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400 metres Individual Medley, Women

Date14 August 2004
LocationOlympiako Kentro Ugrou Stivou, Olympiako Athletiko Kentro Athinon Spiros Loues, Athina (Main Pool)
Participants25 from 21 countries

As an 18-year-old, Ukraine’s Yana Klochkova won both medley races at the Sydney Olympics. By the time of the Athens Games she had been long established as the best medley swimmer in the world but a new generation, led by 15-year-old Katie Hoff, were beginning to nip at her heels. Hoff came to Athens as world leader for 2004 but failed to live up to her previous form as she finished 10 seconds off her best in her heat and well outside the qualifying positions.

Instead the challenge to Klochkova came from another American in the form of Kaitlin Sandeno. Sandeno had never broken 3:40.00 before Athens but, in the rarefied atmosphere of the Olympic final, she had the race of the life and took more than five seconds off her personal best to hound Klochkova almost into the final metres of the race. The Ukrainian held out to win over Sandeno by just 12 hundredths of a second with Georgina Bardach winning a rare swimming medal for Argentina, their first since 1936, in third.

1Yana KlochkovaUKR4:38.36 (1 h4)4:34.83 (1)Gold
2Kaitlin SandenoUSA4:40.21 (2 h4)4:34.95 (2)Silver
3Georgina BardachARG4:41.20 (1 h2)4:37.51 (3)Bronze
4Éva RisztovHUN4:41.20 (1 h3)4:39.29 (4)
5Joanna MaranhãoBRA4:42.01 (3 h4)4:40.00 (5)
6Nicole HetzerGER4:41.74 (2 h2)4:40.20 (6)
7Nam Yu-SeonKOR4:45.16 (3 h2)4:50.35 (7)
8Vasiliki AngelopoulouGRE4:44.90 (4 h4)4:50.85 (8)
9Helen NorfolkNZL4:45.21 (4 h2)
10Misa AmanoJPN4:45.61 (5 h4)
11Elizabeth WardenCAN4:46.27 (2 h3)
12Lara CarrollAUS4:46.32 (5 h2)
13Anja KlinarSLO4:46.66 (3 h3)
14Beatrice CăşlaruROU4:46.94 (6 h4)
15Zsu JakabosHUN4:47.21 (7 h4)
16Alessia FilippiITA4:47.26 (4 h3)
17Katie HoffUSA4:47.49 (6 h2)
18Teresa RohmannGER4:48.51 (5 h3)
19Jennifer ReillyAUS4:49.04 (6 h3)
20Lin Man-HsuTPE4:52.22 (8 h4)
21Yana MartynovaRUS4:52.96 (7 h2)
22Nimitta ThaveesupsoonthornTHA5:00.06 (1 h1)
23Ana DangalakovaBUL5:01.00 (2 h1)
24Sabria-Faiza DahaneALG5:10.20 (3 h1)
DQZhang TianyiCHN– (DQ h3)

Round One (14 August 2004)

Fastest eight advanced to the final.

Heat One (11:28)

14Nimitta ThaveesupsoonthornTHA5:00.060.82
25Ana DangalakovaBUL5:01.000.98
33Sabria-Faiza DahaneALG5:10.200.80

Heat Two (11:35)

15Georgina BardachARG4:41.200.86Q
26Nicole HetzerGER4:41.740.92Q
31Nam Yu-SeonKOR4:45.160.93Q
42Helen NorfolkNZL4:45.210.73
53Lara CarrollAUS4:46.320.82
64Katie HoffUSA4:47.490.81
77Yana MartynovaRUS4:52.960.93

Heat Three (11:42)

14Éva RisztovHUN4:41.200.87Q
26Elizabeth WardenCAN4:46.270.83
33Anja KlinarSLO4:46.660.84
41Alessia FilippiITA4:47.260.97
57Teresa RohmannGER4:48.510.96
65Jennifer ReillyAUS4:49.040.84
DQ2Zhang TianyiCHN[0.87]

Heat Four (11:49)

14Yana KlochkovaUKR4:38.360.83Q
25Kaitlin SandenoUSA4:40.210.78Q
36Joanna MaranhãoBRA4:42.010.72Q
41Vasiliki AngelopoulouGRE4:44.900.74Q
52Misa AmanoJPN4:45.610.83
63Beatrice CăşlaruROU4:46.940.87
77Zsu JakabosHUN4:47.210.93
88Lin Man-HsuTPE4:52.220.81

Final (14 August 2004 — 20:13)

14Yana KlochkovaUKR4:34.830.80
25Kaitlin SandenoUSA4:34.950.74
33Georgina BardachARG4:37.510.88
46Éva RisztovHUN4:39.290.86
57Joanna MaranhãoBRA4:40.000.71
62Nicole HetzerGER4:40.200.94
78Nam Yu-SeonKOR4:50.350.88
81Vasiliki AngelopoulouGRE4:50.850.75