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200 metres Backstroke, Men

Date28 – 30 July 2021
LocationOlympic Aquatics Centre, 2-1, 2chome, Tatsumi, Koto-ku, Tatsumi-no-Mori Seaside Park, Tokyo, Japan
Participants29 from 23 countries

Ryan Murphy, who had won both backstroke events at Rio in 2016, was back and he had won silver at the 2019 World Championships, but behind Russia’s Yevgeny Rylov, who had already won the 100 backstroke in Tokyo. The fastest qualifier in the preliminary round was Britain’s Luke Greenbank, while Rylov led the semi-finals with Greenbank second, Murphy qualifying for the final in third place.

In the final those three were in the medal positions throughout, as Rylov led from the start, eventually taking the gold medal in an Olympic record 1:53.27, ahead of Tyler Clary’s mark from London in 2012 – 1:53.41. Murphy was almost a full second back in second place, while Greenbank comfortably won the bronze medal, as the podium was exactly the same as it had been at the 2019 Worlds.

1Yevgeny RylovROC1:56.02 (1 h4)1:54.45 (1 h1)1:53.27 (1)Gold
2Ryan MurphyUSA1:56.92 (1 h3)1:55.38 (2 h2)1:54.15 (2)Silver
3Luke GreenbankGBR1:54.63 (1 h2)1:54.98 (1 h2)1:54.72 (3)Bronze
4Bryce MeffordUSA1:56.37 (2 h4)1:56.37 (4 h2)1:55.49 (4)
5Ádám TelegdyHUN1:57.70 (5 h2)1:56.19 (2 h1)1:56.15 (5)
6Radosław KawęckiPOL1:56.83 (3 h2)1:56.68 (3 h1)1:56.39 (6)
7Ryosuke IrieJPN1:56.97 (4 h2)1:56.69 (4 h1)1:57.32 (7)
8Nicolás GarcíaESP1:57.62 (6 h4)1:56.35 (3 h2)1:59.06 (8)
9Yohann N'Doye BrouardFRA1:57.96 (4 h3)1:56.83 (5 h1)
10Tristan HollardAUS1:57.24 (4 h4)1:56.92 (6 h1)
11Lee Ju-HoKOR1:56.77 (2 h2)1:56.93 (7 h1)
12Grigory TarasevichROC1:56.82 (1 h1)1:57.06 (5 h2)
13Roman MityukovSUI1:57.45 (2 h3)1:57.07 (6 h2)
14Keita SunamaJPN1:57.07 (3 h4)1:57.16 (7 h2)
15Brodie WilliamsGBR1:57.48 (5 h4)1:57.73 (8 h1)
16Markus ThormeyerCAN1:57.85 (6 h2)1:59.36 (8 h2)
17Xu JiayuCHN1:57.76 (3 h3)
18Jan ČejkaCZE1:58.02 (7 h4)
19Christian DienerGER1:58.27 (8 h4)
20Matteo RestivoITA1:58.36 (5 h3)
21Martin BinedellRSA1:58.47 (2 h1)
22Francisco SantosPOR1:58.58 (6 h3)
23Berke SakaTUR1:58.66 (7 h2)
24Kaloyan LevterovBUL1:58.96 (8 h2)
25Mewen TomacFRA1:59.02 (7 h3)
26Robert GlințăROU1:59.18 (3 h1)
27Jakub SkierkaPOL1:59.30 (8 h3)
28Yakov ToumarkinISR1:59.65 (4 h1)
29Merdan AtaýewTKM2:03.68 (5 h1)

Round One (28 July 2021 — 19:21)

14Luke GreenbankGBR1:54.63Q
24Yevgeny RylovROC1:56.02Q
35Bryce MeffordUSA1:56.37Q
41Lee Ju-HoKOR1:56.77Q
54Grigory TarasevichROC1:56.82Q
66Radosław KawęckiPOL1:56.83Q
74Ryan MurphyUSA1:56.92Q
85Ryosuke IrieJPN1:56.97Q
93Keita SunamaJPN1:57.07Q
102Tristan HollardAUS1:57.24Q
116Roman MityukovSUI1:57.45Q
126Brodie WilliamsGBR1:57.48Q
138Nicolás GarcíaESP1:57.62Q
143Ádám TelegdyHUN1:57.70Q
155Xu JiayuCHN1:57.76Q
167Markus ThormeyerCAN1:57.85Q
173Yohann N'Doye BrouardFRA1:57.96
187Jan ČejkaCZE1:58.02
191Christian DienerGER1:58.27
202Matteo RestivoITA1:58.36
215Martin BinedellRSA1:58.47
221Francisco SantosPOR1:58.58
238Berke SakaTUR1:58.66
242Kaloyan LevterovBUL1:58.96
257Mewen TomacFRA1:59.02
266Robert GlințăROU1:59.18
278Jakub SkierkaPOL1:59.30
283Yakov ToumarkinISR1:59.65
292Merdan AtaýewTKM2:03.68

Heat One (19:21)

14Grigory TarasevichROC1:56.820.55Q
25Martin BinedellRSA1:58.470.68
36Robert GlințăROU1:59.180.59
43Yakov ToumarkinISR1:59.650.63
52Merdan AtaýewTKM2:03.680.64

Heat Two (19:27)

14Luke GreenbankGBR1:54.630.58Q
21Lee Ju-HoKOR1:56.770.55Q
36Radosław KawęckiPOL1:56.830.59Q
45Ryosuke IrieJPN1:56.970.52Q
53Ádám TelegdyHUN1:57.700.65Q
67Markus ThormeyerCAN1:57.850.66Q
78Berke SakaTUR1:58.660.61
82Kaloyan LevterovBUL1:58.960.50

Heat Three (19:33)

14Ryan MurphyUSA1:56.920.52Q
26Roman MityukovSUI1:57.450.52Q
35Xu JiayuCHN1:57.760.55Q
43Yohann N'Doye BrouardFRA1:57.960.53
52Matteo RestivoITA1:58.360.59
61Francisco SantosPOR1:58.580.62
77Mewen TomacFRA1:59.020.62
88Jakub SkierkaPOL1:59.300.62

Heat Four (19:39)

14Yevgeny RylovROC1:56.020.55Q
25Bryce MeffordUSA1:56.370.56Q
33Keita SunamaJPN1:57.070.55Q
42Tristan HollardAUS1:57.240.58Q
56Brodie WilliamsGBR1:57.480.59Q
68Nicolás GarcíaESP1:57.620.60Q
77Jan ČejkaCZE1:58.020.57
81Christian DienerGER1:58.270.60

Semi-Finals (29 July 2021 — 11:04)

14Yevgeny RylovROC1:54.45Q
24Luke GreenbankGBR1:54.98Q
36Ryan MurphyUSA1:55.38Q
41Ádám TelegdyHUN1:56.19Q
51Nicolás GarcíaESP1:56.35Q
65Bryce MeffordUSA1:56.37Q
73Radosław KawęckiPOL1:56.68Q
86Ryosuke IrieJPN1:56.69Q
98Yohann N'Doye BrouardFRA1:56.83
102Tristan HollardAUS1:56.92
115Lee Ju-HoKOR1:56.93
123Grigory TarasevichROC1:57.06
137Roman MityukovSUI1:57.07
142Keita SunamaJPN1:57.16
157Brodie WilliamsGBR1:57.73
168Markus ThormeyerCAN1:59.36

Heat One (11:04)

14Yevgeny RylovROC1:54.450.55Q
21Ádám TelegdyHUN1:56.190.64Q
33Radosław KawęckiPOL1:56.680.62Q
46Ryosuke IrieJPN1:56.690.52Q
58Yohann N'Doye BrouardFRA1:56.830.56
62Tristan HollardAUS1:56.920.57
75Lee Ju-HoKOR1:56.930.53
87Brodie WilliamsGBR1:57.730.59

Heat Two (11:11)

14Luke GreenbankGBR1:54.980.57Q
26Ryan MurphyUSA1:55.380.53Q
31Nicolás GarcíaESP1:56.350.60Q
45Bryce MeffordUSA1:56.370.57Q
53Grigory TarasevichROC1:57.060.56
67Roman MityukovSUI1:57.070.52
72Keita SunamaJPN1:57.160.55
88Markus ThormeyerCAN1:59.360.66

Final (30 July 2021 — 10:50)

14Yevgeny RylovROC1:53.270.54OR
23Ryan MurphyUSA1:54.150.54
35Luke GreenbankGBR1:54.720.61
47Bryce MeffordUSA1:55.490.57
56Ádám TelegdyHUN1:56.150.65
61Radosław KawęckiPOL1:56.390.61
78Ryosuke IrieJPN1:57.320.54
82Nicolás GarcíaESP1:59.060.63