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400 metres Individual Medley, Men

Date14 August 2004
LocationOlympiako Kentro Ugrou Stivou, Olympiako Athletiko Kentro Athinon Spiros Loues, Athina (Main Pool)
Participants36 from 26 countries

This was the first swimming event to be concluded in Athens and also marked the first final of Michael Phelps’ epic attempt to win an unprecedented eight gold medals at a single Olympic celebration. Fortunately for Phelps this first final was possibly his strongest ever of the entire Games and therefore it came as little surprise when he blazed away into the lead. By the 200 metre mark he had a wide lead over László Cseh, Jr. and was well under the world record splits. Phelps eventually finished in world record time with compatriot Erik Vendt overhauling Cseh for silver in the final length of freestyle.

Phelps retained this title in Beijing but failed to win a medal in 2012 where he placed fourth.

1Michael PhelpsUSA4:13.29 (1 h5)4:08.26 (1)Gold
2Erik VendtUSA4:16.68 (2 h5)4:11.81 (2)Silver
3László Cseh, Jr.HUN4:14.26 (1 h4)4:12.15 (3)Bronze
4Alessio BoggiattoITA4:15.78 (1 h3)4:12.28 (4)
5Oussama MellouliTUN4:16.68 (2 h4)4:14.49 (5)
6Ioannis KokkodisGRE4:16.56 (3 h3)4:18.60 (6)
7Jiro MikiJPN4:16.32 (2 h3)4:19.97 (7)
8Travis NederpeltAUS4:16.77 (3 h5)4:20.08 (8)
9Ioannis DrymonakosGRE4:16.83 (3 h4)
10Luca MarinITA4:16.85 (4 h4)
11Justin NorrisAUS4:16.90 (4 h5)
12Robin FrancisGBR4:18.34 (5 h4)
13Dean KentNZL4:18.55 (1 h2)
14Wu PengCHN4:19.32 (4 h3)
15Brian JohnsCAN4:21.10 (5 h5)
16Keith BeaversCAN4:21.47 (6 h5)
17Thiago PereiraBRA4:22.06 (5 h3)
18Susumu TabuchiJPN4:22.46 (6 h3)
19Lucas SalattaBRA4:23.01 (7 h3)
20Kim Bang-HyeonKOR4:23.05 (2 h2)
21Igor BerezutskyRUS4:23.20 (7 h5)
22Jeremy KnowlesBAH4:23.29 (3 h2)
23Adrian TurnerGBR4:23.53 (6 h4)
24Aleksey KovriginRUS4:23.77 (8 h5)
25Bradley AllyBAR4:24.70 (4 h2)
26Dmytro NazarenkoUKR4:26.15 (7 h4)
27Vytautas JanušaitisLTU4:26.30 (5 h2)
28Liu WeijiaCHN4:27.02 (8 h4)
29Yves PlatelSUI4:28.94 (6 h2)
30Guntars DeičmansLAT4:29.17 (7 h2)
31Marko MilenkovičSLO4:30.99 (8 h3)
32Saša ImprićCRO4:32.02 (1 h1)
33Drew MacKayCAY4:32.38 (2 h1)
34Miguel MolinaPHI4:33.25 (8 h2)
35Lin Yu-AnTPE4:41.86 (3 h1)
36Nikita PolyakovUZB5:09.76 (4 h1)

Round One (14 August 2004)

Fastest eight advanced to the final.

Heat One (10:00)

14Saša ImprićCRO4:32.020.76
25Drew MacKayCAY4:32.380.66
36Lin Yu-AnTPE4:41.860.66
43Nikita PolyakovUZB5:09.760.87

Heat Two (10:07)

12Dean KentNZL4:18.550.74
21Kim Bang-HyeonKOR4:23.050.86
34Jeremy KnowlesBAH4:23.290.75
46Bradley AllyBAR4:24.700.88
57Vytautas JanušaitisLTU4:26.300.85
65Yves PlatelSUI4:28.940.78
78Guntars DeičmansLAT4:29.170.87
83Miguel MolinaPHI4:33.250.70

Heat Three (10:14)

14Alessio BoggiattoITA4:15.780.84Q
25Jiro MikiJPN4:16.320.67Q
37Ioannis KokkodisGRE4:16.560.94Q
46Wu PengCHN4:19.320.80
52Thiago PereiraBRA4:22.060.81
63Susumu TabuchiJPN4:22.460.85
71Lucas SalattaBRA4:23.010.76
88Marko MilenkovičSLO4:30.990.81

Heat Four (10:21)

14László Cseh, Jr.HUN4:14.260.84Q
23Oussama MellouliTUN4:16.680.77Q
32Ioannis DrymonakosGRE4:16.830.74
45Luca MarinITA4:16.850.96
57Robin FrancisGBR4:18.340.91
66Adrian TurnerGBR4:23.530.83
71Dmytro NazarenkoUKR4:26.150.88
88Liu WeijiaCHN4:27.020.77

Heat Five (10:28)

14Michael PhelpsUSA4:13.290.78Q
25Erik VendtUSA4:16.680.63Q
36Travis NederpeltAUS4:16.770.80Q
43Justin NorrisAUS4:16.900.81
52Brian JohnsCAN4:21.100.80
67Keith BeaversCAN4:21.470.72
71Igor BerezutskyRUS4:23.200.85
88Aleksey KovriginRUS4:23.770.87

Final (14 August 2004 — 19:30)

14Michael PhelpsUSA4:08.260.77WR
21Erik VendtUSA4:11.810.70
35László Cseh, Jr.HUN4:12.150.87
43Alessio BoggiattoITA4:12.280.83
57Oussama MellouliTUN4:14.490.81
62Ioannis KokkodisGRE4:18.600.91
76Jiro MikiJPN4:19.970.67
88Travis NederpeltAUS4:20.080.84