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Singles, Men

Date16 – 17 February 2018
LocationGangneung Ice Arena, Gangneung Olympic Park, Coastal Cluster, Gangneung
Participants30 from 21 countries
FormatTotal of points from short program and free skating.

The men’s singles figure skating competition of the 2018 Olympic Winter Games was held on 16 February (short program) and 17 February (free skate) at the Gangneung Ice Arena with 30 men from 21 nations. It had a great depth of talent.

The front-runner for gold was Japan’s Yuzuru Hanyu, who entered the Games looking to defend his 2014 Olympic title from Sochi. Considered one of the greatest of all time, there were fears that his performance would be affected from a recently recovered ankle injury.

Those looking to dethrone Hanyu, included Shoma Uno of Japan, China’s Jin Boyang, Spain’s Javier Fernández and USA’s Nathan Chen. Also in the field was Canada’s Patrick Chan, the two-time Olympic silver medalist (2014) and three-time World champion (2011, 2012, 2013), who already had won the 2018 Olympic team event, and was in search of another medal in PyeongChang.

In another era, Uno would have been the world number one figure skater and have the adoration of his nation, except for one thing – his countryman Hanyu. Uno, the 2015 World Junior champion, was narrowly defeated for gold by Hanyu at the 2017 World Championships (by 2.28 points), settling for silver.

China’s Jin Boyang, two-time World bronze medalist (Boston 2016, Milan 2017) and 2015 World Junior silver medalist, was the first skater to ever land four quad jumps in a free skate, six quads in international competition, first ever to land a quad lutz-triple toe loop combination in international competition, and the former record holder of scoring the most points on one element (the quad lutz-triple toe loop combination).

Fernández, a two-time Olympian (2010, 2014), arrived in PyeongChang as the two-time World champion (2015, 2016) and six-time consecutive European champion (2013-2018).

The American Chen had the most pressure on him, and had been anointed the Olympic champion even before the Games started. He was, at the time, the only skater ever to land five quadruple jumps in one routine, which he did at the USA Championships in January 2018, just prior to the Olympic Winter Games.

The other American, media darling Adam Rippon, had a different pressure on him when he was thrown into the global spotlight carrying an entire community on his back as, the first openly gay man to be named to the USA Olympic Winter team. While not fighting for the top of the podium, a bronze medal was possible.

Skating to Chopin’s “Ballade No. 1” and landing two quads, Hanyu led after the short program, with the second highest short program score ever recorded (the only higher score was also from Hanyu). His performance brought a sea of Winnie-the-Pooh stuffed animals raining down on the ice from his fans, as a result of Hanyu’s affection for the A. A. Milne character. But the real test would be to see if the recently recovered ankle injury could hold up to all the jumping in the free skate. He was followed in the scores by Fernández, Uno and Jin. Chan sat in sixth. The American Chen had a disastrous short program, leaving him in 17th position and no hope of a medal.

A picture of poise and elegance, Hanyu skated masterfully in the long program free skate, unaffected by his ankle injury, scoring 206.17 points giving him a total of 317.85 points and the gold medal - the 1000th medal event in the history of the Olympic Winter Games. His fans went bonkers – screaming, crying, waving flags and caricatures, and of course, more Winnine-the-Poohs for their champion. Hanyu had become the first man in 66 years to win consecutive gold medals in figure skating (after USA’s Dick Button in 1948 and 1952). Fellow countryman Uno won the silver medal, and Spain’s Fernández captured the bronze medal (winning his country’s first figure skating medal and fourth medal ever at the Winter Olympics). Jin overtook Chen by less than a point, placing fourth overall and representing a new optimism for his nation in men’s singles. More history was made when Vincent Zhou landed the first Olympic quadruple lutz, one of the sport’s most difficult jumps.

With nothing to lose in the long program free skate, Chen went for broke by throwing in six quadruple jumps, orchestrating one of the greatest comebacks in figure skating history to win the free skate with a score of 215.08 points (8.91 points ahead of Hanyu, followed by Uno and Fernández) and lead in points, until the final five skaters. He placed an incredible fifth overall.

PosNrSkaterNOCPointsShort ProgramFree Skating
1Yuzuru HanyuJPN317.85111.68 (1)206.17 (2)Gold
2Shoma UnoJPN306.90104.17 (3)202.73 (3)Silver
3Javier FernándezESP305.24107.58 (2)197.66 (4)Bronze
4Jin BoyangCHN297.77103.32 (4)194.45 (5)
5Nathan ChenUSA297.3582.27 (17)215.08 (1)
6Vincent ZhouUSA276.6984.53 (12)192.16 (6)
7Dmitry AliyevROC267.5198.98 (5)168.53 (13)
8Mikhail KolyadaROC264.2586.69 (8)177.56 (7)
9Patrick ChanCAN263.4390.01 (6)173.42 (8)
10Adam RipponUSA259.3687.95 (7)171.41 (10)
11Alexei BychenkoISR257.0184.13 (13)172.88 (9)
12Keegan MessingCAN255.4385.11 (10)170.32 (12)
13Daniel SamohinISR251.4480.69 (18)170.75 (11)
14Jorik HendrickxBEL248.9584.74 (11)164.21 (16)
15Cha Jun-HwanKOR248.5983.43 (15)165.16 (14)
16Michal BřezinaCZE246.0785.15 (9)160.92 (18)
17Misha GeUZB244.9483.90 (14)161.04 (17)
18Keiji TanakaJPN244.8380.05 (20)164.78 (15)
19Deniss VasiļjevsLAT234.5879.52 (21)155.06 (20)
20Brendan KerryAUS233.8183.06 (16)150.75 (21)
21Matteo RizzoITA232.4175.63 (23)156.78 (19)
22Paul FentzGER214.5574.73 (24)139.82 (22)
23Yan HanCHN213.0180.63 (19)132.38 (23)
24Morisi KvitelashviliGEO204.5776.56 (22)128.01 (24)
25 r1/2Julian YeeMAS73.5873.58 (25)
26 r1/2Chafik BesseghierFRA72.1072.10 (26)
27 r1/2Denis TenKAZ70.1270.12 (27)
28 r1/2Michael Christian MartinezPHI55.5655.56 (28)
29 r1/2Felipe MontoyaESP52.4152.41 (29)
30 r1/2Yaroslav PaniotUKR46.5846.58 (30)

Short Program (16 February 2018 — 10:00)

Judge #1Daniel DelfaESP
Judge #2Agita ĀbeleLAT
Judge #3Philippe MériguetFRA
Judge #4Saodat NumanovaUZB
Judge #5Sakae YamamotoJPN
Judge #6Olga KozhemyakinaRUS
Judge #7Elizabeth RyanAUS
Judge #8Janice HunterCAN
Judge #9Chen WeiguangCHN
PosNrSkaterNOCPointsTech. ElementsProgr. ComponentsDeductions
1Yuzuru HanyuJPN111.6863.1848.500.00Q
2Javier FernándezESP107.5859.7947.790.00Q
3Shoma UnoJPN104.1758.1346.040.00Q
4Jin BoyangCHN103.3260.2743.050.00Q
5Dmitry AliyevROC98.9856.9842.000.00Q
6Patrick ChanCAN90.0145.0845.93-1.00Q
7Adam RipponUSA87.9544.4843.470.00Q
8Mikhail KolyadaROC86.6943.8443.85-1.00Q
9Michal BřezinaCZE85.1544.3440.810.00Q
10Keegan MessingCAN85.1145.5040.61-1.00Q
11Jorik HendrickxBEL84.7444.1740.570.00Q
12Vincent ZhouUSA84.5348.5036.030.00Q
13Alexei BychenkoISR84.1343.6340.500.00Q
14Misha GeUZB83.9041.7542.150.00Q
15Cha Jun-HwanKOR83.4343.7939.640.00Q
16Brendan KerryAUS83.0645.4937.570.00Q
17Nathan ChenUSA82.2741.3941.88-1.00Q
18Daniel SamohinISR80.6943.2938.40-1.00Q
19Yan HanCHN80.6340.9940.64-1.00Q
20Keiji TanakaJPN80.0540.3040.75-1.00Q
21Deniss VasiļjevsLAT79.5239.3441.18-1.00Q
22Morisi KvitelashviliGEO76.5640.8836.68-1.00Q
23Matteo RizzoITA75.6339.2336.400.00Q
24Paul FentzGER74.7337.7137.020.00Q
25Julian YeeMAS73.5838.3735.210.00
26Chafik BesseghierFRA72.1038.4133.690.00
27Denis TenKAZ70.1230.7739.350.00
28Michael Christian MartinezPHI55.5626.0429.520.00
29Felipe MontoyaESP52.4122.5930.82-1.00
30Yaroslav PaniotUKR46.5818.6829.90-2.00

Free Skating (17 February 2018 — 10:00)

Judge #1Yuriy GuskovKAZ
Judge #2Lorrie ParkerUSA
Judge #3Saodat NumanovaUZB
Judge #4Sakae YamamotoJPN
Judge #5Albert ZaydmanISR
Judge #6Olga KozhemyakinaRUS
Judge #7Chen WeiguangCHN
Judge #8Richard KosinaCZE
Judge #9Agita ĀbeleLAT
PosNrSkaterNOCPointsTech. ElementsProgr. ComponentsDeductions
1Nathan ChenUSA215.08127.6487.440.00
2Yuzuru HanyuJPN206.17109.5596.620.00
3Shoma UnoJPN202.73111.0192.72-1.00
4Javier FernándezESP197.66101.5296.140.00
5Jin BoyangCHN194.45109.6985.76-1.00
6Vincent ZhouUSA192.16112.2479.920.00
7Mikhail KolyadaROC177.5691.6287.94-2.00
8Patrick ChanCAN173.4281.5691.860.00
9Alexei BychenkoISR172.8889.0883.800.00
10Adam RipponUSA171.4184.4786.940.00
11Daniel SamohinISR170.7589.0381.720.00
12Keegan MessingCAN170.3284.8885.440.00
13Dmitry AliyevROC168.5385.3985.14-2.00
14Cha Jun-HwanKOR165.1684.9481.22-1.00
15Keiji TanakaJPN164.7885.6481.14-2.00
16Jorik HendrickxBEL164.2181.7982.420.00
17Misha GeUZB161.0474.9686.080.00
18Michal BřezinaCZE160.9276.5884.340.00
19Matteo RizzoITA156.7880.8675.920.00
20Deniss VasiļjevsLAT155.0676.4280.64-2.00
21Brendan KerryAUS150.7573.3377.420.00
22Paul FentzGER139.8266.9872.840.00
23Yan HanCHN132.3853.8079.58-1.00
24Morisi KvitelashviliGEO128.0163.3570.66-6.00