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Flyweight (≤51 kilograms), Men

Date28 July – 2 August 1952
LocationMessuhalli I, Helsinki
Participants27 from 27 countries
FormatSingle elimination tournament.

Nate Brooks’ Olympic dream came close to ending before he earned a place on the US team to Helsinki. During a regional preliminary bout of the US Olympic trials he suffered a deep cut on his eyebrow and only narrowly survived a medical inspection. Although Brooks had a growing reputation inside America, he lacked international experience and was not expected to challenge the Soviet star Anatoly Bulakov. When Bulakov was surprisingly outpointed by German fighter Edgar Basel the draw opened up for Brooks and, despite a scare against Romania’s Mircea Dobrescu in the quarter-final, a string of impressive displays of counterpunching earned him the Olympic title. Like so many fighters before and after Brooks aspired to a career in professional boxing. Although he started strongly as a pro and was North American champion his career faded away with a string of defeats. Bronze medallist Willie Toweel was a member of a famous South African boxing family which produced 13 professional fighters.

1Nate BrooksUSAGold
2Edgar BaselGERSilver
=3Anatoly BulakovURSBronze
=3Willie ToweelRSABronze
=5Han Su-AnKOR
=5Dai DowerGBR
=5Torbjørn ClausenNOR
=5Mircea DobrescuROU
=9Basil ThompsonMYA
=9Leslie HandungeSRI
=9Aristide PozzaliITA
=9Roland JohanssonSWE
=9Alfred ZimaAUT
=9Sakti MazumdarIND
=9Al AsuncionPHI
=16Yoshitaro NagataJPN
=16Pablo LugoPUR
=16Risto LuukkonenFIN
=16Kjeld SteenDEN
=16Kornel MolnárHUN
=16Jesús TelloMEX
=16Alberto BarenghiARG
=16Helmut HofmannSAA
=16Henryk KukierPOL
=16Ando ReddyIRL
=16Abdel Amid BoutefnouchetFRA
=16Hein van der ZeeNED
DNSJohn SmillieGBR
DNSNguyễn Văn ChùaVNM
DNSRoland RoyFRA
DNSVeikko AhvenainenFIN
DNSGerhard EngstlerAUT

Round One

Date28 – 29 July 1952
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the second round.
Match #1Al AsuncionPHI
Match #2Basil ThompsonMYA
Match #3Sakti MazumdarIND
Match #4Nguyễn Văn ChùaVNM
Match #5Mircea DobrescuROUDecisionYoshitaro NagataJPN
Match #6Alfred ZimaAUTDecisionPablo LugoPUR
Match #7Nate BrooksUSADecisionRisto LuukkonenFIN
Match #8Torbjørn ClausenNORDecisionKjeld SteenDEN
Match #9Willie ToweelRSADecisionKornel MolnárHUN
Match #10Leslie HandungeSRIDecisionJesús TelloMEX
Match #11Roland JohanssonSWEDecisionAlberto BarenghiARG
Match #12Han Su-AnKORReferee stops contestHelmut HofmannSAA
Match #13Edgar BaselGERDecisionHenryk KukierPOL
Match #14Aristide PozzaliITADecisionAndo ReddyIRL
Match #15Dai DowerGBRDecisionAbdel Amid BoutefnouchetFRA
Match #16Anatoly BulakovURSDecisionHein van der ZeeNED

Round Two

Date30 July 1952
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the quarter-finals.
Match #130 JulAl AsuncionPHIReferee stops contestBasil ThompsonMYA
Match #230 JulSakti MazumdarINDWalkoverNguyễn Văn ChùaVNM
Match #330 JulWillie ToweelRSANo contestLeslie HandungeSRI
Match #430 JulEdgar BaselGERNo contestAristide PozzaliITA
Match #530 JulMircea DobrescuROUNo contestAlfred ZimaAUT
Match #630 JulNate BrooksUSANo contestTorbjørn ClausenNOR
Match #730 JulRoland JohanssonSWENo contestHan Su-AnKOR
Match #830 JulDai DowerGBRNo contestAnatoly BulakovURS

Round Two (Redraw)

Date31 July 1952
Match #131 JulEdgar BaselGER
Match #231 JulTorbjørn ClausenNOR
Match #331 JulDai DowerGBRDecisionLeslie HandungeSRI
Match #431 JulAnatoly BulakovURSDecisionAristide PozzaliITA
Match #531 JulMircea DobrescuROUDecisionRoland JohanssonSWE
Match #631 JulNate BrooksUSADecisionAlfred ZimaAUT
Match #731 JulHan Su-AnKORDecisionSakti MazumdarIND
Match #831 JulWillie ToweelRSADecisionAl AsuncionPHI


Date31 July 1952
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the semi-finals.
Match #131 JulWillie ToweelRSADecisionHan Su-AnKOR
Match #231 JulAnatoly BulakovURSDecisionDai DowerGBR
Match #331 JulEdgar BaselGERReferee stops contestTorbjørn ClausenNOR
Match #431 JulNate BrooksUSADecisionMircea DobrescuROU


Date1 August 1952
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the final match.
Match #101 AugEdgar BaselGERDecisionAnatoly BulakovURS
Match #201 AugNate BrooksUSADecisionWillie ToweelRSA

Final Round

Date2 August 1952
Match 1/202 AugNate BrooksUSADecisionEdgar BaselGER