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Team Sprint (Freestyle), Men

Date21 February 2018
LocationAlpensia Cross-Country Centre, Alpensia Resort, Mountain Cluster, Daegwallyeong
Participants56 from 28 countries
FormatTwo-man teams, each skiing three alternate legs of approximately 1,500 metres.
DetailsCourse Length: 1,381 m
Height Differential: 27 m
Maximum Climb: 25 m
Total Climbing: 53 m

One week after the individual sprint, 28 two-men teams took part in the team sprint. They had to qualify in two heats with 14 teams in each. The first two from each heat, plus another six fastest teams advanced to the final. Maybe the biggest surprise in this round was the failing of the Swiss team that contained 15 km gold medalist Dario Cologna. The heavily favored Norwegian team of Johannes Høsflot Klæbo, already a double gold medalist in PyeongChang, and Martin Johnsrud Sundby, did not waste any energy in both rounds. Then, in the fourth round, things really went off, when all of a sudden Klæbo, lying second to Aleksandr Bolshunov, started his attack and nobody followed him immediately. Even though in the next leg, the pack led by Denis Spitsov from the OAR team, and Sweden’s Marcus Hellner, almost close the gap, but Sundby maintained an extremely high pace and eventually increased the lead, when he passed on to Klæbo for his last round. On the last leg, Klæbo made it clear the he was not willing to give the others any chance of fighting for gold. Three teams, OAR, Sweden and France then battled for the other two medal places with Bolshunov holding on to second place for the OAR, but had a hard time defending it against Richard Jouve of Fance on the last stretch in the stadium. A rather exhausted Calle Halfvarsson continued Sweden’s non-medal streak with a fourth place.

The victory of Sundby and Klæbo in the men’s team sprint did not come as a surprise, like the gold of the US team in the women’s event on the same day. The Olympic Athletes from Russia confirmed their excellent performances in the previous races, although the athletes that won the last World’s title were banned from the Games. France’s bronze medal was their second team medal after taking bronze in the 4x10 km relay. Behind fourth-placed Sweden, were Italy and the United States in fifth and sixth, although the American Erik Bjornsen fell at the beginning of the third round. For Italy, Federico Pellegrino, the individual sprint silver medalist from the last World Championships, came nowhere near a medal in PyeongChang.

1Martin Johnsrud Sundby / Johannes Høsflot KlæboNORGold
2Denis Spitsov / Aleksandr BolshunovROCSilver
3Maurice Manificat / Richard JouveFRABronze
4Marcus Hellner / Calle HalfvarssonSWE
5Dietmar Nöckler / Federico PellegrinoITA
6Erik Bjornsen / Simi HamiltonUSA
7Martin Jakš / Aleš RazýmCZE
8Len Väljas / Alex HarveyCAN
9Martti Jylhä / Ristomatti HakolaFIN
10Sebastian Eisenlauer / Thomas BingGER
11Roman Furger / Dario ColognaSUI
12Andrew Musgrave / Andrew YoungGBR
13Dominik Bury / Maciej StaręgaPOL
14Mikhail Siamionau / Yury AstapenkaBLR
15Paul Pepene / Alin Florin CioancăROU
16Imanol Rojo / Marti VigoESP
17Andriy Orlyk / Oleksiy KrasovskyiUKR
18Miha Šimenc / Janez LampičSLO
19Peter Mlynár / Andrej SegečSVK
20Yordan Chuchuganov / Veselin TsinzovBUL
21Mantas Strolia / Modestas VaičiulisLTU
22Callum Watson / Phil BellinghamAUS
23Kim Magnus / Kim Eun-HoKOR
24Wang Qiang / Sun QinghaiCHN
25Ömer Ayçiçek / Hamza DursunTUR
DQBernhard Tritscher / Dominik BaldaufAUT1
DQDenis Volotka / Aleksey PoltoraninKAZ2
DQMarko Kilp / Karel TammjärvEST3


Date21 February 2018 — 17:44
FormatFirst 3 teams in each heat plus the four fastest losers qualify for final.

Heat #1

PosNumberCompetitorsNOCTimeLeg 1Leg 2Leg 3
11Olympic Athletes from RussiaROC15:58.84Q
15-1Denis Spitsov 2:34.632:39.092:43.83
15-2Aleksandr Bolshunov 2:31.512:40.452:49.33
16-1Marcus Hellner 2:33.352:40.402:41.87
16-2Calle Halfvarsson 2:30.552:42.552:50.27
19-1Sebastian Eisenlauer 2:34.362:38.912:42.70
19-2Thomas Bing 2:32.782:41.122:50.68
18-1Martti Jylhä 2:35.002:39.802:44.39
18-2Ristomatti Hakola 2:34.122:38.742:49.36
56Czech RepublicCZE16:08.78q
20-1Martin Jakš 2:35.532:36.822:38.25
20-2Aleš Razým 2:35.972:44.852:57.36
63Great BritainGBR16:30.62
17-1Andrew Musgrave 2:34.642:37.962:46.58
17-2Andrew Young 2:38.132:46.533:06.78
21-1Mikhail Siamionau 2:35.282:40.862:46.43
21-2Yury Astapenka 2:33.132:44.143:12.47
24-1Paul Pepene 2:35.792:42.012:58.75
24-2Alin Florin Cioancă 2:32.102:48.463:15.27
25-1Imanol Rojo 2:36.092:46.272:54.02
25-2Marti Vigo 2:38.442:54.633:10.38
26-1Miha Šimenc 2:37.192:38.993:04.37
26-2Janez Lampič 2:38.252:57.493:28.50
28-1Mantas Strolia 2:36.712:56.323:22.05
28-2Modestas Vaičiulis 2:36.492:51.023:19.14
1213Republic of KoreaKOR17:56.71
27-1Kim Magnus 2:34.072:54.053:00.52
27-2Kim Eun-Ho 2:40.983:14.703:32.39
23-1Ömer Ayçiçek 2:50.973:11.963:17.11
23-2Hamza Dursun 2:50.843:05.393:29.51
22-1Bernhard Tritscher 2:34.152:40.912:51.76
22-2Dominik Baldauf [2:30.54][2:44.08][3:22.25]5

Heat #2

PosNumberCompetitorsNOCTimeLeg 1Leg 2Leg 3
1-1Martin Johnsrud Sundby 2:32.582:39.672:45.49
1-2Johannes Høsflot Klæbo 2:31.642:42.732:51.86
4-1Maurice Manificat 2:28.232:40.672:44.70
4-2Richard Jouve 2:33.252:44.852:52.75
36United StatesUSA16:04.69q
6-1Erik Bjornsen 2:31.812:39.452:39.95
6-2Simi Hamilton 2:33.522:42.582:57.38
3-1Dietmar Nöckler 2:32.802:43.442:50.04
3-2Federico Pellegrino 2:33.182:38.402:49.33
7-1Len Väljas 2:33.512:42.812:49.60
7-2Alex Harvey 2:32.192:39.862:49.27
2-1Roman Furger 2:32.252:44.482:53.48
2-2Dario Cologna 2:32.352:38.892:49.07
10-1Dominik Bury 2:33.052:43.372:48.69
10-2Maciej Staręga 2:33.252:39.073:04.40
11-1Andriy Orlyk 2:43.332:58.523:00.68
11-2Oleksiy Krasovskyi 2:44.712:48.143:17.12
12-1Peter Mlynár 2:34.552:54.032:59.60
12-2Andrej Segeč 2:41.283:06.433:18.23
9-1Yordan Chuchuganov 2:49.433:04.103:06.43
9-2Veselin Tsinzov 2:45.512:51.503:01.29
13-1Callum Watson 2:39.663:06.233:04.91
13-2Phil Bellingham 2:39.622:54.173:13.77
1214People's Republic of ChinaCHN18:11.95
14-1Wang Qiang 2:33.653:01.403:14.33
14-2Sun Qinghai 2:40.963:01.563:40.05
5-1Denis Volotka 2:33.162:47.092:56.69
5-2Aleksey Poltoranin [2:33.44][2:41.39][2:58.33]7
8-1Marko Kilp 2:33.962:44.342:56.47
8-2Karel Tammjärv [2:34.12][2:42.31][2:59.10]9

Final Round

Date21 February 2018 — 19:30
PosNumberCompetitorsNOCTimeLeg 1Leg 2Leg 3
1-1Martin Johnsrud Sundby 2:36.492:36.702:36.65
1-2Johannes Høsflot Klæbo 2:46.282:32.202:47.94
21Olympic Athletes from RussiaROC15:57.97
15-1Denis Spitsov 2:36.862:37.212:40.78
15-2Aleksandr Bolshunov 2:46.242:33.032:43.85
4-1Maurice Manificat 2:37.162:37.442:38.93
4-2Richard Jouve 2:45.212:35.122:44.42
16-1Marcus Hellner 2:36.122:36.962:39.65
16-2Calle Halfvarsson 2:45.962:34.802:45.84
3-1Dietmar Nöckler 2:37.592:39.252:45.07
3-2Federico Pellegrino 2:46.072:31.762:55.07
66United StatesUSA16:16.98
6-1Erik Bjornsen 2:37.462:38.932:40.13
6-2Simi Hamilton 2:45.882:37.632:56.95
710Czech RepublicCZE16:24.83
20-1Martin Jakš 2:39.702:40.002:41.43
20-2Aleš Razým 2:45.612:39.092:59.00
7-1Len Väljas 2:38.562:43.432:52.36
7-2Alex Harvey 2:44.932:35.682:56.90
18-1Martti Jylhä 2:40.042:40.892:57.88
18-2Ristomatti Hakola 2:44.032:32.692:56.77
19-1Sebastian Eisenlauer 2:37.882:38.672:59.15
19-2Thomas Bing 2:45.382:35.453:05.67