
3239Hyeon-Su AnKORAF-3Bronze
4208Éric BédardCANAF-4
5220Jon EleyGBRAF-5
6238Satoru TeraoJPNBF-1
7232Nicola RodigariITABF-2
8206Wim De DeyneBELQF-34742.979
9233Roberto SerraITAQF-33442.773
10227Péter DarázsHUNQF-3341:01.289
11244Cees JuffermansNEDQF-32642.515
12240Lee Ho-SeokKORQF-4421:22.896
13225Arian NachbarGERQF-42942.605
14247Vyacheslav KurginyanRUSR1-31343.183
15236Takafumi NishitaniJPNR1-31343.212
16224Tyson HeungGERR1-31343.572
17250Volodymyr Hryhor'ievUKRR1-31343.583
18248Mikhail RazhinRUSR1-31344.077
19207Pieter GyselBELR1-4842.980
20221Paul StanleyGBRR1-4843.486
21249Matúš UžákSVKR1-4844.525
22203Alex McEwanAUSR1-4845.173
23253Anthony LobelloUSAR1-481:13.722
DQ215Li JiajunCHN
DQ214Li HaonanCHN
DQ246Dariusz KuleszaPOL
DQ242Seo Ho-JinKOR

Round One (22 February 2006)

Top two finishers in each heat and the next fastest non-qualifiers advanced to the quarter-finals.

Heat One (20:17)

11Hyeon-Su AnKOR42.96034Q
23Dariusz KuleszaPOL43.41621Q
32Tyson HeungGER43.57213

Heat Two (20:20)

12Éric BédardCAN42.48034Q
23Jon EleyGBR42.51121Q
31Vyacheslav KurginyanRUS43.18313
44Alex McEwanAUS45.1738

Heat Three (20:23)

11Wim De DeyneBEL42.88334Q
24Arian NachbarGER43.00621Q
33Volodymyr Hryhor'ievUKR43.58313
42Matúš UžákSVK44.5258

Heat Four (20:26)

12Satoru TeraoJPN42.60734Q
24François-Louis TremblayCAN42.77921Q
31Cees JuffermansNED42.84913q
DQ3Seo Ho-JinKOR

Heat Five (20:29)

12Li JiajunCHN42.91434Q
24Péter DarázsHUN42.92921Q
33Mikhail RazhinRUS44.07713
41Anthony LobelloUSA1:14.0008

Heat Six (20:32)

11Lee Ho-SeokKOR42.67634Q
23Li HaonanCHN42.70321Q
34Nicola RodigariITA42.81913q
42Pieter GyselBEL42.9808

Heat Seven (20:35)

13Apolo Anton OhnoUSA42.83634Q
22Roberto SerraITA43.12021Q
34Takafumi NishitaniJPN43.21213
41Paul StanleyGBR43.4868

Quarter-Finals (25 February 2006)

Top two finishers in each heat advanced to semi-finals.

Heat One (19:30)

12Hyeon-Su AnKOR42.21334Q
21Satoru TeraoJPN42.47121Q
34Cees JuffermansNED42.51513
43Arian NachbarGER42.6058

Heat Two (19:33)

14Li JiajunCHN43.10534Q
23Nicola RodigariITA43.70121Q
31Péter DarázsHUN1:01.28913
42Lee Ho-SeokKOR1:22.8968

Heat Three (19:36)

13Éric BédardCAN42.26734Q
21Jon EleyGBR42.42421Q
34Roberto SerraITA42.77313
DQ2Li HaonanCHN

Heat Four (19:39)

11Apolo Anton OhnoUSA42.02034Q
22François-Louis TremblayCAN42.11021Q
33Wim De DeyneBEL42.97913
DQ4Dariusz KuleszaPOL

Semi-Finals (25 February 2006)

Top two finishers in each heat advanced to final.

Heat One (20:14)

12François-Louis TremblayCAN42.26134Q
23Apolo Anton OhnoUSA42.40021Q
34Jon EleyGBR42.65013ADV
DQ1Li JiajunCHN

Heat Two (20:17)

11Hyeon-Su AnKOR41.82634Q
23Éric BédardCAN41.95021Q
32Satoru TeraoJPN42.12013
44Nicola RodigariITA42.1318

Final Round (25 February 2006 — 20:45)

B Final (20:45)

11Satoru TeraoJPN42.377
22Nicola RodigariITA42.398

A Final (20:48)

11Apolo Anton OhnoUSA41.935QOR
22François-Louis TremblayCAN42.002
33Hyeon-Su AnKOR42.089
44Éric BédardCAN42.093
55Jon EleyGBR42.497