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Large Hill, Team, Men1

Date24 February 1988
LocationCanada Olympic Park, Calgary
Participants44 from 11 countries
FormatTwo jumps per team member, with both scored on distance and form. Four members per team, with best three jumps in each round to count towards team total.
Judge #1Pietro PertileITA
Judge #2Don BurdickUSA
Judge #3Valentin TatarintsevURS
Judge #4Ernie MarchioriCAN
Judge #5Karol StrbaTCH
DetailsK-Point: 114 m

A new event on the championship calendar the team competition had first been held at the 1982 World Championships in Norway. The inaugural championship had been unique in that it was the only one that had not been won by Finland but the performances of Matti Nykänen over the past week had only served to enhance Finnish chances. Before the Games began Austria and Norway appeared to have the strongest chances of upsetting Finland but the performances of Czechoslovakia and Yugoslav jumpers in the individual events threatened to change this perception.

Nykänen’s contribution proved the deciding influence on the competition as his brilliance was enough to give Finland the win over a Yugoslav quartet who showed more consistency throughout the team. One day after becoming the first man to win two ski jumping golds at one Olympics he took his third of the Calgary Games.

PosCompetitorsNOCPointsJump #1Jump #2
1FinlandFIN634.4320.3 (1)314.1 (2)Gold
Matti Nykänen 228.8114.6114.2
Ari-Pekka Nikkola 207.9106.6101.3
Tuomo Ylipulli 192.399.193.2
Jari Puikkonen 193.695.098.6
2YugoslaviaYUG625.5308.9 (2)316.6 (1)Silver
Primož Ulaga 201.192.7108.4
Matjaž Zupan 211.5106.7104.8
Matjaž Debelak 207.5104.1103.4
Miran Tepeš 192.898.194.7
3NorwayNOR596.1295.6 (4)300.5 (3)Bronze
Ole Christian Eidhammer
Jon Inge Kjørum 128.439.189.3
Ole Gunnar Fidjestøl 193.993.2100.7
Erik Johnsen 218.7108.2110.5
4CzechoslovakiaTCH586.8296.1 (3)290.7 (4)
Ladislav Dluhoš 165.487.178.3
Jiří Malec 193.4103.789.7
Pavel Ploc 204.197.3106.8
Jiří Parma 189.395.194.2
5AustriaAUT577.6287.2 (5)290.4 (5)
Ernst Vettori 186.094.791.3
Heinz Kuttin 193.393.0100.3
Günther Stranner 198.399.598.8
Andreas Felder 176.390.785.6
6West GermanyFRG559.0277.8 (6)281.2 (6)
Andi Bauer 175.184.890.3
Peter Rohwein 174.390.284.1
Thomas Klauser 197.697.4100.2
Josef Heumann 180.990.290.7
7SwedenSWE539.7268.2 (7)271.5 (7)
Per-Inge Tällberg 161.592.269.3
Anders Daun 174.285.588.7
Jan Boklöv 180.188.591.6
Staffan Tällberg 178.787.591.2
8SwitzerlandSUI516.1258.3 (9)257.8 (8)
Gérard Balanche 175.087.487.6
Christoph Lehmann 156.773.982.8
Fabrice Piazzini 166.181.684.5
Christian Hauswirth 175.089.385.7
9CanadaCAN497.2249.8 (10)247.4 (9)
Horst Bulau 179.187.991.2
Steve Collins
Todd Gillman 138.567.071.5
Ron Richards 158.178.879.3
10United StatesUSA496.8259.3 (8)237.5 (10)
Ted Langlois 132.563.668.9
Mark Konopacke 151.878.373.5
Dennis McGrane 155.581.374.2
Mike Holland 189.599.789.8
11JapanJPN468.0231.5 (11)236.5 (11)
Katsushi Tao 134.762.172.6
Shinichi Tanaka 135.967.468.5
Masaru Nagaoka 157.081.675.4
Akira Sato 171.082.588.5