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100 metres Breaststroke, Men

Date24 – 26 July 2021
LocationOlympic Aquatics Centre, 2-1, 2chome, Tatsumi, Koto-ku, Tatsumi-no-Mori Seaside Park, Tokyo, Japan
Participants49 from 38 countries

There was no more prohibitive favorite in men’s swimming than Great Britain’s Adam Peaty in the 100 breaststroke. Peaty was the defending gold medalist and had won the last three World Championships. He had set the last five world records and was the only breaststroker to have bettered 57 seconds, with his last world mark of 56.88, set at the 2019 Worlds. Prior to Tokyo he had the 16 fastest times in the event.

In the preliminary round Peaty led with a time of 57.56 but a big move was made by the Netherlands Arno Kamminga, the 2019 European Champion, who bettered his national record of 57.90, coming second to Peaty with 57.80. Peaty and Kamminga were again 1-2 in the semi-finals, with Peaty at 57.63 and Kamminga finishing in 58.19 as Italian Nicolo Martinenghi was third with 58.28.

The final proceeded as expected as Peaty went out ahead early and was never in danger, defending his gold medal in 57.37. Kamminga was second throughout and took the silver medal in 28.00. Martinenghi was slow at the beginning, turning only in fifth place, behind American Michael Andrew and Belarussian Ilia Shymanovich, but he finished the quickest of the three to take the bronze.

Peaty’s gold made him only the second Olympian to defend the men’s 100 breaststroke, after Japan’s Kosuke Kitajima in 2004-08. Martinenghi’s bronze was only the second medal for Italy in the event, after Domenico Fioravanti’s gold back in 2000 at Sydney. Three days after this final Kamminga would win another silver in the 200 breaststroke.

1Adam PeatyGBR57.56 (2 h7)57.63 (1 h2)57.37 (1)Gold
2Arno KammingaNED57.80 (3 h6)58.19 (1 h1)58.00 (2)Silver
3Nicolò MartinenghiITA58.68 (3 h7)58.28 (2 h1)58.33 (3)Bronze
4Michael AndrewUSA58.62 (2 h5)58.99 (3 h2)58.84 (4)
5James WilbyGBR58.99 (3 h5)59.00 (3 h1)58.96 (5)
6Yan ZibeiCHN58.75 (4 h7)58.72 (2 h2)58.99 (=6)
7Andrew WilsonUSA59.03 (4 h6)59.18 (5 h2)58.99 (=6)
8Ilia ShymanovichBLR59.33 (6 h7)59.08 (4 h2)59.36 (8)
9Lucas MatzerathGER59.40 (4 h5)59.31 (6 h2)
10Fabian SchwingenschlöglGER59.49 (7 h6)59.32 (4 h1)
11Kirill PrigodaROC59.68 (7 h7)59.44 (5 h1)
12Felipe LimaBRA59.17 (5 h7)59.80 (6 h1)
13Ryuya MuraJPN59.40 (6 h6)59.82 (7 h1)
14Andrius ŠidlauskasLTU59.46 (5 h5)59.82 (7 h2)
15Federico PoggioITA59.33 (5 h6)59.91 (8 h1)
16Anton ChupkovROC59.55 (6 h5)59.93 (8 h2)
17Dmitry BalandinKAZ59.75 (7 h5)
18Berkay ÖğretirTUR59.82 (8 h6)
19Emre SakçıTUR59.87 (8 h7)
20Cho Seong-JaeKOR59.99 (8 h4)
21Matti MattssonFIN1:00.02 (1 h3)
22Matt WilsonAUS1:00.03 (1 h6)
23Shoma SatoJPN1:00.04 (1 h7)
24Zac Stubblety-CookAUS1:00.05 (1 h4)
25Caspar CorbeauNED1:00.13 (1 h5)
26Čaba SilađiSRB1:00.19 (2 h6)
27Denis PetrashovKGZ1:00.23 (2 h4)
28Jérémy DesplanchesSUI1:00.29 (1 h2)
29Darragh GreeneIRL1:00.30 (3 h4)
30Bernhard ReitshammerAUT1:00.41 (2 h3)
31Jorge MurilloCOL1:00.62 (3 h3)
32Lyubo EpitropovBUL1:00.71 (4 h3)
33Théo BussièreFRA1:00.75 (4 h4)
34Caio PumputisBRA1:00.76 (5 h4)
35André Klippenberg GrindheimNOR1:00.86 (5 h3)
36Giedrius TitenisLTU1:00.92 (6 h4)
37Michael HoulieRSA1:01.22 (7 h4)
38Gabe MastromatteoCAN1:01.56 (6 h3)
39Josué DomínguezDOM1:01.86 (7 h3)
40Izaak BastianBAH1:01.87 (8 h3)
41Amro Al-WirJOR1:02.17 (2 h2)
42Adriel SanesISV1:02.43 (3 h2)
43Julio HorregoHON1:02.45 (4 h2)
44Sébastien KoumaMLI1:02.84 (5 h2)
45Abobakr JalabSUD1:04.46 (6 h2)
46Micah MaseiASA1:04.93 (1 h1)
47Muhammad AhmadBRU1:08.65 (2 h1)
ACAmini FonuaTGA– (AC h1)DQ
ACTobias BjergDEN– (AC h5)DQ

Round One (24 July 2021 — 20:25)

14Adam PeatyGBR57.56Q
24Arno KammingaNED57.80Q
34Michael AndrewUSA58.62Q
45Nicolò MartinenghiITA58.68Q
53Yan ZibeiCHN58.75Q
65James WilbyGBR58.99Q
73Andrew WilsonUSA59.03Q
88Felipe LimaBRA59.17Q
=91Federico PoggioITA59.33Q
=95Ilia ShymanovichBLR59.33Q
=111Lucas MatzerathGER59.40Q
=118Ryuya MuraJPN59.40Q
137Andrius ŠidlauskasLTU59.46Q
146Fabian SchwingenschlöglGER59.49Q
153Anton ChupkovROC59.55Q
162Kirill PrigodaROC59.68Q
176Dmitry BalandinKAZ59.75
187Berkay ÖğretirTUR59.82
196Emre SakçıTUR59.87
205Cho Seong-JaeKOR59.99
215Matti MattssonFIN1:00.02
222Matt WilsonAUS1:00.03
237Shoma SatoJPN1:00.04
243Zac Stubblety-CookAUS1:00.05
258Caspar CorbeauNED1:00.13
261Čaba SilađiSRB1:00.19
271Denis PetrashovKGZ1:00.23
284Jérémy DesplanchesSUI1:00.29
292Darragh GreeneIRL1:00.30
304Bernhard ReitshammerAUT1:00.41
317Jorge MurilloCOL1:00.62
322Lyubo EpitropovBUL1:00.71
337Théo BussièreFRA1:00.75
346Caio PumputisBRA1:00.76
356André Klippenberg GrindheimNOR1:00.86
368Giedrius TitenisLTU1:00.92
374Michael HoulieRSA1:01.22
383Gabe MastromatteoCAN1:01.56
391Josué DomínguezDOM1:01.86
408Izaak BastianBAH1:01.87
416Amro Al-WirJOR1:02.17
423Adriel SanesISV1:02.43
435Julio HorregoHON1:02.45
442Sébastien KoumaMLI1:02.84
457Abobakr JalabSUD1:04.46
464Micah MaseiASA1:04.93
473Muhammad AhmadBRU1:08.65
AC2Tobias BjergDENDQ
AC5Amini FonuaTGADQ

Heat One (20:25)

14Micah MaseiASA1:04.930.62
23Muhammad AhmadBRU1:08.650.68
AC5Amini FonuaTGADQ

Heat Two (20:28)

14Jérémy DesplanchesSUI1:00.290.62
26Amro Al-WirJOR1:02.170.67
33Adriel SanesISV1:02.430.64
45Julio HorregoHON1:02.450.66
52Sébastien KoumaMLI1:02.840.73
67Abobakr JalabSUD1:04.460.63

Heat Three (20:31)

15Matti MattssonFIN1:00.020.67
24Bernhard ReitshammerAUT1:00.410.68
37Jorge MurilloCOL1:00.620.63
42Lyubo EpitropovBUL1:00.710.68
56André Klippenberg GrindheimNOR1:00.860.65
63Gabe MastromatteoCAN1:01.560.63
71Josué DomínguezDOM1:01.860.60
88Izaak BastianBAH1:01.870.61

Heat Four (20:34)

13Zac Stubblety-CookAUS1:00.050.66
21Denis PetrashovKGZ1:00.230.74
32Darragh GreeneIRL1:00.300.64
47Théo BussièreFRA1:00.750.67
56Caio PumputisBRA1:00.760.64
68Giedrius TitenisLTU1:00.920.71
74Michael HoulieRSA1:01.220.63
85Cho Seong-JaeKOR59.990.67

Heat Five (20:37)

18Caspar CorbeauNED1:00.130.68
24Michael AndrewUSA58.620.63Q
35James WilbyGBR58.990.67Q
41Lucas MatzerathGER59.400.72Q
57Andrius ŠidlauskasLTU59.460.66Q
63Anton ChupkovROC59.550.63Q
76Dmitry BalandinKAZ59.750.68
AC2Tobias BjergDENDQ

Heat Six (20:40)

12Matt WilsonAUS1:00.030.64
21Čaba SilađiSRB1:00.190.64
34Arno KammingaNED57.800.63Q
43Andrew WilsonUSA59.030.63Q
51Federico PoggioITA59.330.63Q
68Ryuya MuraJPN59.400.64Q
76Fabian SchwingenschlöglGER59.490.68Q
87Berkay ÖğretirTUR59.820.63

Heat Seven (20:43)

17Shoma SatoJPN1:00.040.62
24Adam PeatyGBR57.560.61Q
35Nicolò MartinenghiITA58.680.62Q
43Yan ZibeiCHN58.750.65Q
58Felipe LimaBRA59.170.67Q
65Ilia ShymanovichBLR59.330.64Q
72Kirill PrigodaROC59.680.59Q
86Emre SakçıTUR59.870.63

Semi-Finals (25 July 2021 — 11:33)

14Adam PeatyGBR57.63Q
24Arno KammingaNED58.19Q
35Nicolò MartinenghiITA58.28Q
43Yan ZibeiCHN58.72Q
55Michael AndrewUSA58.99Q
63James WilbyGBR59.00Q
72Ilia ShymanovichBLR59.08Q
86Andrew WilsonUSA59.18Q
97Lucas MatzerathGER59.31
101Fabian SchwingenschlöglGER59.32
118Kirill PrigodaROC59.44
126Felipe LimaBRA59.80
=137Ryuya MuraJPN59.82
=131Andrius ŠidlauskasLTU59.82
152Federico PoggioITA59.91
168Anton ChupkovROC59.93

Heat One (11:33)

14Arno KammingaNED58.190.63Q
25Nicolò MartinenghiITA58.280.61Q
33James WilbyGBR59.000.69Q
41Fabian SchwingenschlöglGER59.320.65
58Kirill PrigodaROC59.440.60
66Felipe LimaBRA59.800.66
77Ryuya MuraJPN59.820.64
82Federico PoggioITA59.910.63

Heat Two (11:39)

14Adam PeatyGBR57.630.61Q
23Yan ZibeiCHN58.720.64Q
35Michael AndrewUSA58.990.66Q
42Ilia ShymanovichBLR59.080.62Q
56Andrew WilsonUSA59.180.62Q
67Lucas MatzerathGER59.310.72
71Andrius ŠidlauskasLTU59.820.66
88Anton ChupkovROC59.930.63

Final (26 July 2021 — 11:12)

14Adam PeatyGBR57.370.62
25Arno KammingaNED58.000.62
33Nicolò MartinenghiITA58.330.60
42Michael AndrewUSA58.840.65
57James WilbyGBR58.960.65
=66Yan ZibeiCHN58.990.64
=68Andrew WilsonUSA58.990.62
81Ilia ShymanovichBLR59.360.63