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3,000 metres, Handicap, Professionals, Men

Date10 – 14 September 1900
StatusOlympic (non-medal)
LocationVélodrome Municipal de Vincennes, Paris
Participants67 from 13 countries

This was a lesser event with 67 starters riding three heats, with the top four finishers in each heat advancing to the final on the final day of the professional program. The highest ranked rider was Dutchman Harry Meijers, who went off from the 5-metre mark. Handicaps were given up to 300 metres with the race won by Pierre Chevalier, who went off with a 235-metre handicap, third largest of the final field. He received 600 francs for winning, with runner-up Moussier taking home 400 francs.

1Pierre ChevalierFRA
2 MoussierFRA
3Charles JueFRA
4Paul DanglaFRA
5Charles BrécyFRA
ACHarry MeijersNED
ACGaston PrévostFRA
ACVictor ThuauFRA
ACJosé SolerESP
AC h1 r1/2Edmond JacquelinFRA
AC h1 r1/2Jack GreenGBR
AC h1 r1/2Floyd McFarlandUSA
AC h1 r1/2Giuseppe SingrossiITA
AC h1 r1/2Jean BrokaBEL
AC h1 r1/2Sydney JenkinsGBR
AC h1 r1/2Carl KäserGER
AC h1 r1/2Jean GougoltzSUI
AC h1 r1/2Emanuel KudelaBOH
AC h1 r1/2Jan MulderNED
AC h1 r1/2Charles VanoniUSA
AC h1 r1/2Paul BourotteFRA
AC h1 r1/2 LeclercqBEL
AC h1 r1/2 Van AckertBEL
AC h1 r1/2 Van VughtBEL
AC h1 r1/2Paul RuinartFRA
AC h1 r1/2N. OtterbeinBEL
AC h1 r1/2Omar EhrmanFRA
AC h1 r1/2 ChiozzaITA
AC h2 r1/2Willy ArendGER
AC h2 r1/2Tom CooperUSA
AC h2 r1/2Charles Van den BornBEL
AC h2 r1/2Gian-Ferdinando TommaselliITA
AC h2 r1/2Jaap EdenNED
AC h2 r1/2Jean-Baptiste LouvetFRA
AC h2 r1/2 CollombFRA
AC h2 r1/2 BalajatFRA
AC h2 r1/2 BonnevieFRA
AC h2 r1/2Honoré FossierFRA
AC h2 r1/2 CinfrayUNK
AC h2 r1/2 CerveraBRA
AC h2 r1/2 BoyerFRA
AC h2 r1/2 SimmoneauUNK
AC h3 r1/2Anton HuberGER
AC h3 r1/2Louis GrognaBEL
AC h3 r1/2Robert ProtinBEL
AC h3 r1/2George BankerUSA
AC h3 r1/2Matthieu CordangNED
AC h3 r1/2Guus SchillingNED
AC h3 r1/2Eugène DirheimerFRA
AC h3 r1/2Henri HennebergSUI
AC h3 r1/2George SutherlandNZL
AC h3 r1/2Umberto FerrariITA
AC h3 r1/2Antonio OliveiraBRA
AC h3 r1/2 GentelFRA
AC h3 r1/2 RollinFRA
AC h3 r1/2Paul RugèreFRA
AC h3 r1/2 CharlierFRA
AC h3 r1/2Lucien GrognetFRA
AC h3 r1/2 CharnayFRA
AC h3 r1/2 LeymarieFRA
AC h3 r1/2 PaquetteFRA
AC h3 r1/2 LeroyUNK
AC h3 r1/2Albert ChampionFRA
AC h3 r1/2Marcel GovenFRA

Round One (10 September 1900)

Four top finishers in each heat advanced to the final.

Heat One

1Paul DanglaFRA3:50.4190 mQ
2Pierre ChevalierFRA235 mQ
3Charles JueFRA225 mQ
4 AndréFRA280 mQ
ACEdmond JacquelinFRAscratch
ACJack GreenGBR10 m
ACFloyd McFarlandUSA15 m
ACGiuseppe SingrossiITA20 m
ACJean BrokaBEL25 m
ACSydney JenkinsGBR25 m
ACCarl KäserGER30 m
ACJean GougoltzSUI40 m
ACEmanuel KudelaBOH50 m
ACJan MulderNED55 m
ACCharles VanoniUSA65 m
ACPaul BourotteFRA75 m
AC LeclercqBEL90 m
AC Van AckertBEL95 m
AC Van VughtBEL100 m
ACPaul RuinartFRA100 m
ACN. OtterbeinBEL150 m
ACOmar EhrmanFRA160 m
AC ChiozzaITA175 m

Heat Two

1José SolerESP3:50.6300 mQ
2 SégurFRAat _ length200 mQ
3 MerleFRAvery near215 mQ
4Charles BrécyFRAvery near150 mQ
ACWilly ArendGER5 m
ACTom CooperUSA10 m
ACCharles Van den BornBEL10 m
ACGian-Ferdinando TommaselliITA15 m
ACJaap EdenNED15 m
ACJean-Baptiste LouvetFRA
AC CollombFRA100 m
AC BalajatFRA120 m
AC BonnevieFRA160 m
ACHonoré FossierFRA175 m
AC CinfrayUNK225 m
AC CerveraBRA240 m
AC BoyerFRA265 m
AC SimmoneauUNK280 m

Heat Three

1 MoussierFRA3:58.6220 mQ
2Gaston PrévostFRA50 mQ
3Harry MeijersNED5 mQ
4Victor ThuauFRA110 mQ
ACAnton HuberGER10 m
ACLouis GrognaBEL20 m
ACRobert ProtinBEL25 m
ACGeorge BankerUSA30 m
ACMatthieu CordangNED35 m
ACGuus SchillingNED40 m
ACEugène DirheimerFRA55 m
ACHenri HennebergSUI65 m
ACGeorge SutherlandNZL70 m
ACUmberto FerrariITA80 m
ACAntonio OliveiraBRA100 m
AC GentelFRA135 m
AC RollinFRA160 m
ACPaul RugèreFRA170 m
AC CharlierFRA180 m
ACLucien GrognetFRA200 m
AC CharnayFRA215 m
AC LeymarieFRA230 m
AC PaquetteFRA250 m
AC LeroyUNK270 m
ACAlbert ChampionFRA290 m
ACMarcel GovenFRA300 m

Final Round (14 September 1900)

1Pierre ChevalierFRA3:47.2235 m
2 MoussierFRA220 m
3Charles JueFRA225 m
4Paul DanglaFRA190 m
5Charles BrécyFRA150 m
ACHarry MeijersNED5 m
ACGaston PrévostFRA50 m
ACVictor ThuauFRA110 m
AC SégurFRA200 m
AC MerleFRA215 m
AC AndréFRA280 m
ACJosé SolerESP300 m