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5,000 metres, Men

Date12 February 1984 — 9:15
LocationPista za brzo klizanje Zetra, Sarajevo
Participants42 from 20 countries
Olympic Record 7:02.29 / Eric Heiden USA / 16 February 1980
StarterRüdiger PapeGDR
RefereeGene SandvigUSA

This was the second men’s speed skating event in Sarajevo, coming two days after the 500 m. Sweden’s Tomas Gustafson started in the first pair. He was the 1982 European Champion, had been runner-up at the 1983 World Championships to Norway’s Rolf Falk-Larssen, and was the world record holder at 10,000 m. When he finished in 7:12.28, far from Aleksandr Baranov’s world record of 6:45.66, and almost 10 seconds slower than Eric Heiden‘s Olympic record, he did not think the time would be good enough for the podium. But it held up for two pairs. In the fourth pair, Igor Malkov set a fast pace, and was over a second ahead of Gustafson at 4,200 metres. But he faded badly on the final two laps, barely finishing behind the Swede, in 7:12.30. Malkov’s pairmate, East German Andreas Ehrig, was also ahead of Gustafson’s pace at 4,200 metres, but was hardly able to finish the race, crossing in 7:17.63, his last lap almost four seconds slower than Gustafson’s. In the seventh pair, Ehrig’s East German teammate, René Schöfisch, skated more reasonably, and finished in 7:17.49, which would win him the bronze medal. This was completely unexpected, as previously he had only won the 1983 GDR 5 and 10k championships. In the end, Gustafson watched the entire field take a crack at his time, but nobody bettered it and he had a gold medal. Six days later he would win a silver in the 10K and at Calgary, in 1988, he would gold medals in both the 5 and 10K.

11ITomas GustafsonSWE7:12.28Gold
24IIgor MalkovURS7:12.30Silver
37IRené SchöfischGDR7:17.49Bronze
44OAndreas EhrigGDR7:17.63
53IOleg BozhevURS7:17.96
612OPertti NiittyläFIN7:17.97
72OBjørn NylandNOR7:18.27
87OWerner JägerAUT7:18.61
91OHilbert van der DuimNED7:19.39
103OGeir KarlstadNOR7:20.24
1110OHans van HeldenFRA7:24.59
1211OMike WoodsUSA7:24.81
139OMichael HadschieffAUT7:25.07
148ORobert VunderinkNED7:25.19
155ORolf Falk-LarssenNOR7:25.54
168IClaes BengtssonSWE7:26.57
176IFrits SchalijNED7:28.17
185IJan JunellSWE7:29.98
1912ITibor KopaczROU7:32.69
2013IHeinz SteinbergerAUT7:32.72
2117OMark MitchellUSA7:34.32
2211IMaurizio MarchettoITA7:36.87
2317IIm Ri-BinPRK7:37.49
2410IMasahito ShinoharaJPN7:37.94
2514OColin CoatesAUS7:38.08
2615IToshiaki ImamuraJPN7:38.16
2715OLee Yeong-HaKOR7:39.17
2820IWolfgang ScharfFRG7:40.90
299IAndreas LemckeFRG7:41.69
3014INa Yun-SuKOR7:42.45
3120OJean-Noël FagotFRA7:44.60
322ISergey BerezinURS7:45.94fall
3316IKim Hwang-HyunPRK7:46.12
3416OZhao ShijianCHN7:46.68
3518IMark HuckUSA7:46.91
366OBen LamarcheCAN7:47.25
3719OHansjörg BaltesFRG7:50.33
3821OJean PichetteCAN7:50.39
3913OBae Gi-TaeKOR7:50.82
4018OLi WeiCHN7:55.70
4119IBryan CarbisGBR8:01.44
DQ21IBehudin MerdovićYUG[9:00.13]