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Light-Heavyweight (≤81 kilograms), Men

Date21 September – 2 October 1988
LocationJam-sil Hak-saeng Che-yuk-gwan, Seoul Sports Complex, Seoul
Participants26 from 26 countries
FormatSingle elimination tournament.

For reasons of non-selection and boycott the competition was bereft of both of the most recent World Championships finalists, the World Cup winner and the winners of the European Championships and Pan-American Games. Twenty-year-old American Andrew Maynard, a soldier stationed at Fort Carson in Colorado, was able to benefit from their absence and win a deserved Olympic title. The gold medal bout against Nurmagomed Shanavazov of the Soviet Union was not a thing of beauty and was described by a newspaper columnist as like watching )Two angry wildebeests shoulder-charging each other around the ring) but the American did enough to win a clear decision. Maynard, who had joined the Army after being involved in drug dealing and robbery, began a professional career that failed to live up to his early promise and lost 13 of his 39 bouts.

1Andrew MaynardUSAGold
2Nurmagomed ShanavazovURSSilver
=3Damir ŠkaroYUGBronze
=3Henryk PetrichPOLBronze
=5Lajos ErősHUN
=5Ahmed El-NagarEGY
=5Joseph AkhasambaKEN
=5Andrea MagiITA
=9Nelson AdamsPUR
=9Mika MasoeASA
=9Chris CollinsGRN
=9Niels MadsenDEN
=9Osmond ImadiyiNGR
=9Sione Vaveni Talia'uliTGA
=9Brent KosolofskiCAN
=9Markus BottFRG
=17Terry DixonJAM
=17Park Byeong-JinKOR
=17Rund KanikaCOD
=17Deyan KirilovBUL
=17Tommy BauroSOL
=17Jeffrey NeddARU
=17Pua UlbergSAM
=17Ahmed El-MasriLBN
=17René SuetoviusGDR
=17Patrick LihandaUGA
DNSHudson NantonVIN

Round One

Date21 September 1988
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the second round.
Match #121 SepLajos ErősHUN
Match #221 SepNelson AdamsPUR
Match #321 SepAndrew MaynardUSA
Match #421 SepMika MasoeASA
Match #521 SepChris CollinsGRN
Match #621 SepAhmed El-NagarEGYWalkoverHudson NantonVIN
Match #721 SepNiels MadsenDENReferee stops contest (head blow)Terry DixonJAM
Match #821 SepHenryk PetrichPOLReferee stops contest (head blow)Park Byeong-JinKOR
Match #921 SepOsmond ImadiyiNGRKnock-outRund KanikaCOD
Match #1021 SepDamir ŠkaroYUGDecisionDeyan KirilovBUL
Match #1121 SepSione Vaveni Talia'uliTGAKnock-outTommy BauroSOL
Match #1221 SepJoseph AkhasambaKENReferee stops contest (head blow)Jeffrey NeddARU
Match #1321 SepAndrea MagiITADecisionPua UlbergSAM
Match #1421 SepBrent KosolofskiCANReferee stops contest (head blow)Ahmed El-MasriLBN
Match #1521 SepMarkus BottFRGReferee stops contest (head blow)René SuetoviusGDR
Match #1621 SepNurmagomed ShanavazovURSDecisionPatrick LihandaUGA

Round Two

Date25 September 1988
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the quarter-finals.
Match #125 SepLajos ErősHUNDecisionNelson AdamsPUR
Match #225 SepAndrew MaynardUSAReferee stops contest (outclassed)Mika MasoeASA
Match #325 SepAhmed El-NagarEGYDecisionChris CollinsGRN
Match #425 SepHenryk PetrichPOLDecisionNiels MadsenDEN
Match #525 SepDamir ŠkaroYUGDecisionOsmond ImadiyiNGR
Match #625 SepJoseph AkhasambaKENDecisionSione Vaveni Talia'uliTGA
Match #725 SepAndrea MagiITADecisionBrent KosolofskiCAN
Match #825 SepNurmagomed ShanavazovURSDecisionMarkus BottFRG


Date27 September 1988
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the semi-finals.
Match #127 SepAndrew MaynardUSADecisionLajos ErősHUN
Match #227 SepHenryk PetrichPOLDecisionAhmed El-NagarEGY
Match #327 SepDamir ŠkaroYUGDecisionJoseph AkhasambaKEN
Match #427 SepNurmagomed ShanavazovURSDecisionAndrea MagiITA


Date29 September 1988
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the final match.
Match #129 SepAndrew MaynardUSARetiredHenryk PetrichPOL
Match #229 SepNurmagomed ShanavazovURSWalkoverDamir ŠkaroYUG

Final Round

Date2 October 1988
Match 1/202 OctAndrew MaynardUSADecisionNurmagomed ShanavazovURS