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Épée, Individual, Men

Date7 – 9 August 1948
LocationPalace of Engineering, Wembley, London
Participants66 from 25 countries

Although Gino Cantone had performed well in the team competition, he was not chosen for the decisive match against France and, as he was not chosen for the individual event, it seemed he would have to settle for an Olympic silver to add to the team bronze he had won at the 1947 World Championships. Fate then intervened as teammate Dario Mangiarotti sustained a foot injury and Cantone was chosen to replace him. Cantone qualified for the final pool easily enough although he was by no means the most impressive of the qualifiers and went on to lose to the two Italian compatriots early in the decisive phase but then something strange happened. As Cantone notched up victories, the rest failed to take advantage of his early defeats and no one else could post better than a 5-4 win loss record. Since he was no more than the 4th or 5th ranked of the Italian fencers, his victory was clearly unexpected as was the silver medal gained by Oswald Zappelli of Switzerland.

1Gino CantoneITAGold
2Oswald ZappelliSUISilver
3Edoardo MangiarottiITABronze
4Henri GuérinFRA
5Jean RadouxBEL
6Henri LepageFRA
7Carlo AgostoniITA
8Émile GretschLUX
9Norman LewisUSA
10Ron ParfittGBR
6 p1 r3/4Bengt LjungquistSWE
6 p2 r3/4Marcel DespretsFRA
7 p2 r3/4Miguel BiancalanaBRA
=7 p1 r3/4Egill KnutzenNOR
=7 p1 r3/4Raúl SaucedoARG
8 p2 r3/4Charles DebeurBEL
9 p2 r3/4Mahmoud YounesEGY
DNF p1 r3/4Emiliano CamargoCOL
4 p1 r2/4Joe de CaprilesUSA
4 p2 r2/4Charles de BeaumontGBR
4 p3 r2/4Antonio VillamilARG
4 p4 r2/4Mogens LüchowDEN
4 p5 r2/4Paul AnenLUX
4 p6 r2/4Roberto MañalichCUB
5 p1 r2/4Alf HornCAN
5 p2 r2/4Frank CervellSWE
5 p3 r2/4Bert PellingGBR
5 p4 r2/4Robert LipsSUI
5 p5 r2/4Ib NielsenDEN
5 p6 r2/4Jean AsfarEGY
6 p1 r2/4Nils SjöblomFIN
6 p2 r2/4Helmi Abdel RahmanEGY
6 p3 r2/4Alfred EriksenNOR
6 p4 r2/4Vito SimonettiARG
6 p6 r2/4Carl ForssellSWE
=6 p5 r2/4Pál DunayHUN
=6 p5 r2/4Rodolphe SpillmannSUI
7 p1 r2/4Andreas SkotidasGRE
7 p2 r2/4Roelof HordijkNED
7 p3 r2/4Antonio HaroMEX
7 p4 r2/4Imre HennyeiHUN
7 p6 r2/4Roland AsselinCAN
8 p2 r2/4Carlos LamarCUB
5 p1 r1/4Álvaro PintoPOR
5 p2 r1/4Claus Mørch, Sr.NOR
5 p3 r1/4Emilio MerazMEX
5 p4 r1/4Fortunato CamargoBRA
5 p5 r1/4Raoul HenkartBEL
5 p6 r1/4Erkki KerttulaFIN
5 p7 r1/4Carlos IturriPER
5 p8 r1/4Emílio LinoPOR
6 p1 r1/4Enrique AccorsiCHI
6 p2 r1/4Albert WolffUSA
6 p3 r1/4Georges PouliotCAN
6 p4 r1/4Jan NawrockiPOL
6 p5 r1/4Béla MiklaHUN
6 p6 r1/4Henrique de Aguiar VallimBRA
7 p1 r1/4Ilmari VartiaFIN
7 p2 r1/4Manuel ChagasPOR
7 p3 r1/4Ignacio GoldsteinCHI
7 p4 r1/4Ioannis KaramazakisGRE
7 p5 r1/4Rajmund KarwickiPOL
7 p6 r1/4Athanasios NanopoulosGRE
8 p2 r1/4Alfonso AhumadaCOL
8 p4 r1/4Francisco ValeroMEX
8 p6 r1/4Fernand LeischenLUX
DNSSven ThofeltSWE
DNSDario MangiarottiITA
DNSRaymond StasseBEL
DNSMiguel ValderramaCOL
DNSKonstantinos BembisGRE
DNSBéla RerrichHUN
DNSZygmunt FoktPOL
DNSRené DybkærDEN
DNSHugo HiguerasPER

Round One (7 August 1948 — 09:00)

Top four finishers in each pool advanced to quarter-finals.

Pool 1

Jury PresidentLewis CordingGBR
PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts LostTDTR
1Robert LipsSUI429Q
2Helmi Abdel RahmanEGY4212Q
3Raúl SaucedoARG3311Q
4Paul AnenLUX3312Q
5Álvaro PintoPOR241416
6Enrique AccorsiCHI241216
7Ilmari VartiaFIN15
DNSCarlo AgostoniITA
DNSSven ThofeltSWE

Pool 2

Jury PresidentGuglielmo GrindaITA
PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts LostTDTR
1Antonio VillamilARG61Q
2Émile GretschLUX431811Q
3Nils SjöblomFIN431611Q
4Miguel BiancalanaBRA34Q
5Claus Mørch, Sr.NOR34
6Albert WolffUSA34
7Manuel ChagasPOR25
8Alfonso AhumadaCOL07
DNSDario MangiarottiITA

Pool 3

Jury PresidentJ. HeymannFRA
PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts Lost
1Bert PellingGBR50Q
2Rodolphe SpillmannSUI51Q
3Charles DebeurBEL32Q
4Vito SimonettiARG24Q
5Emilio MerazMEX24
6Georges PouliotCAN24
7Ignacio GoldsteinCHI06
DNSMogens LüchowDEN
DNSEdoardo MangiarottiITA

Pool 4

Jury PresidentBengt ForssellSWE
PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts LostTR
1Pál DunayHUN619Q
2Alf HornCAN6113Q
3Charles de BeaumontGBR52Q
4Jean RadouxBEL34Q
5Fortunato CamargoBRA34
6Jan NawrockiPOL34
7Ioannis KaramazakisGRE16
8Francisco ValeroMEX07
DNSRaymond StasseBEL
DNSMiguel ValderramaCOL
DNSKonstantinos BembisGRE
DNSBengt LjungquistSWE

Pool 5

Jury PresidentMax DuterqueFRA
PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts LostTDTR
1Oswald ZappelliSUI51Q
=2Antonio HaroMEX3312Q
=2Ron ParfittGBR3312Q
4Andreas SkotidasGRE3313Q
5Raoul HenkartBEL2413
6Béla MiklaHUN2415
7Rajmund KarwickiPOL15
DNSFrank CervellSWE

Pool 6

Jury PresidentJ. de A. MachadoPOR
PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts LostTR
1Egill KnutzenNOR514Q
2Roland AsselinCAN5213Q
3Imre HennyeiHUN4313Q
4Emiliano CamargoCOL4315Q
5Erkki KerttulaFIN3415
6Henrique de Aguiar VallimBRA3418
7Athanasios NanopoulosGRE25
8Fernand LeischenLUX06
DNSMarcel DespretsFRA
DNSIoannis KaramazakisGRE
DNSBéla RerrichHUN

Pool 7

Jury PresidentCarlo FilogamoITA
PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts LostTDTR
1Joe de CaprilesUSA40Q
2Alfred EriksenNOR228Q
3Carlos LamarCUB229Q
4Mahmoud YounesEGY13Q
5Carlos IturriPER13
DNSIb NielsenDEN
DNSHenri GuérinFRA
DNSZygmunt FoktPOL

Pool 8

Jury PresidentBobby WintonGBR
PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts LostTDTR
1Norman LewisUSA40Q
2Roelof HordijkNED127Q
3Roberto MañalichCUB128Q
4Jean AsfarEGY139Q
5Emílio LinoPOR04
DNSRené DybkærDEN
DNSHenri LepageFRA
DNSHugo HiguerasPER

Quarter-Finals (7 August 1948 — 15:00)

Top three finishers in each pool advanced to semi-finals. Competitors from nations in the team épée finals were also advanced to quarter-finals.

Pool 1

Jury PresidentR. MercierFRA
PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts Lost
1Oswald ZappelliSUI60Q
2Gino CantoneITA42Q
3Emiliano CamargoCOL33Q
4Joe de CaprilesUSA33
5Alf HornCAN33
6Nils SjöblomFIN15
7Andreas SkotidasGRE06

Pool 2

Jury PresidentF. SoilleFRA
PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts LostTDTR
1Carlo AgostoniITA52Q
=2Miguel BiancalanaBRA43Q
=2Raúl SaucedoARG43Q
4Charles de BeaumontGBR43
5Frank CervellSWE3415
6Helmi Abdel RahmanEGY3417
7Roelof HordijkNED24
8Carlos LamarCUB15

Pool 3

Jury PresidentSándor GombosHUN
PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts LostTDTR
1Émile GretschLUX51Q
2Edoardo MangiarottiITA429Q
3Bengt LjungquistSWE4213Q
4Antonio VillamilARG33
5Bert PellingGBR2413
6Alfred EriksenNOR2414
7Antonio HaroMEX15

Pool 4

Jury PresidentLewis CordingGBR
PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts LostTR
1Norman LewisUSA419Q
2Marcel DespretsFRA4211Q
3Charles DebeurBEL4213Q
4Mogens LüchowDEN23
5Robert LipsSUI12
6Vito SimonettiARG13
7Imre HennyeiHUN05

Pool 5

Jury PresidentJ. de A. MachadoPOR
PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts LostTR
1Mahmoud YounesEGY4210Q
2Jean RadouxBEL4214Q
3Henri LepageFRA33Q
4Paul AnenLUX33
5Ib NielsenDEN33
=6Pál DunayHUN1517
=6Rodolphe SpillmannSUI1517

Pool 6

Jury PresidentFernand ThiébaudSUI
PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts LostTDTR
1Henri GuérinFRA41148Q
2Ron ParfittGBR41138Q
3Egill KnutzenNOR4211Q
4Roberto MañalichCUB33
5Jean AsfarEGY2311
6Carl ForssellSWE2414
7Roland AsselinCAN05

Semi-Finals (9 August 1948 — 09:00)

Top five finishers in each pool advanced to final.

Pool 1

Jury PresidentF. SoilleFRA
PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts LostTDTR
1Norman LewisUSA61Q
2Jean RadouxBEL53Q
3Gino CantoneITA428Q
4Henri LepageFRA429Q
5Carlo AgostoniITA34Q
6Bengt LjungquistSWE34
=7Egill KnutzenNOR15
=7Raúl SaucedoARG16
DNFEmiliano CamargoCOL02

Pool 2

Jury PresidentGyörgy RozgonyiHUN
PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts LostTDTR
1Ron ParfittGBR62Q
2Henri GuérinFRA53Q
=3Émile GretschLUX43Q
=3Edoardo MangiarottiITA43Q
=3Oswald ZappelliSUI44Q
6Marcel DespretsFRA3518
7Miguel BiancalanaBRA3519
8Charles DebeurBEL3521
9Mahmoud YounesEGY17

Final Pool (9 August 1948 — 15:00)

Jury PresidentR. MercierFRA
PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts TiedBouts LostTDTR
1Gino CantoneITA7022415
2Oswald ZappelliSUI5042017
3Edoardo MangiarottiITA5042017
4Henri GuérinFRA5042019
5Jean RadouxBEL5041920
6Henri LepageFRA4051920
7Carlo AgostoniITA4142221
8Émile GretschLUX3061622
9Norman LewisUSA3242024
10Ron ParfittGBR2161823

Bout #1 Gino CantoneITA 3 – 1Oswald ZappelliSUI
Bout #2 Gino CantoneITA 3 – 2Henri GuérinFRA
Bout #3 Gino CantoneITA 3 – 0Jean RadouxBEL
Bout #4 Gino CantoneITA 3 – 2Henri LepageFRA
Bout #5 Gino CantoneITA 3 – 1Émile GretschLUX
Bout #6 Gino CantoneITA 3 – 1Norman LewisUSA
Bout #7 Gino CantoneITA 3 – 2Ron ParfittGBR
Bout #8 Oswald ZappelliSUI 3 – 0Edoardo MangiarottiITA
Bout #9 Oswald ZappelliSUI 3 – 2Henri GuérinFRA
Bout #10 Oswald ZappelliSUI 3 – 1Carlo AgostoniITA
Bout #11 Oswald ZappelliSUI 3 – 1Émile GretschLUX
Bout #12 Oswald ZappelliSUI 3 – 1Ron ParfittGBR
Bout #13 Edoardo MangiarottiITA 3 – 1Gino CantoneITA
Bout #14 Edoardo MangiarottiITA 3 – 0Henri GuérinFRA
Bout #15 Edoardo MangiarottiITA 3 – 2Jean RadouxBEL
Bout #16 Edoardo MangiarottiITA 3 – 1Henri LepageFRA
Bout #17 Edoardo MangiarottiITA 3 – 1Émile GretschLUX
Bout #18 Henri GuérinFRA 3 – 1Jean RadouxBEL
Bout #19 Henri GuérinFRA 3 – 1Henri LepageFRA
Bout #20 Henri GuérinFRA 3 – 2Émile GretschLUX
Bout #21 Henri GuérinFRA 3 – 2Norman LewisUSA
Bout #22 Henri GuérinFRA 3 – 1Ron ParfittGBR
Bout #23 Jean RadouxBEL 3 – 1Oswald ZappelliSUI
Bout #24 Jean RadouxBEL 3 – 2Carlo AgostoniITA
Bout #25 Jean RadouxBEL 3 – 2Émile GretschLUX
Bout #26 Jean RadouxBEL 3 – 1Norman LewisUSA
Bout #27 Jean RadouxBEL 3 – 2Ron ParfittGBR
Bout #28 Henri LepageFRA 3 – 1Oswald ZappelliSUI
Bout #29 Henri LepageFRA 3 – 1Jean RadouxBEL
Bout #30 Henri LepageFRA 3 – 1Ron ParfittGBR
Bout #31 Henri LepageFRA 3 – 2Carlo AgostoniITA
Bout #32 Carlo AgostoniITA 3 – 2Gino CantoneITA
Bout #33 Carlo AgostoniITA 3 – 1Edoardo MangiarottiITA
Bout #34 Carlo AgostoniITA 3 – 1Henri GuérinFRA
Bout #35 Carlo AgostoniITA 3 – 3Norman LewisUSA
Bout #36 Carlo AgostoniITA 3 – 2Ron ParfittGBR
Bout #37 Émile GretschLUX 3 – 1Henri LepageFRA
Bout #38 Émile GretschLUX 3 – 2Carlo AgostoniITA
Bout #39 Émile GretschLUX 3 – 1Norman LewisUSA
Bout #40 Norman LewisUSA 3 – 2Oswald ZappelliSUI
Bout #41 Norman LewisUSA 3 – 2Edoardo MangiarottiITA
Bout #42 Norman LewisUSA 3 – 2Henri LepageFRA
Bout #43 Norman LewisUSA 3 – 3Ron ParfittGBR
Bout #44 Ron ParfittGBR 3 – 2Edoardo MangiarottiITA
Bout #45 Ron ParfittGBR 3 – 0Émile GretschLUX

Final Pool, Barrage 2-3 (9 August 1948)

Bout #1 Oswald ZappelliSUI 3 – 0Edoardo MangiarottiITA