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Slalom, Women

Date 1 February 1964 — 16:53
LocationAxamer Lizum, Axams (Brigitzköpfel)
Participants46 from 16 countries
FormatTwo runs, total time determined placement.
DetailsGates: 51
Length: 350 m
Start Altitude: 1730 m
Vertical Drop: 130 m

In the first run, France’s Marielle Goitschel was the leader, followed by her sister, Christine. Marielle was the better known skiier, having won silver in the slalom and a gold in the combined at the 1962 World Championships. But neither was the favorite, as the Austrian fans rooted on Marianne Jahn, World Champion in 1962 in both slalom and giant slalom, and runner-up in the combined. But Jahn had a horrible Olympics, placing 13th in the giant slalom, and she fell on her first slalom run, not finishing. On the second run, Christine Goitschel posted the fastest time with 46.01, which was more than 1½ seconds better than her sister, and moved her into first place. She would win the gold medal, with Marielle taking silver. American Jean Saubert had the next best second run to move up to third and win a bronze medal. Two days later in the giant slalom, the same threesome would mount the podium again, with Marielle winning gold, and Christine and Saubert tying for the silver medals. Marielle Goitschel would continue skiing at the highest level, winning World Championships in 1966 in giant slalom and combined, and winning the Olympic gold medal in this event in 1968. Her 11 World medals is second all-time only to Christl Cranz. In 1967-68, in the first seasons of the World Cup, she was downhill champion in 1967 and slalom champion in both years. Christine Goitschel also continued competing but with less success, partly due to a broken ankle in 1966.

PosNumberCompetitorNOCTimeRun #1Run #2
126Christine GoitschelFRA1:29.8643.85 (2)46.01 (1)Gold
28Marielle GoitschelFRA1:30.7743.09 (1)47.68 (3)Silver
320Jean SaubertUSA1:31.3644.78 (6)46.58 (2)Bronze
416Heidi BieblGER1:34.0444.61 (4)49.43 (7)
553Edith ZimmermannAUT1:34.2746.24 (9)48.03 (4)
650Christl HaasAUT1:35.1146.43 (10)48.68 (5)
78Liv JaggeNOR1:36.3847.67 (17)48.71 (6)
840Patricia du Roy de BlicquyBEL1:37.0147.15 (13)49.86 (8)
927Pia RivaITA1:37.2046.65 (11)50.55 (11)
=1044Barbi HennebergerGER1:37.5547.17 (14)50.38 (10)
=109Heidi MittermaierGER1:37.5547.41 (16)50.14 (9)
1214Linda MeyersUSA1:37.9347.02 (12)50.91 (12)
131Françoise GaySUI1:39.0045.78 (8)53.22 (18)
1421Heidi ObrechtSUI1:39.3347.37 (15)51.96 (16)
1528Nancy GreeneCAN1:41.4249.95 (20)51.47 (13)
1633Linda CrutchfieldCAN1:43.1549.38 (18)53.77 (19)
1713Jane GissingGBR1:44.1849.70 (19)54.48 (20)
1823Stalina DemidovaURS1:44.9751.88 (24)53.09 (17)
1935Joan HannahUSA1:47.3951.36 (22)56.03 (22)
2040Galina SidorovaURS1:48.2651.72 (23)56.54 (24)
2141Tania HealdGBR1:48.4352.03 (26)56.40 (23)
2210Lidia Barbieri SacconaghiITA1:49.2353.39 (27)55.84 (21)
2323Majda AnkeleYUG1:50.9859.44 (31)51.54 (15)
2430María Cristina SchweizerARG1:51.8853.43 (28)58.45 (25)
252Theres ObrechtSUI1:54.091:02.56 (32)51.53 (14)
2638Ildikó Szendrődi-KőváriHUN1:54.9155.86 (29)59.05 (26)
2747Yevgeniya KabinaURS1:59.4852.00 (25)1:07.48 (28)
2830Christine SmithAUS2:03.6758.09 (30)1:05.58 (27)
DNF22Traudl HecherAUT44.52 (3)– (DNF)
DNF47Dikke EgerNOR– (21)– (DNF)
DQ5Cécile PrinceFRA44.76 (5)[51.85] (DQ)
DQ38Annie FamoseFRA45.13 (7)[53.56] (DQ)
DQ48Inge SenonerITA– (TNK)– (DQ)
DNF42Marianne NuttAUT– (DNF)
DNF4Fernande BochataySUI– (DNF)
DQ19Astrid SandvikNOR– (DQ)
DQ51Barbara FerriesUSA– (DQ)
DQ7Maria SzatkowskaPOL– (DQ)
DQ44Giustina DemetzITA– (DQ)
DQ53Krista FanedlYUG– (DQ)
DQ31Gina HathornGBR– (DQ)
DQ3Burgl FärbingerGER– (DQ)
DQ43Nancy HollandCAN– (DQ)
DQ12Divina GalicaGBR– (DQ)
DQ49Judy ForrasAUS– (DQ)
DQ56Karen DokkaCAN– (DQ)